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  • Pokemon-Nerd: A Quick Introduction

    Greetings, everybody. You may know me or you may not, but I'm making this blog to basically be my biography. That may cause you to ask, "Why didn't you just put this under your bio, idiot?" Well, I'm doing this for a blog to allow... More
  • Why I Play, Don't Play, and Am Generally a Quitter

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    I have learned something about myself recently, and I figured as a follow up to my previous article it would be good to share and allow for a moment of reflection among all you reading. I love video games, but I am not good at them. Now, I know starting... More
  • Community Update - 10.24.09

    So, I haven't been around much this week. I credit my distraction mainly to schoolwork, but also to a little thing called Borderlands. Talk about poop-sockin' it, I put almost ten hours into that game on day one. It was intense. Sitting down to... More
  • I am sick of people complaining about the ESRB rating system

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    I am sick of people complaining about the ESRB rating system. Normally I post about music but today I am going to do my videogame duty and explain to you why the ESRB rating system is just fine, and I am going to do it in 5 basic points. First: the ESRB... More
  • A Look Into Survival Horror; Part I

    With Halloween around the corner, I figured this would be a good time to dive into some of the greatest survival-horror titles in recent to semi-recent times. Bring your security blanket, 'cuz this is just part one. Dead Space Widely hailed as one... More
  • Uncharted 3: Going Bond?

    In 2002, about 20 minutes into watching “Die Another Day” - the twentieth movie in the James Bond franchise - for the first time I was stuck by a curious feeling. It was Déjà vu; I had seen this movie before. It took me a little... More
  • Project Natal: Gimmick or Game Changer?

    When I first heard about Project Natal I thought, "OK, that's a cool concept." When I saw the demo, I thought, Good God, that's freakin' amazing!" But I'm a cynic, and I'm going to operate under the assumption that the... More
  • The Pokemon-Nerd Anniversary Celebration

    Well, about a month ago, I came up with an idea that on December 12, the first anniversary of when I made my web site, two of my friends, one of which you may know around here as DragonZProductions, and myself celebrate by getting together and streaming... More
  • Brandon On Holloween

    Brandon was telling of his time he had on Holloween senior year of high school. "It was tight, dude, and it was dark. The mood was set, the time was right, and I was ready to raise hell! I had it all planned out. Early in the day after school got... More
  • The Dune's.

    This happend about six year's ago, Me and a few friend's used to go to this place called "the dune's". It was just a place to take your dirtbike's or ATV's and cut loose. My brother had just bought a new yamaha, and along... More
  • Caleb.

    Caleb, is 25, and is possibly the worst person i know. But he's been my older brother's best friend since pre-k, so somehow he became my friend as well. I figured this would be a good place to set up some of his more...mod friendly adventure's... More
  • The Greatest Games of All Time #5

    7 1
    The gaming industry's main talking points seem to be built upon a foundation of myth and other lies. Let's take a quick look at a few of them: - Metal Gear Solid is good - Halo is good - Online gaming is good (really guys) - Zelda is good The... More