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  • Introducing My New Blog Series: The Incredibles

    As those of you who've seen them know, I compiled two sets of three lists last year. Two of those were of films and video games that I would give my highest honor, a 10/10 rating. There are fifty-three total entries so far, and there will likely be... More
  • Slots and Daily Deals – A Winning Combo Every Time!

    Online casinos have become increasingly popular in recent years for a number of reasons. While many people like to hit the casinos in cities they are traveling through, others live too far from legalised gambling and only take one, possibly two, trips... More
  • EA, You Dickheads

    I held off on buying Mass Effect Andromeda at launch, hoping I'd get a retail copy from Best Buy to avoid a hefty download. Just my luck, they had 2 boxes left in the case and I was quick to flag down an employee to nab me one. He went to the back... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: One Sick Gamer

    This week’s CWC is absolutely perfect for me – I spent my entire two-week spring break home sick with what turned out to be bronchitis. I still may be fighting off a cough, but at least being sick gave me time to game my heart out. Unless... More
  • 31/31 Day 22-- Five Games I Want to Replay For My Top 100

    Back in January I mentioned how I’m working on a Top 100 games list. A daunting project that will take me all year. Part of the process will be going back to games I’ve not played in a long time. Some favorites, some not so much. More so the... More
  • The Necessary Evils

    Game design has come far since its inception. Systems and mechanics that were once frustrating or annoying have vanished and been replaced with elegant solutions that eliminate clutter and streamline the experience. From inventory management to navigation... More
  • The Great Games Q1 2017 Update

    The following games have been added to the trio of lists I've previously published. 9.00-9.25 Battlefield 1 (DICE)--9.25 Halo Wars 2 (Creative Assembly)--9.00 Titanfall 2 (Respawn Entertainment)--9.25 9.50-9.75 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Eidos Montreal... More
  • Mass Effect Andromeda First Impressions

    Video First impressions Mass Effect Andromeda has been the talk of the town, since its early access trial debuted last week. The game is not nearly as bad as the internet... More
  • Horizon and the History of Human Nature

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game filled with robot dinosaurs and a world inhabited by tribal societies in a post-apocalyptic earth, but even in this unique take of the apocalypse, human nature still manages to play a role in shaping the world. (Spoilers below... More
  • The Controversial Dead Rising 4

    I guess you could say this is also a blog about people telling how to spend your own money. Yeah, these divine beings of monetary knowledge literally get angry over a total stranger buying certain games, DLC or even microtransactions. The whole "you're... More
  • How Can Sony Improve PlayStation Now?

    PlayStation Now Has Some Issues, How Can Sony Turn it Around? When Sony announced that it was acquiring Gaikai, a cloud gaming company that allowed users to stream their games there was quite a bit of excitement. The prospect of streaming a catalogue... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Useful Gaming Treatments

    Getting sick is always bad, regardless such situation can serve as a perfect excuse to miss school or work. However, we gamers, and just like everyone find sickness a bit of lagging when it comes to continuing doing this hobby of ours. Our strength may... More
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