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  • Everything about Visceral's closing is wrong

    For a fan of a certain kind of video game, Visceral's shutdown couldn't be more bleak. From Game Informer's news post : Work on the game will slowly wind down at Visceral as EA shutters the studio and will transfer to EA Vancouver, who had... More
  • Game-Making Challenge: Mazes all the Way Down

    Do you know what’s scary? Mazes. Do you know how many mazes in games I can think of? Not many. Is this post about making mazes into a stand-alone horror game? You bet. Let me preface this by saying that I don’t play very many horror games... More
  • The Essentials Challenge: Father Titan - The Last of Us

    Hey hey, party people! It's been a long time, but we're finally back with another Essentials completion. This time, the completer is none other than yours truly. Yes, I finally bought and finished The Last of Us this month, and I've got plenty... More
  • Hell Blade review: A vision quest

    "Hell blade" is a heroic quest of a Celtic warrior, a gelt named Senua, who travels into hell to fight the northman and norse gods in an attempt to save her love dillion. There to guide her in her journey is druth. Druth is apparently a celtic... More
  • Atlus Should Totally Remake Persona 3 (Again)

    2017 has been a nonstop deluge of wonderful video games, many of which have quickly become some of my favorites of all time. However even by these high standards, few gaming experiences this year have reached the superb level of quality Persona 5 did... More
  • Ranking Every Game on the SNES Classic

    Like a good many gamers, the SNES ranks among one of my favorite video game consoles ever released. It is also currently tied with the Gamecube as my favorite Nintendo console due to its two pronged approach of excellent first and third party games. The... More
  • Have You Ever Fallen Out With Fighting Games?

    Last week, a channel called Great Big Story posted a video to YouTube called "The King of Street Fighter II Who Disappeared." It's basically a mini-documentary that details the rise and resulting retirement of the greatest Street Fighter... More
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

    Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Played on Wii U The Legend of Zelda series began life as a sprawling, open-ended fantasy adventure. Over the years the series would establish a particular formula, a formula it would follow to the letter for many... More
  • Persona 5 Review: So, So Silly, and So, So Good

    So someone had to know this was coming. I may have gushed a little about Persona 5 before, so yeah, I want to talk about it. It's my game of the year, so I probably should talk about it, actually. ANNNNND go. Persona 5 Before I start, SPOILERS AHEAD... More
  • The Best Games of 2017, #1 - Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Every year, I compile a list of my favorite games and attempt to rank them in a similar fashion to Game Informer. Things like "Best Xbox Exclusive" or "Best Racing Game", which, incidentally, tend to be the same thing. I've always... More
  • Further Thoughts on Density 2, and GI in General

    So I've had a good amount of time to play through Destiny 2, unlike certain game writers who have to cram for it and release their opinions as quickly as possible. That's the business, but let's be honest - their opinions don't count for... More
  • How to Make Horror

    I know I may come across as an FPS fan, loving anything that’s in the first person and shoots a gun, but my favorite genre is horror, and the one thing I know about horror is that it’s a difficult challenge to take as a developer. You have... More