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  • My First Favorite Game of the Year is Mobile?

    In nearly a decade of owning a smartphone, I’ve not once included a mobile game on my yearly top 10. I’m by no means against the platform, there are plenty of games I’ve enjoyed on my iPhones and Galaxys. On the cusp was last year was... More
  • Everything Wrong with Battlefield 1

    Once upon a time, there was once a groups of video games that was WWII. They were all loved and like to make more. So much was given to us about WWII that we all got sick of it. almost a decade later after the last WWII game like CoD, we got Battlefield... More
  • [Análisis] Red´s Kingdom - Puzzles Sobre Ruedas

    Red´s Kingdom - Una aventura repleta de Puzzles Red´s Kingdom es un título desarrollado por Cobra Mobile y publicado en 19 de Enero del 2017 en la plataforma de Steam . Es un juego del género Aventura y Puzzles, repleto de color... More
  • The Case for a New Battleclash Part 4

    In the previous post the DNA of Battleclash was altered to rid it of obsolete concepts and modern concepts were grafted into it. In this post I will detail what I think a new Battleclash/Metal Combat game would look like in more detail, including a couple... More
  • [Analisis] Earthlock: Festival Magic – Rol Puro

    Earthlock: Festival Magic – Rol Puro Earthlock: Festival of Magic es un juego de rol puro , nos hará recordar mucho a Final Fantasy, con batallas por turnos, árboles de habilidades y sistemas de progresión de personaje. Existe... More
  • Video Games - The Importance of Having a Message

    There are some mild spoilers for Xenoblade X and Breath of Fire 2 in this blog. I just like to give a fair warning. Video Games - The Importance of Having a Message Video Games are a truly wondrous thing, currently spanning to all generations and are... More
  • The Five Best Moments in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

    4 2
    We are less than a month away from a new 3D Zelda game and I along with many other people are pretty excited to jump into a new adventure with Link and Zelda. With all that in mind, I thought I would talk about some of my favorite moments from my favorite... More
  • Look at all the games!

    It's only February 7th and so far this year is kicking my wallet's butt. It has been an especially heavy start for Sony fans. The PS4 alone has already had Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Tales of Berseria, Yakuza 0, Fate/Extella, Gravity Rush 2, Digimon... More
  • How Halo 5 Keeps Me Coming Back

    We live in a time where several high profile games release seemingly every week and its become pretty difficult for any one game to keep my attention for long. I'll always see a game's story through and if there's multiplayer, I'll dabble... More
  • Tackling the Backlog-- Tearaway

    The PS Vita is a… well, Sony tried. Sort of. Because of Sony abandoning the worst selling piece of hardware from the big three, outside of the Wii U, a fair few good games have been left to die on the platform. Thankfully, most publishers seem... More
  • [Análisis] Poi – Plataformas de nostalgia

    Poi – Homenajeando a Mario 64 Poi es el nombre del mundo donde toma lugar el juego, aunque parece más un universo lleno de planetas y pequeñas islas flotantes , muy colorido y con cosas divertidas para descubrir mediante saltos y piruetas... More
  • [Acceso Anticipado] Conan Exiles – No mueras muy rápido

    Conan Exiles – PC Tuvimos acceso para probar Conan Exiles en PC, y nos encontramos una propuesta muy buena, pero que no termina de lograr engancharnos tanto como esperábamos. Conan Exiles es un juego de supervivencia y mundo abierto que podemos... More