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  • If You Like Fallout®, You May Like This!

    I was surfing around yesterday, looking for cool stuff and quest information about Fallout 3, cause this is the game I'm currently playing. And then I found this curious page called "Fallout 3 Cultural References". Well... More
  • Redesigning Homefront

    -A depiction of the Seattle, WA area in a sandbox Homefront game - While I personally enjoyed Homefront’s campaign and multiplayer experience, there is no denying the game is borrowing much of the designs from the Call of Duty franchise and many... More
  • Band of Bloggers #5

    Before I start, I would like to thank Saint and the GIO community for giving me great support with my writing. I am very honored to write the fifth edition of Band of Bloggers but would like to mention that I turned a different way with the subject I... More
  • A Trick of The Tale

    There's no feeling in gaming worse than working really hard to get through a tough section of a game only to fail right at the end and get a Game Over screen. Some developers have been sneaky enough to use this fact to their advantage and place fake... More
  • FamilyGuyGuy7's Top Ten Best In Show

    "Best in Show" often refers to a dog or cat that's judged to be the better of any and all dogs or cats in a particular competition. In this case, I'm using the term to define the game that I feel is better than any other games in their... More
  • From Player to Professional – My Quest to Work in the Video Game Industry Vol. 5…

    Last week in my blog series, "From Player to Professional - My Quest to Work in the Video Game Industry" I talked about video games and developers who achieved perfection or near perfection with some component of their video game - the best... More
  • Super Story: Chapter 6

    All the people who were writing for this chapter will write for Chapter 2 of Volume 2 of Super Story. This Chapter kicks off Super Story where most of the blogs will be based on Super Story. Here is the epic ending of Volume 1 Chapter 6 A Confrontation... More
  • 2D Fighters and Me

    Fighting games, for the most part, are not my thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to play fighters. It’s just that I am not very good. At all. With the possible exception of Soul Calibur, I am incredibly bad at fighting games, especially... More
  • Politics in games

    Is there to much political pressure in gaming? Well indeed there is with the whole case against video games and look at what happened to the fallujah game. Why is it that games are no longer treated like art but now treated as tools a controled instrument... More
  • Mray Reviews: The Nintendo 3DS


    While the Nintendo 3DS is an amazing piece of technology, it has some big flaws. If you want to know what I think of the system, check out my in-depth review!

    ... More
  • The Undead Quest: Part 7

    Sorry I didn't have this up last night but I was unable to post it(By that I mean I forgot) because a was very busy(By that I mean listening to GIOR and watching Mega Man Legends super replay) but look on the bright side now you only have to wait... More
  • I've fallen in love all over again

    Anyone who knows me for 10 seconds knows that I'm a massive halo fan, I've been with the franchise ever since I got Halo Combat Evolved for the PC in 2004. Then played that for countless number of hours until we got an original Xbox in 2006 (yes... More