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  • Nostalgic Memoir; The Annoying Fairy Creatures of the RPG Universe

    If you've ever played an RPG/Fantasy game, you understand where I'm coming from. Whether it be some flying PygmyPuff, mutant monstrosity, an enraging, 'navigator,' or some harmless, cute and furry, large eyed, and long eared freakish mouse... More
  • Gaming Heroes; Why All of RPG's Non-Player Chacters Hate Us.

    T hrough the avatar of heroes that wield ot her worldly powers and depressing back stories, we RPG players have saved many a worlds in this gaming genre's universe. But the truth be told, the digitally encrypted and oppressed/threatened peoples of... More
  • Rant: Website Complaints/Suggestions

    10 2
    This is my first rant that is directly related to this website. I still see some places on this website that could get some more polish. For starters, the points system. Over in my stats right now, it says I have 857 points. The stats it says I have are... More
  • A Final Look Into Survival Horror

    21 1
    My last few survival-horror related blog posts have been about specific games. Not this time. THIS time, we're taking a look at the thing that makes survival horror so great- the greatest survival-horror monsters of all time. The Brute, as seen in... More
  • The Greatest Games of All Time #6

    19 2
    I This is a cartoon car. Have I ever played this nonsense before? No. But it is a cartoon car. Book it for a championship ring. Give to the Library of Congress. This one is money. More
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction will undoubtedly come to PS3

    Ok, I've heard enough already. I think it’s about time we just went ahead and announced it ourselves, since Ubisoft just keep beating around the bush on the matter — Splinter Cell Conviction will indeed be coming to the PS3 at some point... More
  • Cyberpunk Has Arrived: 1st Mind-Controlled Game Launched by Christmas

    "As I've said many times, the future is already here. It's just not very evenly distributed." -William Ford Gibson, acclaimed Sci-Fi author and creator of the term, 'cyberspace' It's Halloween 2009 and when you think about... More
  • I just gotta say...

    this site makes me itch sooooo good. and i just took a shower. ur welcome for that info and visual. that is all lol. More
  • gamez for me mum!

    see, like alot of u on here u may have a family member who is not a gamer. u may be trying to get them into it but it just seems redundant and wastefull of time to even try. well in my case i have me good old mum whom im thinking about getting a console... More
  • A subject close to my heart (so close it fondles my liver)

    being that this is my blog and i can pretty much go where i want to wuth it, let me touch on a subject that is pretty close to my heart. family. see earlier today i went by and uncle of mines house to see how he was doing. mind u this was never done to... More
  • A Look Into Survival Horror, Part II

    Since today's Halloween, I couldn't think of a better time to discuss one of the most influential survival-horror games of all time. I think you can guess which one I'm talking about. Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 4 revolutionalized the survival... More
  • Some of the Best Texts Ever

    Alright, I went over to my cousin's yesterday, and after dinner, she texted ChaCha a question. For those of you that don't know, like me before this all happened, ChaCha is some thing you can text questions to and they'll answer them for free... More