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  • The Hilariously Lackluster Trophy Screenshots On The PS4

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    Allow me to begin by saying, I love the PS4 screen capture function. I really do. I love it so much that I wrote about it previously . And I still mean every word. But back with update 2.50, Sony brought about the following: Automatic Trophy Screenshots... More
  • #BanjoForSmash and the "Console War"

    With the Super Smash Bros. DLC character poll, some interesting possibilities have arisen. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer acknowledge the possibility of Banjo and Kazooie appearing in the game, despite the competition of Nintendo and Microsoft. Playtonic... More
  • DLC: How the Industry Priced Me Right Out of Preorders

    One of the most divisive topics in gaming today, Downloadable Content tends to divide gamers along the lines of "love it" or hate it" but one thing that nearly everyone can agree on is that it is most frequently used as an overpriced cash... More
  • A Hard-Learned (Yet Obvious) Lesson From My April Game Challenge

    Each month I do a monthly game challenge. There is usually a theme. This month was no different. BioShock. I had set out to play each one including all story-based DLC. Now this wouldn't have been a difficult challenge (and certainly one of the most... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A Character With A Message

    Over the course of my life, I have been so intrigued by certain games that I acquired a system just to play them. The NES for Super Mario Bros. 2. A PS3 for Little Big Planet. An Xbox One for Fantasia: Music Evolved. A 3DS for Animal Crossing: New Leaf... More
  • Guess That Game (May 2015)...

    Salutations Gameinformer! It's another month, which means it's time for another edition of Guess That Game. Last month's game a lot of people got the game rather quickly off of some of the clues early so hopefully this time I will be able... More
  • Community Writing Challenge - My Favorite Video Game Character

    !!!WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!! For a while now, I’ve been wanting to write a blog about my favorite video game characters. I just kept putting it off. When I saw what the Community Writing Challenge for this week was, I decided to stop being lazy... More
  • Then and now blog #2 : How some people's feelings for Resident Evil 5 and Lost Odyssey have changed over time.

    The point of this blog is to show how people's feelings for games can change over time due to circumstances such as a game being overhyped or because a game was different to how many people expected it to be like and caused disappointment initially... More
  • How to make Dragon Ball Super a good series

    Earlier today a sequel to Dragon Ball Z was announced after nearly 20 years since the last series. Even though I'm extremely hyped for this, I haven't forgotten how the last series turned out. These are my suggestions for how this new series can... More
  • Five Sequels That Tried Too Hard To Be Unique

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    Many games are criticized for being derivative or more of the same, but is that always a bad thing? What about all of the games that ended up being worse when trying something new? Here are five sequels that did a lot to stand out from the originals,... More
  • Community Discussion: April/May Edition

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    It's long overdue, but the next edition of Community Discussion is finally here!  Find out this edition's question, and how the community responded to it inside!  When you're done reading, share your own response in the comments!

    ... More
  • 31/31 Day 3: Anime Series Favorites

    Growing up, anime was extremely popular for my age group. As a 90’s kid, shows like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon dominated school talk just as much as any American counterpart. I liked neither. I barely ever watched Toonami outside of some Gundam and... More
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