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  • Battle Brothers - An Brief Early Access Review

    When you combine the tactical combat and chance-on-hit mechanics of XCOM, world view and company management on Mount and Blade: Warband, and random events of FTL, you get Battle Brothers. Battle Brothers is a diamond in the rough. It's a game that... More
  • Monthly Gradebook: January 2016

    Greetings! Welcome to my debut edition of the Monthly Gradebook. I’ll be giving my thoughts and of course grades on all the games I managed to play to competition this past month. I decided to do this as a way to share my thoughts on the games that... More
  • Microtransactions - A Different Perspective

    Whoever invented microtransactions should get bitten in the Dick by a snake, and be forced to suck his own Dick in order to get the poison out. I don't wish death on the guy, mind you...just a little life lesson that whoever started a rather harmless... More
  • One-Hit Wonders: Psi-Ops

    Not every one-hit wonder game is terrible, nor is it by the hands of one company whom we'll never hear of again. Contrary, Psi-Ops was awesome! It's rare that I've played a game that had mediocre firefights, bland levels, a bland protagonist... More
  • Brought Back To The RPG World Thanks To: Bravely Default

    Ever since I finished up Final Fantasy IV Advance in July last year, my play sessions with this genre had to be put aside in order to concentrate in other games and college. This year however, Bravely Default was the game I needed to return playing RPGs... More
  • February Game Challenge: Week One (New Games Aplenty!)

    February greetings! It's hard to believe we already have one month under our collective belts in this new year. While typically the beginning of the year is a slow time for games, this month is the exception. At least it is for me. On February 9th... More
  • "Damsels" of Zelda 101: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

    I have something embarrassing to admit. I’ve never actually beaten Zelda II: The Adventure of Link because when I was little I thought that you couldn’t go off of the path. Because of this, I never even made it to the first dungeon, just the... More
  • The Witness Review

    The Witness feels like the kind of game that we're sadly seeing fewer and fewer of, and I think that's due in part to the fact that it just feels like gamers are distancing themselves from. And what I mean by that is that we get so caught up in... More
  • Game Club - FF7 part 1: Escape Midgar

    I first played FF7 my senior year of college in 2005/2006. My brother gave me his PS2 and when my friend saw I had one he said I had to get this game called Final Fantasy VII. So I found the PS1 4 disk game on ebay. My friend and I would play it together... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Letting My Freak Flag Fly

    I live in a dingle*, and - when you walk in - people notice a few specific things: my guitars, the posters of Elliott Smith and Mark Kozelek, and - most importantly - my gaming accoutrements. There are two that I would like to talk about - the two pieces... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 10 - Final Fantasy XII

    For our tenth episode we cover the twelfth main entry in the Final Fantasy series. Though initially releasing to some of the best reviews of any Final Fantasy title, time has solidified XII's status as the black sheep of the series. Does its groundbreaking... More
  • New Podcast: Super Console Club

    "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." I've been in and out of the podcasting game a couple of times in the past... what has it been now? Six years? We had a good run with Robot in the Corner. I think that ran for over two... More