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  • My Semi-Professional Motorola DROID Review

    14 3
    I love it. But wait, there's more! I'm going to try to be as succinct and to the point as possible, so don't be surprised if I don't elaborate more on some points. Plus, I've only had the thing for 9 hours, so don't be surprised... More
  • Community Update - 11.6.09

    It's time for another Community Update, my gaming compadres. Thanks so much for all your submissions throughout the week. I'm starting to receive more and more tips, which are always helpful. Shoot me a private message if you have a blog post... More
  • Poem post #2

    6 1
    Untitled Self Misery and Musery Walkin this whole world just pretendin to be Pretendin to be someone Someone these people could see See that I need to be free See that I need to be loved See that every now and then I just need me a hug But I'm a ghost... More
  • The Crow and The Dove

    Soaring on the other side of silence. Wings beating against betrayal and heartache. Dark eyes searching the loneliness while black feathers carry him over the empty of his own expectations of the world. Hardened by his past and strong from his pain but... More
  • Borderlands: It's The Little Things

    8 1
    I originally planned to purchase this game simply because of the comparisons to Diablo and Phantasy Star Online. The mold of games where you can get randomized 'loot' from enemies are sorely lacking these days. I purchased Borderlands last week... More
  • Party Chat to be Limited in Modern Warfare 2?

    Another day, another controversy for Infinity Ward. Aside from more recent outrages like the Grenade Spam video and the terrorist gameplay, one tidbit has slipped through indignant fans' radar. A screenshot has appeared online that seems to suggest... More
  • Tekken 6 Post-Survey

    As you guys may know, Tekken 6 has dropped last week on Tuesday. After getting this game, I have come to realize, that ONLINE gameplay is laggy and as bad as like a Prius caught in the snow. Thankfully, Namco gave us a post-game survey so we can give... More
  • Qore November 2009

    Hi everyone, for those of you who are not qore subcribers here are some tidbits from this months episode. There wasnt anything realy big this month and almost made me miss my money, and then I rememberd I got to play MAG because of it...all is well haha... More
  • My Favorite Game of All Time - and Why

    “Why do gamers love their games?” When you pose a question like that , you’re almost guaranteed to see as many different kinds of answers as there are different kinds of gamers. The fact is, everyone has a reason. That special something... More
  • NY Yankees won the world series!!!!

    It was so great last night to watch that game and see them win, it has been awhile since we have seen them in the World Series. This now is my 2nd team this year to win, I am also a fan of the Lakers and so now if my NFL team (49ers) wins the Superbowl... More
  • Modern Warfare 2's Pre-orders 150 A Minute

    playcomupto150mw2pre ordersaminute.html No you are not crazy it really does say A MINUTE. According to the game website they say because of the such high demand of the game, retailers have received up to 150 pre-order's a minute during... More
  • Not everyone is offended by Infinity Ward's Controversies

    Recently, it seems like Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward has garnered enough controversy it would make Grand Theft Auto blush. Me, being the person that i am, decided to drop a few sarcastic comments about them and leave it at that. Recently, however... More