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  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Review (And some info on my weekly community blog...)

    LittleBigPlanet is a series of games built on it's players. Though the story-levels are fun and good demonstrations of how the game works, without the users this game would be nothing more than a cutesy PS3 exclusive. On that level, this game is multi... More
  • TOGNick wants your challenge...

    I had an idea for a blog today, about how you don't have video game "one hit wonders" however, while writing it in my head at work, I couldn't come up with an intro or final paragraph so it got scrapped (it's a terrible idea don't... More
  • An Overwhelming Weekend of Gaming Goodness...

    After a month of being TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) to the great state of Tennessee, I finally returned home on Thursday to the exciting but somewhat daunting task of getting caught up on all the gaming news, highlights, and gameplay I missed while I... More
  • My New Projects

    Hey guys! Hows it going? I am doing good! I have a bunch of new projects that I am ready to introduce to you guys! LittleBigPlanet 2 Studio! Yep! Sorry for long text break but we have some great stuff up for Unfair Games! We have 2 games out and 1 movie... More
  • Do have the Ps3 YLOD ?

    Does your Ps3 turns off every 5 - 10 min? Does your Ps3 spits out the games it won't read? When you turn on the power supply does your Ps3 makes obnoxious beeps for long periods of time ? And if yes you have the YLOD. You might think It's expensive... More
  • Digital Distribution

    Is it just me or does it seem ridiculous that to download a copy of a first run game costs just as much as a physical copy? I mean, with the physical copy part of the price is the box, the cost of shipping to your store, any included booklets, and even... More
  • The Quest: Part 9

    Raz Says, “Umm stereotypical feminine computer voice. Aren’t you going to finish that sentence.” “Oh sorry, the after the last part ended while I was saying something, I got disoriented. But anyway, at the moment there is only one song unlocked in the... More
  • Sony, what happens now? The future of the Japan giant. A grouchy old dude report.

    Hey everyone, First of all I am psyched for the NGP (PSP4000 lol). When I saw the photos for the first time I could hear angels in the background singing and a beam of light from heaven shining down on the NGP. However as I read further on the reviews... More
  • Duke Nukem Forever: Worth The Wait? We'll See...

    I've made it known on a few of my posts here that Duke Nukem Forever is officially my most anticipated game of 2011. When it got its first solid release date of May 3rd, last week, I couldn't be more excited knowing that its only a matter of time... More
  • Game Over... continue? Gears of War

    Ohhhhhhhhkaaaay... no page for the original Gears of War . *Sighs* Is nothing sacred? Lol, just kidding. Anyhoo, here is my review for Gears or feel free to go to Game Over... continue? . Here's a trailer for Gears of War . I normally don't put... More
  • Replacing the PS3 Blu-Ray laser

    A few weeks ago I was playing GT5 and was searching for a few used cars when my PlayStation froze so I reset it. After the reset is would not play games or cds of any kind so I figured the blu-ray drive smoked, after a little bit of googling turns out... More
  • My Thoughts On 3D Technology

    I'm not exactly sure if there has been one singular event that has rekindled the public's intrigue about 3D movies, TV, and of course video games. I could, of course, take the easy way out and blame James Cameron for Avatar (always blame James... More