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  • Tekken 7 and a Fighter's Passion

    Tekken 7 and a Fighter's Passion I feel like Tekken 7 is probably up there in the two games I waited longest to play. Up there with Xenoblade X and its obnoxious release schedule. Tekken 7 had an excuse, as fighting games like to release in Arcades... More
  • One Man’s Thoughts: Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Getting this out of the way immediately, Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of the most graphically flawed games of I’ve played in long time. It has been a few months since the game’s release, and yet it is still littered with glitches and strange... More
  • Ms. Goldstein - Chapter 2

    Hi y'all! I just checked in with my posting for Ms. Goldstein, Chapter One. It is sitting at 156 views, with a 4 star rating. There are no hateful comments telling me to shut up and go away. This seems good enough to me to go ahead and post the next... More
  • Valley is Kinda Dope

    I picked up Valley last week from the PlayStation Store. I hadn't heard of the game before, but as it was on sale for $5.00, I took a chance and bought it after watching the engaging trailer. I also grabbed Soma, Grand Ages: Medieval, and some other... More
  • The Best Games Period - Honorable Mention - Earth Defense Force 2017

    Long ago in a time now forgotten by modernity, there existed a game. That game pitted mortals against unspeakable horrors from beyond the stars. At the time, many laughed at its premise and comical execution, but little did those who scoffed know that... More
  • After a long break, I'm back. See also...Who cares!

    Good evening to my fellow GI family. After what has been a much longer break than intended, I'm back. I hope to be more frequent with my posts and comments, and hope you fine folks will find some of my musings entertaining or enlightening. Since my... More
  • So...I finally played Wolfenstein: The New Order

    I, like many of you, was blown away by the E3 trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. Immediately after seeing the trailer, I realized that I never even started Wolfenstein: The New Order. I picked it and The Old Blood up during the Xbox Deals With... More
  • Surviving the Horrors of Outlast 2

    Outlast 2 by Red Barrels creates an immersive, atmospheric setting for a survival horror video game that goes a long way toward instilling a palpable sense of discomfort and anxiety. But for all the headway made in establishing a creepy aesthetic that... More