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  • Review - Dragon Ball Super — Episode Three

    In its third episode, Dragon Ball Super has at last moved onto adapting the plot of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in earnest. As fun as previous episodes were, their fixation on silly self-contained adventures wouldn't have stayed fresh for long,... More
  • Jumping to Conclusions

    What Happens to [REDACTED] in Arkham Knight Is Really Not Good [UPDATE] Don't read the article in the link above if you haven't played Batman Arkham Knight and you're actually interested in playing it because there be major SPOILERS here ... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 49

    Welcome to the Best Podcast on the Citadel! We’ve got a full house today, as hosts Blake Anglin and Chris Mrkvicka are joined by friends Shelby Walles, David Fraley and Travis Hishinuma to talk this week’s biggest video game stories. We start... More
  • Shovel Knight Review: Strike the Earth!

    Reviewed on Vita, also known as the best system. Cause Vita ain’t never gonna stop, never going to be kept held dowwwn. Ahem. To the set up, then? What is Shovel Knight? Well, it was a Kickstarter campaign put forward on March 14, 2013 by a team... More
  • 5 Reasons Why I Got Into Star Wars...

    When I was little, my dad loved Star Wars, even today, and wanted me to see the movie so bad. I watched it when I was about 6. He made watch the firsts! Not episode One through Three, for all you new coming Star wars Fans. The Episodes Four through Six... More
  • MouseCraft Review: Go Get That Cheese

    MouseCraft is a simple puzzle game that I found to be quite fun and not that difficult. The goal of MouseCraft is to get your three mice from one side of the screen to the cheese on the other side without dying. To get these dumb mice across the different... More
  • My Five Favorite Safe Zones in Games

    We're used to video games throwing endless dangers at us to shoot, slash, stab, stomp and escape. From zombie hordes to Nazi battalions, overcoming intense threats to our virtual selves forms the basis of most gaming situations. It's easy to see... More
  • Team Game Informer - Extra Life 2015 Kick-Off!

    GIO Community! I’m Zachary Pligge, long time Game Informer Online member, community figure, and gamer. Once again, I am spearheading Team Game Informer for the Extra Life 2015 campaign! Four years ago, a few members embarked on a mission to save... More
  • The Day My Girlfriend Said "Wanna Trash The Xbox?"

    At the time, my girlfriend was going through some hard times with her mom. Her mom was moticing that her nerd was released to much. Not like a a nerd rage release. More like she spent all her money with comics and games. Mom did not like her doing that... More
  • An Idea for a New Crash Bandicoot Game

    "Don't let your dreams be dreams." I don't know who actually wrote those words. If I understand correctly, Shia LaBeouf was just reading a script. Whoever it was, they're right. We shouldn't just let our dreams be dreams, but... More
  • BoJack Horseman Season 2 Critique

    What? There's a new season of BoJack Horseman ? I'm...I'm okay with that. Not that I don't believe the first is a fine piece which needed no expansion, but hey, theoretically this is more of a good thing. Theoretically. If there’s... More
  • Boobs Change Size Weekly: A Few Strange Things About Being a Lady

    2 1
    There are a lot of hard things about living, like taxes and Youtube commenters. Speaking of Youtube comments, I like to read through them every now and then. In light of the ignorance in the world, I've decided to write some stuff that people should... More
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