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  • 31/31 Day 16: The Shrouded Isle Review

    Job searching is never fun – but at least the Shrouded Isle has helped me realize that I wouldn’t be a successful, sacrificial cult leader. Released at the beginning of August by Kitfox Games, The Shrouded Isle is a PC resource management... More
  • Is My Wife a Diversity Hire?

    The truth is, I don't know. I'd like to think she's gotten to where she is due to her hard work, talent, and relentless drive to succeed. That's what I see. The evidence is manifold. Graduated third in her class from the business school... More
  • Persona 5: Of Life And Friends

    Besides from having a writing block lately, Persona 5 has overtaken most of my gaming time. Like I've said on previous occasions: the more I play, the more I write and like Persona 5 has been the only game which I decided to give my full dedication... More
  • Do Gamers Know Their Cover Art? 8/15/17 Challenge Edition!

    WELCOME TO ANOTHER DO GAMERS KNOW THEIR COVER ART! SLIGHT ALTERATIONS: READ BELOW As I stated last post, it's been nearly a year since I began to post this game. It's been a great way to ensure that I make at least 2 posts a month and I have enjoyed... More
  • 31/31 Day 15: Weapon of Choice

    My dad and I have gotten into a bit of a routine. I go over there every Tuesday evening and we watch blacksmithing shows while I play Breath of the Wild. Essentially, I spend my Tuesday evening trying to figure out what weapon I would use if I was suddenly... More
  • Round 2!-Looking backwards and forwards

    My summer vacation comes to an end soon. In a week's time I will begin my second year of community college. I won't lie, I had hoped to accomplish more during these past few months. Working more hours, contributing more to this site than comments... More
  • Why Level Editors And Custom Content Are Important To Games

    There is no doubt that developers spend a long time creating the great source of much of our entertainment. From a simple idea all the way to the final product, developers sometimes spend years of their lives crafting and forming the idea of one or a... More
  • Considerations for Borderlands 3

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] It’s never quite too early to talk about a sequel, particularly when it’s a juggernaut franchise for a developer and already known to be in the works. It’s not a matter of when Borderlands 3 will be released... More
  • Starblood Arena is Crazy Dope

    Glancing around the main floor of the factory, I see that the two guys who were duking it out down in the corner have blown each other up. Moving quickly, before anyone can fly into the room and see what I am doing, I ascend to my favorite perch in the... More
  • The Immense Importance of Sonic Mania

    For the past decade, indie games have been on the rise in the gaming industry. Just a small team of people, a passion for games, and a lot of time to make their creation a reality. This industry has almost been directly competing with AAA games since... More
  • Enforced Diversity Necessarily Leads to Mediocrity

    This can be easily proved by the simplest of thought experiments. There are three huge major league sports franchises in America - the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB (sorry MLS, I said HUGE! And I'm not counting NASCAR because it's practically all... More
  • My Favorite Summer 2017 Anime So Far

    We're around the midway point for August, as well as the midway point for many of the summer's array of anime. After taking the spring season off, mainly due to what I thought was a lackluster season besides from 2 or 3 shows, I'm back to... More
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