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  • Blogs ARGH!!!

    31 1
    It's starting to become abundantly clear to me that unless my Blog doesn't take a controversial stance such as calling X game as overrated or as 1 of the top 10 worst games no one here actually cares to read it...granted my first two blogs were... More
  • Fury 3. A game i think microsoft should revist

    Am pretty sure they still have the rights to this game but this game was pure epic and to see a next gen version of fury 3 would be epic. From the enemie ships, boss fights,. and pure epic music this game was nothing but win. I still play it from time... More
  • Uh....what?

    I decided to play a little bit of MAG today and I was looking at a few sites on my computer before I started, suddenly I hear the ding sound of me getting a trophy. I turn around and I see I just got a trophy even though I hadn't done anything. Then... More
  • Heavy Rain Demo Review

    Heavy Rain shapes up to be one of those risky games where the player won’t know if they got what they expected until the get it. Writer / Director of Heavy Rain, David Cage writes : Oddly enough, people think I know what I’m doing. They’re... More
  • The Greatest "First!!1!" Comment Ever Posted

    I usually hate these, but if you EVER think of posting a "FIRST" comment, make sure you make it as epic as this... More
  • The most disturbing non-gaming related video ever!!! Part II...

    Wow, when I saw this I couldn't stop thinking of how creepy it is. Sorry GIO community for this... More
  • Movies, with Me: Run Fatboy, Run

    today/tonight, I'm going to talk about the Simon Pegg (Peg?) dramedy Run Fat Boy, Run. This is a very good movie for those of you who enjoy some seriousness with your comedy, anybody who loves The Royal Tennenbaums as much as I do will definitely... More
  • On The Seat: Luigi & Bowser

    Welcome to, what I'm hoping will be, my weekly show where I talk to video game characters and what they have to say about the industry and about the video games they star in. If you missed my debut interview with Big Daddy , click the link to see... More
  • Album review: Kuniva of D12 Retribution Mixtape

    Tracklist 01. Intro 02. You Ready? (prod. by Silent Riot) 03. Ask About Me (prod. by K.I.D.D.) 04. Jive Sucka 05. Gun Game (Freestyle) 06. Diamonds and Gold (ft. & prod. by Mr. Porter) 07. Bury Me a G (Freestyle) 08. Hurry Up and Buy (prod. by Mr... More
  • Random Preview: Zombieland 2 WILL Be in 3D and Lars von Trier Heads to the Apocalypse in 'Melancholia'

    OMG I HAS 2 NEW PREVIEWS FOR YOU ALL! Okay, the poster is OBVIOUSLY photo-shopped, but the news is indeed real. Zombieland was one of my favorite 2009 movies, and unlike most of the movies I like, people actually f***ing watched it. It sold very well... More
  • Saka's Video Game Live Stream Feb. 13-14 (Watch it!)

    To all GIO community. On Saturday and Sunday, February 13-14, I will be streaming live me playing on Xbox Live and on my PS2. The line of games I am going to play are : -Street Fighter IV -BlazBlue Calamity Trigger -Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 -Halo... More
  • Do you guys think am to bossy? Hmm well

    19 3
    Well someone said i was bossy because of the way i tell new members not to run around the site posting threads that are already made or simply try to stop someone from starting a flame war even though am not a mod. I say so what? I may not be one but... More