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  • Final Thoughts 48: Child of Light

    Final Thoughts 48 Child of Light Note: This is not a review, but merely my musings after having recently completed a game as part of my Rogue's Adventures playthrough of my backlog. Follow @RoguesAdventure to keep up with my playthroughs and check... More
  • I'm Praising Free-To-Play Games Now!?

    I'm kind of starting to notice a trend that more and more companies are starting to adopt in free-to-play games; free games that don't have ball-squeezing IAP's and instead actually f*** off and allow you to enjoy it with no roadblocks. It's... More
  • Tech Success!

    I had known for some time that I wanted to replace the hard drive in my PS4 with a 2TB drive, as the stock 500GB drive was long ago put through its paces. For many months, each time a new game released, I had to go through and delete games off the drive... More
  • "A Gamers View" 9/18/15 - System updates, Seriously awesome new logos, and SMITE

    **** Like my new logo? read on to find out some more about this special week. ;) This week’s AGV takes its first steps into a massive world of online entertainment and gaming. For the first time in the history of A Gamers View, I have finally begun... More
  • Rare Collection

    I just finished playing the Rare Collection, and it was very interesting. My favorite games the Banjo Kazooie games and the Ghosts and Ghoulies game. I like the comic book style in the Ghosts and Ghoulies game. Also it was fun to go through the scary... More
  • True Life: I Married a Non-Gamer

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    Almost a month ago, I got married. Believe me, I am still soaking it all in. The wedding day went by in a whirlwind; vendors were paid, an insane amount of photographs were taken, and all the outstanding wedding debt is getting cleared up. I expected... More
  • Why Does Apple's Firmwares Suck?

    Being a longtime Iphone user, I'm starting to notice a trend with Apple. Every IOS update manages to make the layout looks bland and ugly while having so many critical issues I'm actually kind of amazed these things slipped past QA. I mean, with... More
  • When A Game Makes Your Priorities Change

    As some of you may notice, today's piece is on the late side. The very late side. There is a reason for this: The Taken King. I went to midnight release (9pm for those of us on the West coast) for Destiny's year two expansion on Monday night and... More
  • I might have found part of the Sleeper Simulant in Destiny

    Yeah... honestly, I don't know what I have here. If anyone can clarify, it would be welcome (watch in fullscreen to read the item description!). More
  • Can I Get Something Off My Chest?

    I can't stand some of the gaming community sometimes. 95% is fine, its the 5% that makes me sick. There is nothing worse than the IGN community, full of trolls, whiners and just negative people. Let me give you an example. Yesterday, I clicked on... More
  • AUDIO/LOG-#44513-758: Rook Shang

    CODE: 3#2-99 !!!!YOU MUST BE EITHER CLASS 3 SCIENTIST OR SARGENT TO CONTINUE FROM HERE!!!! ANYONE CAUGHT READING THIS WILL BE CHARGED FOR TREASON This is all new to me. Why am I out here again? What was it? Food! Yes it was. What's this paper? Oh... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Life as a Videogame

    As I as always have thought since Persona 4 came out, my lifestyle has seemed to much like that of the videogame and I always asked myself "Why my life can't be as awesome?" I know that sounded sad but still, wouldn't you wish to hang... More