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  • PAX East - The Mos Eisley Spaceport...

    6 1
    Remember when you were a kid you were able to read a book that consisted primarily of pictures instead of actual words? Well, I hope so...because that's how tonight's blog is proceeding. If you didn't know, PAX East is going on now in Boston... More
  • NFS Rivals: Cop or Racer?

    When you think of the Need for Speed series, a lot of things come to mind. Of course, speed, hot, exotic cars, cops, chases, etc. are the things that come to mind. Ghost Games definitely says true to the things that have made Need for Speed one of the... More
  • "A Gamers View" 4/11/14 - Testing, Tetrapods, and The Last Of Us

    Why is it so important to test 3 days straight when we could save money and sleep in class instead? Anyway, welcome to AGV everyone and I'm your host, Alex Excelsior. Enjoy this weeks blog. SAT's...yay. So on Wednesday, my class takes the annual... More
  • Mike's Short Blog: I am back with some updates!

    Well, it’s been quite a while since I last blogged here in GIO, but I’ve been a busy person. And it is great to see GIO’s blog section still passively active and full of marvelous content. But I come today with the purpose of announcing... More
  • 365/365 Day 101: Stupid Plans I Have For Tomodachi Life

    Oh Nintendo, how I doth love thee. Every month or so, you will put out an announcement that a new Nintendo Direct is set to fall upon us within the coming week. Following this, we will eagerly begin to speculate potential game reveals, release dates,... More
  • We Need More 4 X 4 Games…

    4 1
    I have no idea where this blog came from or where it is going. After a long flight to the east coast and after some socializing with a handful of colleagues, I suppose I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Is it Thursday? It is, it is Thursday. Maybe I was feeling... More
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

    The best thing about Call of Duty: Ghosts is that it looks like a new game, but still has that same, addictive feel of past Call of Duty games, which unfortunately is also what brings it down in the end. But I don’t want to contradict myself, Ghosts... More
  • If I Was a Video Game Character

    We all have characters that we can relate to and identify with, both in and out of the video game industry. If you were to ask people, "What video game character would you be?", you would receive many different answers. For a while, I honestly... More
  • Eat Everything On Your Plate!!!

    Many years ago, when I was just adjusting to adulthood and simply trying to earn a living, I spent quite a while working in the fast food/service industry. And let me start off by saying that I don't regret it at all. Hell, it was a regular paycheck... More
  • My Favorite Video Game Characters

    As I usually say everything here is my personal opinion and should be respect. Thank you. 1. Pac-Man The first and one of the most famous, Pac-man stands the test of time. His games are simple but hard to master and his enemies are just as cute as he... More
  • Gaming Is Dead, Part II: The Rise of Gimmicks

    4 1
    Virtual reality, motion controls, show integration; what do they all have in common? The fact that none of them belong in or around gaming consoles. Welcome to the second installment of “Gaming Is Dead”, where meticulous and careful analyzation... More
  • Titanfall

    I didn't really know what to expect when I picked up Titanfall for my 360. I know what I'd seen in reviews, videos and pictures. I don't generally trust all that information anyway. Yes I am aware that the Xbox One or PC versions are graphically... More