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  • The Invaders Prologue: Wasteland

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    The galaxy has many beings with it's depths. But some are hungry for destruction of their home. The galaxy's most peaceful forces and governments band together to create the Heltic Federation. With it, they made 5 task forces: The K-9's, Bio... More
  • Caesar's Thoughts on the Rainbow Six Siege Beta

    After playing the Rainbow Six Siege beta for about a week and a half, I came away with mixed feelings. The gameplay and operators were good positives for the game, but on the other hand, I'm worried about the replayability and amount of content that's... More
  • The Invaders: Working Ideas...

    I'm working an a blog series about me in this task force called "The Invaders" from the galactic government called the "Heltic Federation." I don't do much art and I don't equipment to draw something on my computer. I'll... More
  • Does Early Access Need Standards?

    I own my share of Early Access titles that for the most part, I'm lucky I nabbed the good ones. Games like Ark: Survival Evolved, Killing Floor 2, Bloodlust Shadowhunter, games that already felt complete when I installed them on my computer and merely... More
  • Why I'm leaving Xbox moving into next-gen

    I write this as I meticulously browse the internet trying to find that golden deal on the new Uncharted Collection PS4 bundle, looking for that one price lower than $350. It occurred to me as I combed through Walmart and Target's respective sites... More
  • The Wonder Of PS4's Share Play Function

    Earlier this week I had my first experience with the PS4's Share Play functionality and I was sort of blown away. I had no idea how well it would work (turns out, pretty well) or how much I would like it (turns out, quite a lot). What I really wasn't... More
  • Justifying The Arkham Knight Hate

    Video game companies seem to have this strange mindset that games will expire, at least in the interest of their consumers. I mean, it's come to the point where games release at a set time just to get itself over with, we get our fill, and move in... More
  • Played more of Batman Arkham Knight

    I just went through the ACE Chemicals area in Batman Arkham Knight, and it was so much fun. The really fun part was using the Batmobile to get through the chemical plant. I loved using the Batmobile to control the elevator and maneuver around the obstacles... More
  • The Last of Us Gives You Two Interpretations, and They're Equally Destructive

    The dust has settled, and I've been thinking about this game a lot. The debate fascinates me. There will be spoilers. You've been warned. Recently, I played through a bunch of my favorite games with my girlfriend, and one of them was Naughty Dog's... More
  • I Know You Probably Wanna Know About Me... Right?...

    So... You guys probably know no more than me making lists and Blogs, huh? Well... Here's where we start... When I was about 7, I was picked on a lot. I got into fights and won, but people saw it as if I made the fight happen. I was made fun of because... More
  • Pathologic Makes Its (Polished) Way Stateside

    Several years back, a friend told me about a bizarre and punishing Russian psychological horror game called Pathologic. Developed by Ice-Pick Lodge and released in Russia in 2005, the game garnered a lot of attention. My friend referred to the game as... More
  • Shadow of the Colossus Review

    Team Ico is one of my favorite developers in the gaming industry right now. Before The Last Guardian comes out (I'm sure it will eventually!), I wanted to review two of some of my favorite video games of all time. I'm reviewing Shadow of the Colossus... More
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