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  • Bloodborne Is Something Special: My Journey to Greatness.

    I bought Demon Souls at my local GameStop a few years back because word of mouth was that it was an incredibly difficult, yet satisfying game. For me however, it just wasn’t clicking. The combat felt clunky and slow and I honestly had no idea what... More
  • The Talk of Yharnam

    So I finally bought it. And I'm really not doing half bad! Cleric Beast sent me for a loop, since I used all my molotov cocktails on the big hammer dude behind the door. I lost 6800 points and the only way to get them back is to beat the Cleric Beast... More
  • How long can I survive Bloodborne: Ep 5

    We meet the Blood Starved Beast. I find some good stagger points on him and whittle him down pretty far. Do I end up taking him out? Probably not because he's a bit of a Dick. We push all the way down, find some more secret passages, and I get overly... More
  • Assassin's Feed: Episode 46; Assassin's creed Chronicles Trilogy

    Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of Assassin's Feed. Today we will be talking about the Assassin's Creed Chronicles trilogy. Last week we talked about the next move in the Assassin's Creed Franchise, which was Assassin's... More
  • Gaming's Untapped Potential

    Everything today involves some form of digital media: from watching the news, writing a document, using a smartphone, to surfing the web. Even newspapers, a medium you only got at your doorstep, is altering itself to meld with your digital preferences... More
  • The Darkness Review: Killing Machine

    The Darkness surprised me. I knew going in that this was a 360 game released early in the generation. What I expected was a fairly linear and straightforward FPS experience like so many others released around the same time but that's not exactly what... More
  • Scholar of the First Sin is still just Dark Souls 2

    I love the Souls games. Love them. There’s something about them that scratches an itch I never knew I had. My copy of Demon’s Souls is Chinese and I bought it before the game's reviews came out. I bought it on a whim from GameTraders ... More
  • Wondrous Worlds: A Journey Through History in Assassin's Creed

    Venice, Florence, and Rome. They are incredibly beautiful cities. And they are incredibly beautiful in Assassin's Creed. There are many reasons to enjoy Assassin's Creed: the exhilarating combat, the intense moments of stealth, the pseudo historical... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Wondrous World Of Rapture

    Rapture. Rapture all day long. There has never been before, nor do I imagine there will ever be again, a moment like the initial descent into Rapture. The preceding plane crash. The lighthouse. The bathysphere. And that moment when you first see the city... More
  • April Game Challenge: Week One

    "I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose...Rapture." I will always choose Rapture. As some of you know, the original BioShock is my favorite game of all time. I could expound on this in a zillion words, but suffice to say... More
  • Topic of The Week: Indie Games!!!

    This week's topic of the week asks the community what indie game are you looking forward to this year and if you're not sure of one then what indie game from your past got you most hyped? Don't forget that by participating in the topic of... More
  • Thy Geekdom Con an event in the Philadelphia Area

    One of the biggest issues I have with gaming conventions is that most of them occur in the West coast. The primary reason for this is where the majority of video games are developed. The issue is that games are consumed all over the country. The Northeast... More