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  • You Blew it! - Everything Wrong with Family Couch Gaming...

    The painful feeling when someone's watching you is just so unenduring. A lot of gamers have to deal with their games alone and handle their defeat alone. Notice how I said alone. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to another thought blog! You know... More
  • A Fool's Journey: Dark Souls - Part 4

    Hello and welcome once again to my continuing journey through Dark Souls. Last time , I began my trek underground and made my way through the basement and depths. My run was going unbelievably well up until the boss of the depths. After a grueling fight... More
  • Underrated and Underapreciated.

    After all my time in airports over the past week and after missing the launches for both Uncharted 4 and Doom, I am happy to say I did not go without gaming. Before my trip I charged up my PS Vita and downloaded Castlevania SotN. I also made a couple... More
  • Apart of Gaming...

    We all have been apart of gaming somehow in someway and those of us that was either born with or raised with it, which is very touching to some of us when the devs give us something new and/or revolutionary. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to another... More
  • Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Review

    Dev Executive: Okay guys! How do we get people to love Fallout more than we already do? Designer: Lets give them a robot build bench with a few side quests to get them hyped! Co-Writer: How about a new set of building material to trap monsters in the... More
  • Top 6 Best Boss Battles...

    Remember those days we had to progress the game to defeat a boss we were waiting for? I loved those days. We went through many mini-bosses and we always feel that terror and pleasure when finally fight that final boss. From bosses that made us do a victory... More
  • Overwatch Review - A New Competitor

    Before I start this review I have to emphasize this is a MULTIPLAYER GAME ONLY , there's no single player content, no thought provoking story and you always need to be connected to the game's server to play. Okay, let's dig in. Overwatch is... More
  • My Go to Games for New Gamers

    I originally was going to post a ridiculously long comment with multiple games and reasons why I thought the following games were good for new players on Marchiafava's Question of the Month article when instead I figured, "why not a blog?"... More
  • Bloody Hell: The Catharsis of Rage in DOOM

    A demon makes the mistake of coming within arm’s reach. I grab. I rip. I tear. Blood geysers over my virtual face, and I lavish in it. I revel in this flash of violence. Arteries and viscera spew catharsis, and I turn as the release ends. Another... More
  • Diversity and Digital Distribution

    Both movies and video games are in the throes of a battle over diversity. In a wash of white everymen, minority protagonists struggle to find a voice. Games have gotten much better about this. Drastically better. This year’s E3 featured a strong... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 26 - Passage

    The 2007 indie game Passage could be considered one of the standard bearers for the art game genre. Created by Jason Rohrer, for a game jam event, Passage went on to receive a significant amount of attention in the mainstream press with some critics outside... More
  • Don't Like It? Make Your Own Game

    It's a defense that all but kills any credibility a developer and its cult lose when they drop this low. In my eyes, to "make your own game" just to prove something just has you going down to their level - a crappy developer with a crappier... More