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  • Review: Dead Space: Extraction

    T he bad thing about a prequel is, that before you even press start on your controller, you already know exactly how the story ends. We all know that everyone aboard the USG Ishimura are fated to become the gruesomely disturbing mutated entities from... More
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction will offer between 10-12 hours of gameplay

    Ubisoft's next Splinter Cell game has been somewhat of a wild development ride. From having a complete game overhaul to being pushed back into early next year, Splinter Cell: Conviction has been waiting to unleash its stealth-action thrill ride upon... More
  • Miyamoto predicts New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be still selling a year after release

    With only a couple of weeks left before it's release, New Super Mario Bros. Wii's retail performance is something that many people will be keeping an eye on this holiday season. Specially Shigeru Miyamoto. While presenting the game at a trade... More
  • Next Prince of Persia will incorporate the best things from previous titles

    Recently, Prince of Persia's creator Jordan Mechner, answered a series of questions asked by the audience on what his thought were in the direction of where the franchise should go. “I don’t have a preconception of what the Prince of Persia... More
  • Arob7777's Guide to the GIO Forums

    Hey look, the newcomer cheat sheet from GIO is actually the Forum Rules thread! Wow, I feel dumb. Well I wrote this all, it's my blog. So now I made everything a little easier to understand. Alright, this new place has been up for about three weeks... More
  • Harry Potter MMO? (UPDATED)

    Would you play a Harry Potter MMO? You could roam Hogwarts for your first 49 levels (seven levels for each year in Hogwarts)and you could be sorted at level one to see which house you should be in. After Level 49, you could move on to be an auror (basically... More
  • Salty Reviews: Brütal Legend

    Score: 7.75/10 For the record, I put the score first so you don't have to read the rest of my crappy post. You're welcome. The Good: This is absolutely, the funniest game I have ever played. Though I suppose that isn't saying much, since comedy... More
  • Salty Reviews: Battlefield 1943

    Score: 7/10 For those of you unfamiliar with the Battlefield series, seriously where the hell have you been? BF 1943 is a remake of the WWII game using the Frostbite engine (from Bad Company). What does that mean for you? Things blow up rather nicely... More
  • Simlish Really? C'mon hipsters...

    Alright so I just read Meghan VanBurkleo's article about how EA is deciding to translate music into Simlish. EA, are you that unoriginal now that you can't even create your own generic music for the radio in game? Not only that, but you guys choose... More
  • Bioware unveils Dragon Age launch trailer

    As four warriors are making their way across a jagged, snow-covered mountain on a search for the Sacred Ashes, they're attacked by an onrushing mob of Darkspawn bent on their destruction. With a devastating mix of swords and sorcery, the heroes battle... More
  • Feel Good Gamin'

    Well, I'm sick, and I don't know about you, but when I'm sick, I don't need a heavy game like Call of Duty or Oblivion, I need some easy pick up and play games for quick rounds of fun. I also need something I can play while I'm sitting... More
  • Guards! Guards!

    I loove stealth games. I've played just about every franchise that has stealth (with exception to MGS), and I love them so much. Maybe its just a subconscious desire to be that hidden assassin, stealthily taking lives. Stealth games are up there along... More