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  • How Destiny's End-Game is Driving Me Away

    There was an article not too long ago on Kotaku about how Destiny has progressed over the past four months: "The player's greatest adversary in Destiny isn't an alien warlord or a reanimated moon monster, it is Bungie themselves" [1... More
  • Review - The Darkness II

    Much like its malevolent, bloodthirsty namesake, The Darkness II is an uncomplicated beast. Calling it a smorgasbord of raging gunfire and copious gore sums up what it has to offer fairly accurately. And yet, for all the bodies that pile up throughout... More
  • Impressions - New Nintendo 3DS XL

    Sometime in January, Nintendo officially announced that the *New* Nintendo 3DS, a new and improved 3DS model, would be making its way to North America on February 13th, just in time for the launch of Majora's Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate... More
  • My Retro Game Awards 2014

    Back in 2011 I decided that I needed to have a track of my Videogame progression so I made lists on my previous Videogame website: Gamespot, but after I departed from there in 2013-2014 and came here, lists were nowhere to be found. Searching and searching... More
  • Community Discussion: February Edition

    9 2
    February is drawing to a close, and love is still in the air... Well, not really. Valentine's Day is well behind us, the roses have rotted, the chocolate has gone straight to our theighs, and corporate America is swimming in the cash they've amassed... More
  • DLC: The Real Evil Within

    So I just finished up the Evil Within, well watching the last 3 chapters on Youtube anyway because the guy I borrowed it from wanted it back. I must say that I am really rather upset by the game itself. The Evil Within on the premise has one of the coolest... More
  • Chronicles: Fifty Shades of Grey, Chapters 1 and 2

    My roommate and I have a very odd sense of humor. We've decided to read a chapter or two of Fifty Shades of Grey a day to understand the cultural phenomenon. After we read the chapters, we discuss and critique them for fun. This is part of a new series... More
  • Kickstarter Projects MIA?

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE I saw today another Kickstarter project getting some attention ( Armikrog ) and am happy to see another game I had pledged for get some recognition it deserves. But over the last couple years I have started... More
  • For The Love Of Video Games, Can't We All Get Along?

    The topic of this piece is something I think about quite often. Even though I know there are far more kindnesses in the universe than not, the not sometimes gets me down. This week is no exception. There was a well-researched article by Mike Futter which... More
  • Mario’s Twisted Existence

    There are some disturbing realities to consider in the life of the so called “Super” Mario. First of all, he unjustly harms cute little animals. Have you ever noticed that the Koopa Troopas are just walking around when Mario comes along and... More
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse Day One Impressions

    As many know, I have been eagerly awaiting the U.S. release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. After about 7 hours of play time, just how worth it is Xenoverse so far? For me, the answer is very. Anyone who has followed the game for a while knows the concept of... More
  • Untapped Potential: Majora and the Fierce Deity

    4 1
    Throughout the Zelda series, there are a number of gods and spirits that are responsible for how Hyrule (and the other realms) are shaped in addition to the three known goddesses. Zephos and Cyclos, for example, are god/demigods responsible for monitoring... More
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