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  • The Story of Jeremy, Part 10

    The sun falls to the horizon as the moons light the rest of the night, the cold winds flow through the crisp air as the sound of hooves hit the ground. Fours Knights of the English ride at the night as a guardsman’s body was seen in the distance... More
  • Trenchmace's Top 10 Games of 2017

    2017 was one heck of a year. If 2016 was the "year of the shooter", then this year should be dubbed "year of the action game". I know, it doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well, but it is true. I played more action games this... More
  • My 2018 Gaming Resolutions

    It's now 2018 and I've set (or reset) my goals for the upcoming year, including my video game aspirations. The new year has so far included it's challenges but I remain hopeful. Stop Buying So Many Games At this point, I own nearly every game... More
  • A Letter to Arc System Works

    Dear Arc System Works, Last year you announced BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, a 2v2 crossover fighting game consisting of four franchises: BlazBlue, Under Night, Persona 4 Arena, and RWBY. I was ecstatic, as both a fan of BlazBlue and Persona, but also as... More
  • Games Making Challenge: The Stocking Stuffer Game I Still Want

    I’m not going to lie; this challenge was a bit difficult for me. I’m such a conceptual thinker when it comes to video games. Actually thinking about a budget and priorities and logistics was, well, challenging. But, in the end I think I created... More
  • What Do We Want From The Next Fable?

    I've been thinking about Fable a lot recently. With rumors spreading that a new game is in development , my excitement at the prospect of a new Fable has dramatically increased. I mentioned my dream developer that I'd love to have work on the... More
  • Dream Franchises Paired With Dream Developers

    Everybody has their own personal list of who they think are the right developers for specific franchises. Some of my favorite franchises have either fallen into obscurity, or never truly had a chance to shine. Here's my personal list of franchises... More
  • In Memoriam: The Kinect

    The Kinect was not perfect. From the initial E3 pitch to the idea of gaming without a controller, many brushed it off from the start and once it launched it had its fair share of issues. It misheard what you said most of the time, misread your actions... More
  • Let's Start Out Today

    New Year Resolutions I used to write those They are mere allusions As I myself can write how my life goes. I have lost I have won I will not stop For me there are still reasons to go on. Out of all the mediums out there to choose from Video games do it... More
  • 2018 Gaming Update

    Well, I really fell off the gaming boat for a few months there, didn’t I? I got Evil Within 2 and just was struggling to find time to get it done. I completed the game yesterday and posted a review. I have no idea what I might play next, but there... More
  • Further Thoughts on the Orville

    So I meant to post this over the holidays, after watching episode 9 of The Orville, but life got in the way. In my earlier post, I stated how I wasn't really all that impressed with The Orville, as I found the first few episodes really preachy and... More
  • The Adventures Of A Gamer Teacher: Back To Nintendo

    With 2017 gone but alive in our memories, the good anecdotes prevail and even better, evolve. Such is the case with this blog series I have been doing for almost a year now, which chronicle the good adventures I am living as a gamer teacher with my team... More
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