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  • A Retrospective on Batman: Arkham Knight

    Disclaimer: There will be spoilers for this game and likely for others in the Arkham series. You have been warned. Okay, so this June it will have been two years since Arkham Knight was released, and the fact that we have yet to receive a "Game of... More
  • Final Fantasy 15 and the Man who Ate his Words

    Final Fantasy 15 and the Man who Ate his Words Now I know, Final Fantasy 15 is "old" news at this point. But in my defense, I had literally no time to play it in December and in January I had pneumonia throughout the month. So February was the... More
  • Games I Didn't Review In 2016: Titanfall 2

    [As Originally Written on SNo2 .] I have played both Titanfall titles for what probably amounts to a decidedly ridiculous amount of time. I reviewed the first one a long while ago and enjoyed it profusely despite its connectivity issues and other flaws... More
  • My Favorite Games To Unwind With

    Driving along the shore as water from the beach splashes on the screen while the sun sets beyond the horizon with Beethoven's 5th Symphony playing on the radio. Further down, I come across a deserted area with wrecked ships, perfect for taking the... More
  • Stardew Valley Giveaway!

    Today we are giving away a Steam key of Stardew Valley! All you have to do is leave a comment, and check out our Kickstarter! The question is.. what is your favorite crop in Stardew Valley? More
  • Games Journalism and Lessons Learned

    I've been writing about games in some capacity since 2011. If we want to include my time writing for the school newspaper, we could go way back. But let's not do that, k? When I started writing for The Game Effect, a plucky little website full... More
  • CWC: The Laundromat Tournaments

    When you're a kid that was poor, you went to the Laundromat a lot because you couldn't afford a washing machine. Because the city the place was set in a poor town, they knew the people who came would bring kids. It was a cool place. It had a kiddy... More
  • CWC: Classic Turn-based without the Grind

    This weeks CWC brings up one of my favorite gaming memories from last year. I played plenty of great games in 2016. Some old, some new, and some that made old new. While I enjoyed a wonderfully diverse list of games last year there was no classic game... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: 3rd Time's the Charmed Snake

    Hello and welcome to my first community writing challenge, as I discuss my journey with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. I normally don’t play stealth games. Guns blazing is my main strategy in most games, and I’m usually too impatient to... More
  • Beholder Review – Clouds on Morality

    Beholder – Clouds on Morality At Beholder we are Carl, working for the Ruler Ministery as a watchman at an apartments building. Our task is to know everything about our tenants. The government of the nation is an oppressor monster who chains its... More
  • Why The Nintendo Switch is a Smart Move From Nintendo

    I feel like it's safe to say that Nintendo learned it's lesson from the Wii U...well, most of it's lesson, at any rate. Regardless of how you feel about the Switch, it's amazing to actually see Nintendo working like a well oiled marketing... More
  • Gold, Silver, And Ass Editions

    Shadow of Mordor 2...or whatever it's called - I can't be bothered to look up the actual title, and Lord of the Rings sucks anyway. Yeah, it's yet another game adopting yet another trend...and shockingly, it's Ubisoft's stupid trend... More
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