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  • How I Went To California...!? o.0

    This is a blog post about a dream I had a few days ago. Usually we forget dreams pretty fast but I still remember very clearly, what happened in that dream. I wrote some of the facts down for further improvement. I got the idea for this blog post right... More
  • My Game Idea: The Werewolf

    Have you ever just sit somewhere dreaming up your own game? It's not something I normally do, but an idea come to me. I couldn't quit thinking about it, and pretty much just thought out the entire game. I figured I might as well write it out,... More
  • Wise investments: A grouchy old dude report.

    Yesterday, I did something I swore I would never do: I purchased a 3 month playstation plus plan. (Strange things are a foot.) Actually I broke down and purchased the plan because after getting the month for free I realized it was a good deal. The three... More
  • The 4th Floor Episode 16: A Tale of The Green Hornet Following Captain America's Two Sisters

    GIO Residents, Welcome to another weekly installment of The 4th Floor. This is our last week of having The Red Devils as our Charity of The Month please visit their website and donate in anyway you can. This week our Movie of The Week is A Tale of Two... More
  • The Great Debate # 1 of XX

    Let me get one thing out of the way. Any fanboy or troll comments will be dealt with by use of the report button. Ok, now let's get to the blog. I'm going to analyze arguments that I've seen for and against the consoles. This'll be fun... More
  • My favorite boss battles ever fought Pt.1

    Im a sucker for epic boss fights, they get my blood pumping, and my hands shaking. These are my favorites, the best of the best, the battles that defined entire games for me... Watch out, ye be spoilers ahead SKELETRON GAME: Terraria WHY HES THE BEST... More
  • Porting to Portable: Awesome Trend or Ju$t $elling Out?

    If you're like me and you love playing games, sometimes you can't find that original version of that game for console. In fact, if you're a young whippersnapper (like many of the members of this site are), you probably missed some of the most... More
  • A System for a Genre

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    Hey All! In today's blog I am going to give you a system for most genres in gaming. Let's get started First-Person Shooter System: Xbox 360 Why: The Xbox here is the system of choice because of the better controls, more people playing online,... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 14

    “Writer, I’m starting to think the only reason you made this temple was to kill me in many different ways.” What would make you think that? “I’ve already died three times.” Oh. I was expecting something about how this... More
  • My Day Trip To New York City

    If you have been wandering where I have been as of late, like most people during the summer, I've been traveling a little. This past weekend, I paid a long awaited return visit to New York City. The primary reasons I went was to revisit a recently... More
  • Making Time for Portable Games

    [This post started out as a comment on Dan Ryckert's recent post, Thoughts On The Portable Landscape . As it grew longer and less related to the topic, I realized it would be better suited to a blog post.] Lately, I find myself changing the way I... More
  • Can't wait for DoTA 2? Try League of Legends

    DoTA should be familiar to most gamers as a Warcraft III mod that was wildly popular. It had many unique characters to choose from, and two teams went head-to-head to destroy the enemy base. Well, if you are reading this, you should probably know what... More