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  • The Most Annoying Characters of 2016

    Well, another year has come and gone; filled with some great games and some not so-great games. This year, like many others, gamers got the chance to explore many remarkable worlds and locations, while interacting with the interesting characters that... More
  • 2016 Gaming Update 12

    This is most likely my final update for the year. I had quite the productive Christmas, finishing not one but two games. Katzenbalger was right, Dead Rising 4 was a right, foul mess. The story made minimal sense, the game was glitching all the time. It... More
  • My Games of 2016

    As another year is about to come to a close, it's time that major gaming outlets and individual gamers look back to the best in gaming that the year had to offer. There were plenty of great games throughout 2016 for all platforms in multiple genres... More
  • Lost or Abandoned Nintendo Franchises: Honorable Mentions/Debatable Exclusions

    When I first wrote these lists, it was featured as an article on a now-defunct gaming website a couple years ago. StarFox was included largely because, at the time, the future of the series was largely unknown. Then Nintendo continued the franchise on... More
  • Video Gaming in 2017: What Can We Expect

    2017 is almost upon us, and with a huge and exiting new array of video gaming titles already announced, we’ve rounded up some of the best upcoming games of the New Year in one place, with an awesome selection of titles for playing on PS4, Xbox,... More
  • A Gaming Year

    I embarked on a journey One set in many distant lands Patience was the key For victory to fall in my hands. There were mushrooms And many castles as well Where challenges lied in every new room Where many stories lie for me to tell. Thanks to 2D I learned... More
  • Why DLC is Great for Games

    It seems these days that every triple game comes with its own form of additional content or micro-transaction. Within the last 10 year, online gaming has become the norm for consoles, it has become more accessible and more reliable. With that came several... More
  • Gaming Adventures Are Coming In 2017

    2017 is barreling towards us and I personally can't leave 2016 behind fast enough. Yet, 2016 brought us games aplenty that are keeping us playing into next year. On top of the games, there are a few 2016 gaming announcements and trends that I'm... More
  • The Contract

    A tavern. Small, but still had more than it could carry. Men around the county came here just to set their arms down and take a nice drink of Armoanian Ale. I came to as my time was done in my job. Guarding sounds easy, but not when you have to stand... More
  • Retrogaming in 2016: A Look Back

    As 2017 is just a week away from us, remembering this ongoing year is inevitable. Even though I got to play some 2016 thanks to my 2DS, the majority of games I played were from yesteryear. From NES titles to Xbox ones, my gaming culture went way up after... More
  • Holiday Cheer! Heropon's Top 100 VG Character List - Part 8

    *Warning: This blog contains spoilers for the following games* Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword Final Fantasy 10 Dragon Age Inquisition Final Fantasy 6 Dragon Quest 8 - And 3DS version Final Fantasy 4 Xenoblade X Heropon's Top 100 VG Character List - Part... More
  • The Top Games to Watch Out for in 2017

    As 2016 comes to a close, gamers are already looking ahead to what 2017 will bring. The good news is that there promises to be all kinds of exciting launches and releases, meaning there should be a little something for everyone. Here’s a look at... More