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  • The Girls of Summer: Toren

    For a game I picked up just because it had a girl on the cover, I’m pleasantly surprised with how deep of a game Toren is – especially since I beat it in two hours. I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that impressed with Toren when I first... More
  • Video Games and Violence: Is that what we should be talking about?

    There is a lot of violence in the world and it’s not uncommon to blame that violence on the media. When people see violence in movies, television, and video games they can become numb to it. This numbness can serve a lot of purposes, the biggest... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Vendetta's Bane

    Hello! As you may see, this is a Writing Challenge! This is a story I've been working on since I was 12, and it's been the best work I've done, in my opinion. A Futuristic Wild West set in the year 2005, and America is much larger than its... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Game Script - Experiment Ber -

    Taking place in a not so distant future, a rookie police man named Ber is given the task to investigate strange events involving strange people appearance. But this is not an ordinary case. Armed with fear, confusion and desperation, this newbey has to... More
  • Blog Herding Challenge- The Legend of Zelda: Reign of the Shadow Queen

    A loud crash cut through the usual cacophony of Hunci's Tavern as several large flaggon's shattered in one swift motion. The barmaid Liselle shuddered as an unusually large elf towered over her, fists clinched tightly with rage. "You lazy... More
  • Harassment and the Rhetoric of Numbers

    I had a conversation today with a person who expressed the following sentiment: “I don’t understand why people still bother getting outraged about Donald Trump. People say bigoted things all the time, and it seems like a waste of time and... More
  • Can Newcomers Be Iconic?

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst is the first game in a long time I went and bought a Collector's Edition - that bust will look sweet on my desk when it arrives (eh..troubles at Amazon, and they had a huge shortage for a long time, despite me ordering it... More
  • Mirror's Edge: Capitalist

    Get it? I don’t think it’s unfair to say that the problems of capitalism are at the heart of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst ’s world. The game opens with the following quote, for godsakes: “In the City of Glass the conglomerate... More
  • What I Worry About for Final Fantasy XV and The Series

    Regular readers are probably aware that I love the Final Fantasy series . In fact, to this day, I go back and replay all the ones that I can on my Playstation. I love their formula, their stories, and their ever-changing gameplay. True, I like some more... More
  • Why Watch_Dogs 2 is the Sequel I Hoped for:

    Watch_Dogs 2 has now been officially announced after all of the leaks and rumors ahead of the official unveiling, and it looks glorious. For those of you that don’t know, Watch_Dogs 2 is set in San Francisco with a new main character; Marcus Holloway... More
  • EDITED|The Invaders: The Life and Death of the Beloved Broyce

    Author's Notes: A special someone asked me who was Broyce in one of my Invaders entries. This will answer most your questions about him. Know that this symbolic story that tells about a person I really care about in my world. He is not dead, but I... More
  • When I Play - Short Story -

    In 1998 a 4 years old boy named Gerardo, a boy with no hobbies, no sports and no other daily activities than to go to school and be at home, decided to grab his older brothers Nintendo 64 controller. Not knowing how to hold it in his tiny hands, he cried... More