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  • No Man’s Sky recibe gran actualización

    Mejor Tarde Que Nunca Después de mucho tiempo Hello Games por fin ha sacado un nuevo parche para No Man’s Sky , dicha actualización lleva por nombre Foundation Update , la cual trae bastantes cambios y muchos agregados. Todos estos... More
  • My Top 15 Favorite Original Vocal Songs In Games


    I wanted to share some of my favorite original vocal songs in video games so I decided to rank my 15 favorites. Check it out!

    ... More
  • My Top 10 Favorite Anime of 2016

    I've watched a fair amount of new anime and new seasons of anime throughout 2016, some have become my new personal favorites while others have failed to leave a lasting impact on me. There still remains a few more episodes for the fall season of shows... More
  • Got my FFXV two days early! Here are my early impressions.

    NO SPOILERS, MINOR MECHANICS WILL BE DISCUSSED ONLY Whether it was an accident, a UPS screw up, or Square just wanted me to be happy 2 days early, I got my Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition today. I gotta say I was super excited to see the... More
  • Rereleases and Adaptations Are the Future and You're to Blame

    Recently when I sign onto my PS4 and I see what my friends are playing it has overwhelmingly been two games. Call of Duty: Remastered and Skyrim: Special Edition . Disappointment. That’s the feeling that overwhelms me. It’s only exacerbated... More
  • Where Did All Of These Games Come From?

    3 1
    Thanksgiving and Black Friday has come and gone. The Black Friday sales quickly became a parade of games that I recently purchased at prices even cheaper than my 20% discount on new games at Amazon or Best Buy. For example, my beloved Dishonored 2 Collector's... More
  • The Joy Of Replay Value

    I have always been a "fresh experience" kind of gamer, that is, I beat a game and practically don't touch it again. Following this regime has sure helped me to beat more and more games out of my backlog, however, there is always going to... More
  • What I’m Thankful for in Gaming This Year

    I had every intention of getting this up on Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving and family took precedence. This year was rough for a lot of people, but I can say that personally it’s ending on a much higher note than it started. And gaming has been... More
  • Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Making My Backlog Manageable Again


    How Microsoft shifted my opinion on backwards compatibility from "nifty" to "essential". 

    ... More
  • Games & Theory- Imagining The Perfect Spy Game

    The opening scene of Ronin probably encapsulates everything I love about classic spy thrillers. A group of mercenaries making their way through the fog of night, down cobble-stoned streets, converging on a lonely cafe in Paris France. The cafe is filled... More
  • Todo lo que he sido gracias a un videojuego

    Somos Gamers Hace unos días vi un video que circula por internet desde hace tiempo, donde se cuenta de manera muy emotiva lo que los gamers hemos podido hacer , vivir y sentir a través del personaje de un juego de video, dicho montaje tiene... More
  • Gerardo's Game

    Taking a different direction for my poems, last year I decided to write a piece about myself. I didn't know when to share it, and I believe thanksgiving is a good time to do so. Happy Thanksgiving. My life continues to surprise me As I see more of... More
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