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  • Insomniac believes PS3 wont max out for another 2-3 more years

    We've all heard Robert Bowling’s sentiments about the untapped potential of current generation systems, well, recently Insomniac community manager James Stevenson said that the PS3 has yet to show off what it really can do, stating that it would... More
  • Insomniac thinking of new IP's, expect more co-op in future titles

    Insomniac Games’ Senior Community Manager James Stevenson recently Spoke to GamerZines about how “silly” it would for anyone to believe that Resistance would be the last new IP coming from the studio. “We don’t really want... More
  • Sorry for being MIA. I'm back now, though, and with a very interesting story to share

    11 1
    Yes, even secret gaming ninjas can get sick! It hit me last week, almost like a shuriken hitting you in the middle of the night, it struck me with out warning. At first, I suspect I had been poisoned by one of the GI guys for blogging too much. I even... More
  • A Lack of Triple-A Games

    10 1
    Remember in the old days of gaming, when there were many games coming out that people told you you simply had to get? And always, at the video game store, you couldn't decide? Now, that number of games has been declining with each successive console... More
  • Game Nights coming soon.

    yea im fittin to be just likethis guy soon lol, just raving all over the place and challenging everyong i can. i can see it now. get ready for that!!! More
  • Things that would make Borderlands more awesome.

    Within just a week since its release, I've already sunk more hours into Borderlands than any other game this year. Not unlike the number of weapon types in the game, there are 87 bazillion reasons why I love Borderlands. However, no game is perfect... More
  • Final Fantasy Dissidia, hmmm.

    ok so ive been reading on this game, ive been keeping and eye on it since last year, its here now and i been seeing it in action. now i luv FF anything, even the garbage anime Final Fantasy Unlimited(if u have never seen it, dont), but this game sank... More
  • And With This Blog I Dub Thee, Bronze!!

    ok ya'll lol so this is my blog that initiates me as a bronze member in the GI community, umm id like to take this opportunity to thank my mom, um Jesus, my coworkers at foodlion; u guys r awesome!!!!*cries*, um i gotta thank my first and only friend... More
  • Sephiroth v.s. ME!!!

    yea, all jokes aside, i think i could take him. like i know sum seriously hardcore techniques that i can use that would make most men forfeit. im just saying yea he's got a huge freaking sword that he doesnt even need to use both hands to use it and... More
  • Gameing Discrimination.

    22 1
    This is not what you think it is. I'm 21, 5'8 willowy, and a natural red-head. Also i drive a motorcycle. I've noticed something pretty strange. Whenever i go somewhere's in my car, no one pay's any attention to how i look or act.... More
  • bored

    just typn to be typn thas all More
  • What You Should Be Listening To: A Weekly Musical Blog - 1st Edition

    8 3
    Hey Everyone This weekly blog will feature Artists and Bands that you should be listening to, no excuses. This is an offshoot of Knuckle's Music Your Not Listening To (But Totally Should Be) , just on a larger, more detailed level. Each week I will... More