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  • Happy days are here again! A grouchy old dude report.

    Hey every one. Well so far it isn't flooding yet, and I spent 6 hours on MAG today. I'm up to level 7 and loving it. I also finally figured out how to respect my character.(yes I know im retarded) so I have been actually killing quite a lot of... More
  • Demon TV Episode #1

    Alright, here is my first full episode of the video log. In this episode, I talk about Activision-Blizzard's business model moving forward, The intriguing nature of the Call of Duty/Battlefield battle for the FPS crown, as well as briefly touching... More
  • Modern Warfare 3: Thoughts

    These past 2 years, I've been getting into Call of Duty franchise and let me tell you it's a blast. Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 are by far the best on the 360. The fluent game controls, stories, weapon selection and characters. It's... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 29 - Video Game Designer, Scott Rogers

    Episode 29 is available now. This week, we interview video game designer and author, Scott Rogers . We talk to him about his experience in the video game industry, game design, making games, and more. In the 2nd part of our interview, we talk to Scott... More
  • For Love Of The Game: Portal 2 Co-op Afterthoughts

    At long, sweet last….the Playstation Network lives and breathes (albeit through a virtual respirator, with the Store down and all). This last Saturday night was awesome; my toddler son and I perched in front of the t.v., me regaled in a Bluetooth... More
  • In Search Of The Game

    ButtonHunt 2 , Kongregate’s Badge of the Day game, begs the question: What is a game? If a game, and play, are defined as an activity for amusement or diversion, then ButtonHunt 2 is a game. If, however, your definition, like mine, is a bit deeper... More
  • Media in Today's Society.

    As a senior nearing the end of my High School career, I’ve been exposed to many differing opinions about the state of the job market and various industries. Guidance counselors, teachers, parents, and even strangers seem ready to give their advice... More
  • The Origin Story

    I've said GIO is a home away from home, and while my family knows me all two well, I thought it's time my GIO family learns the awful truth ... A boy’s life: Tape recorded fart contests, snail wars with trash can shields, firecrackers in... More
  • Becoming A Master Castle Crasher

    (I should note, this blog has small spoilers.) Like a lot of people I bought Castle Crashers when it finally hit PSN (this was before I had a 360). I couldn't have been more thrilled with the game. It easily had three times the content I'd come... More
  • So What Counts As A Game, Anyway?

    I've been playing on Gaiaonline since sometime around 2003. A free site to join, Gaia mostly has a forum area, a manga, and a somewhat simplistic "world" you can traverse by clicking. They also introduced a flash-style MMO fighting element... More
  • Video Game Script-Day 1-The Prologue

    Hi there. My name is Jack, and I’m a self-admitted nerd. One of the nerdy things that I like to do is write game scripts. I hardly ever finish them so I decided to post new parts every day on Gameinformer to A) kind of give myself a reason to do... More
  • A Blog for Windows Phone 7 Owners.

    Hey Windows Phone 7 owners! I have one thing to say to you. WHAT IS YOUR KOOBING PROBLEM?!?! Yeah, I said the same thing to myself. The WP7 isn't that bad. But like every new product, it has problems. One of the problems is the lack of games. But... More