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  • Is Horizon's New Update Worth Visiting?

    Guerilla Games released an update to Horizon Zero Dawn featuring a New Game Plus mode as well as a new Ultra Hard difficulty. The update launched July 6th 2017, brought two new trophies and is available for free for all owners of the base game. In order... More
  • The Unique Aesthetic of Wilson's Heart and Monument Valley 2

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] Monument Valley was a very interesting and aesthetically pleasing project when it released so it stands to reason that the sequel should and would be as well. Although there are several new gimmicks and ideas in play for... More
  • Why I thought Castlevania sucked (and why it probably won't bother you at all)

    The Netflix Castlevania TV Series was released over the weekend. I only found out by chance when, on that lazy Saturday morning, I turned on Netflix to look for something to watch and came across it. And I was pretty excited at the time. I had heard that... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 68 - Crash Bandicoot

    Naughty Dog has always been a company that took risks, and there's certainly an argument to be made that Crash Bandicoot was one of the biggest risks that the company ever took. The project set out to overcome the main problems that plagued early... More
  • Overwatch Report System - Still Coming to Consoles

    Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch game director, posted on the forums at the beginning of the year that a console report feature was being worked on. There was no ETA but Kaplan hoped for Summer or sooner. On July 6th, Kaplan posted an update on the situation in... More
  • 2017 Gaming Update 4

    Okay, so, I started Fallout 4, got bored, opened Resident Evil 7, got stuck, and then binged five seasons of The Americans. I just now see I haven’t finished a game since February! Jeez, that feels bad. I don’t know that I can make it to my... More
  • Discussing TWD: A New Frontier

    [As Read on SNo2. ] It’s only been five years since gamers everywhere were first introduced to Lee Everett and Clementine. Since then we’ve been rocked by revelation after revelation and brutal death after brutal death in first Lee’s... More
  • How Saints Row Became A Successful Franchise By Ripping Off Grand Theft Auto

    It's kind of hard to beat a game like Grand Theft Auto V. Now, when I say that, I don't mean that the game itself is particularly hard; If you dedicate yourself and try your best, you can easily beat the main story and some of the extra side missions... More
  • One Man's Thoughts: Tokyo Xanadu

    Combining two great yet different things isn’t always a sure-fire thing. Sometimes it works (chocolate and peanut butter) and sometimes it just doesn’t (ice cream and pizza). Persona and Trails of Cold Steel are arguably two of the best JRPG’s... More
  • Why The Rise And Rise of Skin Gambling Is a Threat to Children

    Last week, 16 of the world’s elite CS:GOteams descended on Cologne, Germany,to battle it out for $250,000 in prize money at ESL One Cologne. In the end, SK Gaming emerged victoriouson home soil, whitewashing Cloud9 3-0 in the best-of-five final... More
  • Trophy Hunt: Crash, Boom, BANG!

    It's been a long time since I've played a game and decided to go for a platinum. The last time I got a platinum trophy was Dark Souls 2 and that was quite some time ago. I thought about getting the plat for Horizon, and even though it's a... More
  • Last Week to Back My Graphic Novel on Kickstarter!

    UPDATE! We're nearing 80% funded with only 4 days left! Have you ever had a dream? Have you ever wanted something so bad that it kept you up at night and made you feel even slightly nauseous when thinking about it for too long? Have you ever been... More