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  • Early Impressions: The Overwatch Beta

    Yesterday was my first hands-on with Blizzard's upcoming Overwatch, and I couldn't have more positive things to report. The game, which arrives this month on the 24th, offers up various 6v6 PvP activities and, though they are familiar modes to... More
  • Super Console Club Podcast #3

    It's another episode of the SUPER... Console Club! On this episode, we give an update on the games we've completed so far for this year's challenge and share the games we don't want to admit we've played. We also share some sick tunes... More
  • Top 10 Catchiest Songs in Gaming...

    We all love the songs of the best and most loved games of our youth or just from a few years ago. From songs that you can't stop listening too, to songs that you don't wanna get out of your head, Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to this top... More
  • "Damsels" of Zelda 101: Is Princess Zelda Good Female Representation?

    As this series comes to a close I finally feel like I’m ready to tackle the big question: Is Princess Zelda an example of good female representation? In an even bigger question, what even is an example of good female representation? If you’ve... More
  • Multi Playthroughs. Insomnia Edition.

    As I watched Hot Fuzz tonight, for what I can only assume is the hundredth time, I came to realize just how much I may be missing out on with games. As scene after hilarious scene played themselves out I found myself still laughing of course, but I also... More
  • The Invaders, Chapter Five: Part 5

    This Place Reeks of Death... How About a Break? I Didn't Think So... The room smells of booze, the floors tampered with stains and rips. The room is dark. Clean from any light. The room's appearance is shown with only one TV set. White noise begins... More
  • Charting the Open World: The Trajectory of Dominating Design Trends in Non-RPG Open Worlds

    The Open Worlds of non-RPGs have been constantly growing and evolving for the last two decades. Factions, locomotion, world design, etc. If you want to understand this design trajectory, then you have to look at three titles in particular – GTA... More
  • Should Games Have "Rules?"

    It's an unwritten rule that duels in Dark Souls be as quick and painless as possible - using Estus flasks is frowned upon, as is going stab happy with the cheesier weapons in the game...and the few times I've been invaded by other players, I try... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Video Game Food I Would Like To Try

    In the many games we have played so far we have seen food on them, haven't we? Most of the times food serves as the health or magic replenisher for our characters, and that's not so different from real life. Be them drinks, meals or something... More
  • Nioh is Neat...Oh.

    OK, allow me to apologize for the title now, but I have been playing the Nioh demo quite a bit today. As a massive fan of the Dark Souls series I can tell you now, Dark Souls this game is not. Sure there are similarities, such as the health and stamina... More
  • May Game Challenge: Week One (Only One Directive...)

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    I have only one directive for my May game challenge: to suck less. Allow me to elaborate. I not only failed my April game challenge, but failed it in a spectacular fashion. All I played was Destiny. I played the Prison of Elders. I played Iron Banner... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 23 - Team Fortress 2 (ft. Jack Packard)

    This week we tackle our first multiplayer-only and first free-to-play title, Valve's Team Fortress 2. The online FPS has been around for almost a decade and still sees an incredibly active community, due in no small part to the decision to make it... More