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  • The Only Time I Ever Cried

    Games are truly a sight to behold. They represent a true melting pot of various types of media, converging to form one emotionally charged entity. Ok, that might be a bit much. But games, more than any other medium, offer the chance for a true connection... More
  • Community Update - 11.27.09

    Hey hey everyone. My deepest apologies for being MIA without excuse last weekend. A lot of things happened over the past few weeks. I turned twenty three, celebrated about 9 other birthdays aside from my own, played way too many games, and ate a whole... More
  • Gaming Ethics

    Gaming Ethicsgamin Does anyone else have some sort of ethics of gaming on or offline? I have some invisible boundary that I never cross. It’s like if I do this, I don’t think I deserve it. (Yes I know, I apparently have a conscience!) Rule... More
  • Is It Just Me? - #3

    Is it just me, or do way too many people hate Pokemon? The first videogame I ever played in my life was Pokemon: Red Version. As I’ve stated in my bio, me and my cousin Anthony took our brand-spankin’ new Gameboy’s upstairs and booted... More
  • An Ode to Minions

    This Video actually kinda got me think'n. Watch it BEFORE you post. This video seems to have a point. Ya. i mean Goombas are living beings. They probably have families and stuff like that. More

    #1: my fav song ever- the mi ya hi song [numa numa] a fun fast party song about art line: mi ya hi mi ya ho my ya ha my ya haha hello solute it's me your duke and i made something real to show yiu how i feel! hello hello it's me picaso i will... More
  • Amazon's Best Blu-ray Deals - Black Friday Sale!

    Here are the following sale prices for blu-rays at Enjoy! $6.99 Children of the Corn Hellraiser $7.99 007: Die Another Day 2001: A Space Odyssey Alexander American Psycho Basic Instinct Blow Chaos Commando Constantine Corpse Bride Dark City... More
  • Be Wary, Campers!!!

    Attention to all Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare campers, you may want to back out of that corner when you mess with this guy. He's planning a brutal assault on all noobs by... kicking trees. He also thinks a .8 K/D ratio is good, so he's pretty... More
  • My Top Ten Most Meaningful Games: Games That I Will Never Forget

    Since the GI crew made a lot of their own personal lists (including a Top 11, a bunch of "these should have been in the list", and a few time sucks), I decided to make a list of games that have meaning to me. These are games that, in one form... More
  • Guaranteed Time Killers #1 Phantasy Star Online

    As anybody who owns this game on their Dreamcast, Gamecube or Xbox can testify, Phantasy Star Online was a glorified Diablo in three dimensions. It was not uncommon for me to be playing with three of my friends each and every single weekend on a mad quest... More
  • Video Games and Anime women and is it to much? .......or not enough

    68 1
    Well i was just wondering. what do most of you think about girls in games and anime. Do think that companies should stop dressing women these ways or leave them be. From tiny bodys and big boobs what do you guys think. I think they should leave them as... More
  • Best Machinima of The Week #1

    For those of you who have never heard of machinima, they are videos created through the media of video games as a visual artwork. In layman's terms, it's called making a movie using video games. I've been on their website for quite some time... More