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  • August is Ace Attorney Month!

    As I perused my archive of blogs, desperate to find a new idea and overcome a nasty case of writer's block, I came to a strange realization. Despite my ardent love for the Ace Attorney franchise, I've written criminally few articles about the... More
  • My Top 25 Favorite Video Games: Numbers 25-16

    Hello, again, gamers and bloggers of Game Informer! I continue my series of blogs on my favorite video games by starting on the actual list. Reminder: the only rule that I followed was that I had to pick one game per franchise. If you aren't aware... More
  • Game of the Year Contenders: Opinions

    Anyone who knows me knows my GOTY is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . And since this is only an introduction, I will save my rationale and criticisms for the list, right below. There are only five that make the top. 1.) Reasons for this should be plainly obvious... More
  • Community Challenge: Licensed games

    This is another challenge that's a little difficult. There were and are many things I'd love to see made into games, simply because I enjoy them as they are so much. However, being a veteran gamer, I also know these things would just not make... More
  • Finally played...

    Red Dead Redemption. I know very late right? Sad to say, I already knew the games ending way before hand though because I couldn't exactly not find ANY spoilers on the internet now. Since everyone knows the basics and the story I'll just give... More
  • Divergence;Cast Season 2, Episode 3: Summer 2015 Simulcast Impressions

    Long time, no see everyone! After a bit of a hiatus, Divergence;Cast is back. With the spring season done and us having not done a show almost throughout its entirety, we decided to only cover the new shows that have debuted in the summer season. So,... More
  • Gamestop Depresses Me, And Here's Why...

    When I was a kid, one of my favorite pastimes was a trip to the local supermall. Which... nowadays is just Walmart for all you younger whippersnappers. I kid. Fortunately, malls have still survived. But, back on topic! Of the numerous places to aimlessly... More
  • Godzilla - Not the King of the Kaiju

    As a big Godzilla fan, the idea of a current gen Godzilla game is a tasty one. Sure, we’ve had a few Godzilla titles over the years, often fun, simple brawlers, but none that really give the truly destructive and glorious experience I’ve wanted... More
  • The Xbox 360 One Hundred

    The One Hundred Games I want on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility In no particular Order 1) Halo 3 2) Halo 3 ODST 3) Halo Reach 4) Halo 4 5) Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary 6) Crackdown 7) Fable Anniversary 8) Fable 2 9) Fable 3 10) All DLC for every... More
  • Satoru Iwata: The Champion of Fun

    The recent passing of Satoru Iwata has hit me way more than I ever thought something like this would. Partially because it was shocking and out of blue, but also because that man had a bigger impact on my life than I ever knew before. In some ways this... More
  • Loyal to the Death: Commander Shepard

    There are many ways to play Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect Trilogy. You can play as a man or a woman. You can choose to play as a Paragon or a Renegade or somewhere in between. And even within those ranges there is a lot of choice that can be made... More
  • Rest In Piece, Satoru Iwata

    Our industry has suffered an invaluable loss with the death of Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo. Second only to Shigeru Miyamoto, he was probably the most prominent name in the public image of Nintendo. Entering the industry as a programmer... More