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  • Learn How To Play FB Farmville Without Using Farm ville Cheat

    One particular issue that people today inform me all the time is how much entertaining they can be obtaining actively playing Farmville on Facebook. I want to acquire pleasurable too so away for the farm I go. My Mother looks to be the very best one among... More
  • What's in a name?

    I've been racking my brain, or it is just rattling around in there? I can never tell, anyways...where was I, oh yeah..I've been trying to figure out what I could write about next and after much deliberation..well, to be perfectly honest I was... More
  • My Hunger for the Normandy

    Okay, yeah I like to do these blogs that are VERY late after a game has released. But perhaps some people will have happy recollections of games whenever they see my blogs. Anyways, I just finished Mass Effect 2. It's the first time in almost a year... More
  • All About Jane's Take on Collecting

    I am not much of a "hardcore" collector but I am not a mediocre one either. I actually collect a lot of stuff and it all ends up in my room, scrambled together. I am a very organized person though. So even if my old eMac is right next to my... More
  • Best New Superheroes of the Past Decade (In no specific order)

    The title says it all. Note: to avoid spamming the article with SPOILER tags, I've kept some of these pretty vague, which means you'll actually have to read/watch/play the stories to understand what I'm talking about! Hancock Let's wind... More
  • Oh look, my new Contest! UPDATE

    14 1
    Ever wanted to make your own video game? Now you can! Well, not really. But you can PITCH a Video Game idea! Well, actually not PITCHING the idea. This is just something I want try this out. If it's succesful, then maybe I can do it more often. If... More
  • The Quest: Part 3

    Just to clarify, if theres anyone out there on the front page seeing The Quest: Part x and thinking it's an uncreative name for a blog series. its actually an uncreative name for a story I'm writing and posting in parts as blogs. now to the story... More
  • ...and there was much rejoicing...

    Just a short happy story for today. I was missing my January issue of GI, and was becoming severely depressed with nothing of quality to read (other than the Keith Richards autobiography, which is stellar), so I sent a request for a replacement issue... More
  • Where have all the good games gone?

    It's not what you think... there are too many good games and not enough hours in the day to play them all! In fact, I'm pretty sure this probably isn't even worth a 'Blog Post' I just found it a little weird. So I posted a review of... More
  • What kind of gamer are you?!

    Ever wonder how many times you have been asked this? Sometimes by random people They ask what kind of gamer you are. While I prefer to just say that I’m a gamer plain and simple, everyone has their preferences. So basically what I’m gonna... More
  • Computing The Robot in The Corner (My Interview with born4this)

    I am one of those guys who always seems to be late to the party, but once I get there- I never leave. Case in point- until about a week ago I have seemed to never listen to the excellent podcast- Robot in The Corner. However, last week I finally decided... More
  • Neat stuff you can do with your PSP without it being modded. A grouchy old dude report.

    Hello people, I felt like writing a blog about some of the things you can do with a PSP. Mainly because so many people own the PSP and they feel that in order to use it it has to be modded. That's not true. "So you have my attention, now tell... More