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  • The Game Informer Online Summer Game Challenge- A Call to Arms

    UPDATE: At the request of a few users, the rules will be changed slightly. Not all games are small. Some are quite large, and take lots of hours to complete. To compensate, any game with an hour time of ~40 hours for a combined run on "Howlongtobeat... More
  • June Game Challenge: Week One (And May Game Challenge Wrap Up)

    Well, it's June. Where has this year gone? And how did it go so fast? Yesterday wrapped up my May game challenge, and, since my rules for the month were relaxed a bit, I had no trouble accomplishing much of what I wanted to. Success! I set out to... More
  • My 5 Big E3 Questions

    What's going on guys, I recently started doing a new video series where I just talk about whatever catches my attention. If you wanted to check that out, that would be great, but if you'd rather just read my "5 big questions" about E3... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Games That Bridge The Gap

    A situation I frequently come across is trying to explain (to people that don't play video games) that all video games aren't violent, horrible brainwashing devices. That they aren't only for teenage boys or people still living at home in... More
  • Splatoon - online issues make me a sad squid

    My early experience with Splatoon has been about the worst possible, made worse by the fact that I can’t seem to find any help anywhere. You see, Splatoon would be a fun game if I could get online with it. But I can’t, despite having a strong... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Best Games for Newcomers

    Sometimes, it takes a special kind of game to hook people on gaming as a whole. Other times, there could just be one or two genres that are completely impossible to enjoy, even if someone likes most types of games. For this reason, instead of solely listing... More
  • 52/52 Week 22- Radiant Historia Review- A Timeless Classic

    Since last year, I've been on a quest to diversify by DS library. For the majority of my ownership of my DS, I played the most typical Nintendo games I could- New Super Mario Bros, every Pokemon game I could play, and both of the Zelda games on the... More
  • Gaming Dreams

    I am no stranger to bizarre dreams, and I mean really bizarre dreams. The kinds of dreams where I wake up thinking, "Well what the hell was that about?" Bizarre dreams. So it's no surprise to me that I often have dreams about games I've... More
  • Nintendo Screen Shot Scrap Book #4

    It's time again for more screen shots from my gaming sessions. With my school quarter coming close to an end I have not had the time to dedicate my free time to gaming sadly; however, I have dabbled with some classics. Now that my schedule is beginning... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 42

    Click here to listen to the podcast! Oh, you’re here. You are probably wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today. To listen to the best damn podcast around, that’s why! The Best Podcast on the Citadel is here to break down this... More
  • Destiny: Now and Then

    Hello, guardians (or any reader who doesn't play Destiny). With the recent release of House of Wolves (HoW), not only have we received new gear, weapons, and missions, but we have also been granted a much easier path to leveling up our guardians.... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Games for Newcomers

    Everytime I have the chance to play videogames with someone else rather than single player as I always do, many games comes to mind, but then I realize they might not like playing Resident Evil 5 or 6 co-op with me, instead they would ask me for party... More
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