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  • zombie's Struggle with Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Disclaimer - The following is a statement of opinion, my opinion of course. My opinion is not your opinion and vice-versa. Though at times they may resemble, do not confuse them for one another. If you plan on commenting all that I ask is to be sure to... More
  • Been A Long Time, Comrades

    Hello again, beloved GI community! What, you don't remember me? I can't say I blame you - it's been quite a while since the last time we talked to each other. This is Connor Trinske again, and I used to be an intern here at Game Informer back... More
  • Some of The Most Expected Games of 2017

    This year - 2017 - will be a really great year for the gaming industry. We will see launches for all platforms and many of the games are to be launched much sooner than expected. The upcoming Switch games are eagerly expected but we cannot deny the other... More
  • Reader Discussion: What is your favorite controller?

    We often debate why each console deserves our exclusivity based off of specs, games, and online infrastructure. I refute these arguments. When I buy a console, it comes down to one decision I must make, how comfortable does the controller feel? The controller... More
  • The Incredibles Part I: The Witch

    NOTE: Apologies for taking so long for putting this up. I haven't had too much time to write, so yeah. Hopefully future entries will go up more reliably, but no promises. For now, though, enjoy part I of The Incredibles. Rotten Tomatoes page , IMDb... More
  • Shadow of Mordor - Into The Frying Pan

    Games based in the Lord of the Rings universe have been on a somewhat downward trend in recent years. In 2011 came Snowblind Studios' Lord of the Rings: War in the North , a hack-and-slash action game that failed to impress critically and sold pretty... More
  • My Thoughts on Prey

    Prey was the game that made my childhood with the Xbox 360. It was a great game that just felt like Id's come back from Doom 3. The aliens felt so unique and the mechanics to show off the greatness of the game's capabilities was an generation... More
  • Arkham Knight Review

    Arkham Knight I f inally beat the city of fear story mode of Batman Arkham Knight the other day. I want to Review some games that I've played recently and put them on here so I'll start with the game I have beaten most recently, being Arkham Knight... More
  • 10 Industries That Use Strategies From Video Games

    Most people are familiar with the strong draw that video games have on a substantial portion of the public. Video game titles have gone beyond the traditional console and are now found in phones and other mobile devices. What some people don’t realize... More
  • So... Do You Still Like Kingdom Hearts?

    The Kingdom Hearts series recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and it is still something that is very near and dear to many people’s...uh...hearts. I consider it one of the few franchises that came along at the just the right time for millennial... More
  • Everything Wrong with Overwatch Pt. 2

    When a friend saw my post a while back, she told me to play it again, since what I was complaining about was already fixed by the time it was posted. We planned a game together and we waited for a match. And we waited... And we waited... And we waited... More
  • The Twitch One.

    Alright first blog post in a couple of years. A large portion of that has been due to my laptop being out of commission for the longest time and then overwatch has been consuming so much of my time. That's not to say that there haven't been other... More