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  • Kirby's Adventure : Blast from the Past

    It's rare, but sometimes my girlfriend watches me play games and eventually pipes up, yammering about how she wants to play with me. The fact that she wants to play a video game with me doesn't bother me, in fact, that's an awesome proposition... More
  • The Birth of Hyrule

    Alright, Zelda fanfics; fun! xP Anyway, I'll give everyone the gist of what's going on this story and why I wrote it. I'm personally a big Zelda fan, but not to extent many people are. But I've always been fascinated with the linking of... More
  • Midnight Launch

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    Like many people I attended a midnight launch for Modern Warfare 2. I arrived at 10:30 to find almost 75 people in line already. The Gamestop employees were policing the line and handing out Monster energy drink shots. It was odd that the entire parking... More
  • Salty's Guide to Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks

    Please understand that this is not some holy scripture of Modern Warfare 2. It is simply my interpretation and opinion of the new CoD killstreaks along with tactics. Below is a breakdown of each individual killstreak. 3 Kills - UAV Enemies will show up... More
  • Reviving a Dead Franchise.

    Since the beginning of time, or at least back to 1994 the Need For Speed franchise has been a premier racing game. It has set the standard for what gamers want out of a racing title. The unfortunate downside to such a long run is that the quality of the... More
  • You got Banned!

    You Just Got Banned! So What Are You Going To Do About It? The crackdown on illegal gaming is shifting into gear lately. There was the RCMP beginning their campaign to crush illegal game piracy. And now this. I'm sure I am, like, the last one to know... More
  • Saka's Import Ratings : Episode 1 - DJ Max Portable 2

    Hey there, and welcome Saka's blog of rating imported games. I always wanted Game Informer to have some sort of ratings for import games, but I guess that I'll have to start it up! Hope you guys enjoy since this is the first one in the series... More
  • My Back Hurts

    I'm taking a break from Brandon's blog for an entry to tell you that my back hurts! And I didn't get my juice this morning! And Amelia wont talk to me in art class anymore! And Rodney pants'ed me in the hallway after third period again... More
  • The Canyon Valley

    The Canyon Valley The Dream clear cut, crisp and alert though these eyes I see the earth sun gleaming on ponds and lakes a cool green meadow sheltered by overturned dirt spectacular is the view in this nook of a canyon the trees stream high branching... More
  • In Defense of Girl Games

    We all know them, and (as women) we all pretend to loathe them. They're the pink , jewel-encrusted, spatula-wielding, fashion-obsessed, wedding/prom/baby planning girl games . How dare developers define female interest within such confining stereotypes... More
  • I want replays in all my multiplayer games!

    I’m not a big Halo 3 fan. As a matter of fact, I love hating upon it. But there is one thing I don’t hate, the replay theatre. I wish all multiplayer games were nice enough to include a replay theatre and screenshotablity (new word). Oh, and... More
  • Movie Roundup #4

    This may be the last one in a while before my friends bug me into playing Modern Warfare 2 for the rest of the year, which of course will put a grinding halt on my viewing habits. An interesting mix this time around. Visitor Q (Takashi Miike, 2002) Yeah... More