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  • KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid. Why I’m in Love with Medal of Honor.

    There shouldn't be any spoilers...I hope. LOL. A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I thought the Game of the Year was going to come down between a slug fest between Medal of Honor and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Well, Medal of Honor is on the street and... More
  • Friends...

    Saint posted another blog today that got me thinking, you can read it here . For those of you who haven't read it, and I know there aren't many of you, the basic gist of his blog was that making friends online has become more socially acceptable... More
  • Socially (Un) Acceptable – Virtual Relationships Meet the Real World…

    If you play video games online, then there is a good chance you've established online relationships with fellow gamers that you enjoy playing with (or against). While this behavior might've once been seen as peculiar and mark you as a total geek... More
  • Turning Seventeen, Buying a PS3, and Sucking at Metal Gear Solid 4

    Well, hey there, GIO! As of last Tuesday (October 5th, 2010), I am officially seventeen years old! Oh, and by the way, thanks for not wishing me a happy birthday, you douchebags (Just kidding, I didn't even tell anybody)! Anyway... I have some exciting... More
  • Street Fighter High: The Musical?

    I came across this video for Street Fighter High: The Musical. It's pretty hilarious. You should check it out for yourself!!! More
  • A response to the MW2 Tournament Blog

    Saint recently posted a blog on this site, one about a videogame tournament. I’ve never personally been in one, or seen one in real life. But I have seen one on G4 . Real cool stuff. I’ve never been that good at the games that they play in... More
  • The Medal of Honor

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    I held off on continuing the this series because I honestly don't know how much this community is interested in military history. However, seeing as how Medal of Honor releases tomorrow, I feel it appropriate to at least share the citations of those... More
  • Is being a "Gamer" Harmful?

    Some people still don't play these crazy right? One simple word "Gamer" its what many of us call ourselves be it hardcore, casual, or something in between. I believe however this word has actually done more to harm us rather than define... More
  • What direction will resident evil go now?

    Playing Resident evil 5 was a great experience for me.Not only was I experiencing another chapter in the Resident evil series but the gameplay and intense action keep me drawn.Even after my friends Xbox rrod on him(Yup i played it at a friends house)I... More
  • Wargames: Operation Countdown (MW2 Tourney) Sponsored by Countdown 321…

    The past 3 blogs have all tap-danced around the Wargames: Operation Countdown Modern Warfare 2 tournament we (wife - spectator; son and daughter - competitors) recently attended in Ohio...and so here it is...finally...the after action report. First, before... More
  • Guild Wars 2

    I was checking out Guild Wars 2 and I have to say I am quite impressed. It seems that they've been working on it for some time and realize that they need to do something awesome in order to compete with Blizzard's giant. Of course Guild Wars was... More
  • Secret Achievements?

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    At the end of yesterday's post about Achievements and whether they're worth anything, I had a brainstorm. (Yes, it was quite painful) What if achievements were secret, so you didn't know what they were until you unlocked them? Now, this is... More