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  • The Joy of Local Multiplayer

    I recently played Super Smash Bros. Melee and Double Dash with some friends on an old gamecube with some potato chips and Mountain Dew. Both of these games still hold up today and we had a blast playing them. It made me realize just how fun local multiplayer... More
  • We're gonna need bigger guns... Or more of them

    Right before Christmas came around, my VoTech shop class (Digital Media) was having a party and of course one of my friends brought in a 360 with a couple of games. Guess which one we played for like 80% of the time. Call of Duty's hold on the FPS... More
  • I'm Just A Gamer In My Sandbox, Playing In The Sand...

    This is a blog post inspired by a blog post by the one, the only, The Journey Man. A blog post you can (and should) read right a- here called Goofing Off in Video Games. In fact, this blog is just a long, long response with pretty pictures, and a nice... More
  • Wouldn't It Be Great If... #2

    I get off my ass and back to blogging with an entry in my previously created Wouldn't It Be Great If... series that possesses decidedly questionable number placement in the title which I am too lazy to change... but hey, at least I proofread this... More
  • Why I Will (Not) Be Leaving

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    Over the last couple months, GIO has been hit pretty hard with news of departures and reductions. Saint left. TOGNick started his own BlogSpot site. Demon Ragnarok is going back to school → busy. Gamebeast (almost?) left. Things aren't what they... More
  • While We Wait For Mass Effect 3, Part I: A Mass Effect Retro Review

    With Mass Effect 3 looming on the horizon and my own colossal boredom suffocating me right now, I thought it’d be a fun little experiment to review the previous to Mass Effect games and discuss my hopes for the third installment with it all leading... More
  • A Title a Year: A Get-Richer Scheme by the Big-Name Publisher?


    We all know of the one-title-a-year approach to game releases, mainly from the Call of Duty franchise. For those who may not know, the method's title is pretty self-explanatory: a studio releases one game a year that belongs to the same continuing series. This method is incredibly successful, while it lasts: both Infinity Ward and Treyarch, developers of the Call of Duty games, and Activision, the publisher, have cashed in on the Call of Duty money-making machine and so far have not been ashamed of sucking the well dry. One has to wonder when the day will come where Call of Duty will join the ranks of Guitar Hero in the land of games made by developers who's creative sparks died out.

    ... More
  • Where Games and Fandom Intersect-PLUS BONUS GAME STOP NEWS!

    Recently I went to a very fun event in San Jose known as Fanime. This is an event that is largely for people who enjoy anime and manga, but as in many different fandoms, there is a lot of overlap, such as video games, American comics, and general Asian... More
  • So You Want to Write an Alien Invasion Story (-Good Luck-)

    Were getting ganked!!! So you want to write an alien invasion story. Well I'm here to tell you that while it can be a fun and interesting story.... it isn't a fun and interesting story at all. Well in most cases they aren't, after all there... More
  • Some Weird & Cool L.A. Noire Stuff

    I've been playing the hell out of L.A. Noire since it came out, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. The review will be coming at some point, though at the rate I'm writing reviews, I'm not sure when. Anyway, everybody and their... More
  • Jonathan Coulton: The Musician You All Know (But Might Not Realize It Yet)

    Talented. Funny. Educated. Nerdy. Jonathan Coulton is all of these things and more. He is one of us, a geek, gamer, and nerd culture magnate. You may have heard his name before, but then again you may not. Often when I bring him up in conversation I receive... More
  • The App Factor: Angry Birds

    Hey there all! I'm going to start doing some reviews on some of the many apps of the iPod, and also throw in my two cents on mobile gaming in general. So where better to start then what most people think of when they think of iPod gaming, Angry Birds... More