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  • GIO Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Tournament Invitational: TEAM TOURNAMENT

    As it turns out, folks, one Smash Tournament a year is not nearly enough to quench our thirst for Nintendo character blood. Though we’ve completed another wildly successful GIO Smash Tournament , the people are demanding MORE. As a generous King... More
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Vs. Xenoblade Chronicles X

    While Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X share the name of Xenoblade Chronicles, the two games could not be more different. Xenoblade Chronicles is a story based game with almost everything in the game related to the core struggle between... More
  • Where Does Nintendo Fit in Today's Gaming World?

    With the "delay" of Zelda Wii U and NX until 2017, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the Big N, Nintendo, the last few days. After hearing the news about the "delay" and the lack of really anything substantial coming out... More
  • My thoughts on Doom (very long. Represents opinion, not fact)

    Along with Halo, Mario, Mass Effect, and Zelda, Doom is one of the franchises that has defined my gaming experiences. id games have been partof my life ever since I borrowed the PC CD of Quake from a friend back in 1999. And after loving every minute... More
  • Ah Nintendo! Ah Humanity!

    I may not have a full grasp of the situation yet, but everyone seems to be up in arms over Nintendo, the NX, Zelda, and a whole lot of unanswered questions. From a video game enthusiast stand point, I am intrigued by all anger and frustration of the Nintendo... More
  • My Console Gaming Worries/Future

    With the recent Nintendo news that didn't acutally made my day, it was the first thing I saw on the morning, one of my many questions is: How will I decide what next console to buy when the time comes? I was planning to get a Nintendo console again... More
  • What I Wish Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Had Actually Been


    I'm not really into what Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is, so here's a bit about what I wish the crossover had actually been.

    ... More
  • Why King's Quest is a Breath of Fresh Air

    As many of you know, The Odd Gentlemen are making an episodic light-reboot of the King's Quest series, of which the third chapter of five (six including the epilogue) just came out yesterday. I gotta say, after some of the recent releases in both... More
  • Nintendo Being Nintendo

    When I looked at my preferred website for gaming news today, the biggest headline I saw was that Nintendo had (again) delayed the upcoming Zelda to 2017 (with the game releasing on both the Wii U and the NX simultaneously), and had, unceremoniously, announced... More
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst Beta Impressions

    It's official, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a game. I know that seems obvious as hell, but it's pretty much what my entire experience in the ME Catalyst beta boiled down to. Perhaps it would be better to call it "gamey", but that makes... More
  • I Hate This Industry, and I'm Not Okay With That

    There was once a time where any news I could find out about the newest and latest video game would excite me. There once was a time where companies like Nintendo, Ubisoft and EA created my childhood. But those days are gone now. With Nintendo's recent... More
  • Ratchet and Clank: Critiquing Your Childhood

    Like many other mid-twenty somethings, I’d the grand ol’ pleasure of growing up in the rise of 3D-games and not finding them as ugly as a hemorrhoid infested bunghole. A sort of Stockholm syndrome if you will, because my prepubescent self... More
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