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  • Retrospective Saga - Episode 4 (Video Series)

    In today's episode I face great frustration with the next boss, and he is a tough one. I have noticed a recent trend that not too many people are actually watching the videos, but I am okay with that. I'm having a great time making them, and an... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 42 - The Nintendo Switch

    Since new consoles aren't announced every day from a major manufacturer, this week's episode focuses squarely on Nintendo's recent reveal of the Switch, their upcoming next-gen device that can be a console or handheld gaming device. Jeremy... More
  • Marco Polo's Pet Peeves of Gaming: Community Challenge

    If you've read just a few of my blogs, there's probably one theme that comes through quite frequently. I am often irritated by the future-focused nature of gaming. While I love new gadgets and technology as much as anyone (and probably a bit more... More
  • Why I Love the Way Resident Evil Vll has Been Marketed

    In case you weren't aware Resident Evil VII is set to release in just under 3 months from now, and up to this point we still don't know a whole lot about the game and the direction that the franchise is heading with this upcoming installment.... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Trip Down Memory Lane

    There is a lot of games out there that I love to bring to a friends house or to a special event. I love to play a game with a person next to me sometimes, since it gives me a feeling that I know my opponent or partner. Games like Gears of War, Halo, Call... More
  • Recording Gaming Through Pictures

    One of the best things that Instagram have taught me, is that taking photos of your games is, more than a funny thing to do as a gamer, a way to record one's gaming progress through time. As a retro gamer myself, most of the pics I've uploaded... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Memorable Multiplayer Games

    Two heads think better than one, so does playing multiplayer makes for a better game experience. Out of the many video games that offer this option, not all of them manage to want to play with friends and family, but when they do, a fun experience is... More
  • Old School Gaming

    Mostly in 2D Old video games are a piece of art While others are in 3D Greatness awaits from the moment we press start. Let it be a backlog Or a love for the old Those graphics transport us Into those worlds we behold. Cleaning them up Never getting bored... More
  • Video Games: What keeps you coming back?

    I love playing video games. I have played many different kinds over the years, but it is incredibly rare for me to go back and play a game I have finished. Video game stories to me are a lot like movies and TV shows. When I finish one that focuses mostly... More
  • Review: Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel

    FULL SPOILERS! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Watching the countdown clock on my PS4 last night until the DLC went live was like slow torture. It is incredibly nice that I could download the DLC beforehand though so when midnight hit it was game on! Other than... More