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  • Popularity

    Yo Yo Yo, my gansta flow. I haven't made a blog in 50 flippin years so it's about time I delighted you uneducated fools with my superior gaming knowledge. Here lately it is has come to my attention that everyone likes something. To be popular... More
  • Savages For Salvation: A teaser for a book I'm making

    Well, this is a short story that I have had in my head for awhile. It was started a few years ago, originally to take place in South Africa or Congo, I forget which, but due to the ever changing political climate in the continent of Africa I will be moving... More
  • Time with Demos! Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

    If I could paint you a picture of this game I would need only one color: red. Seriously, this game has so much blood coming out of enemies you might start to think that they had been pumped full of grape juice. The combat is bloody, fast, and frantic... More
  • Death Valley Impressions (TV Series)

    Around sometime at night on Saturday I found myself watching MTV (I was bored and Mr. Deeds was on give me a break!) Upon watching it I came across a commercial for a new TV show called Death Valley. Of course it got my attention and so I watched it and... More
  • Bump! Jumping to the Past.

    Hello again everyone! And welcome to another episode of Ninja Warrior Wait... sorry, scratch that. Welcome to another episode of Bump! The monthly series that I run to show off some of the best blogs that you newer people, probably missed out on. For... More
  • Video Game Novel Review - Bioshock: Rapture

    Non-video game adaptations of video games are rarely good, and almost never great. Of course, it's hard to blame writers for this; video game stories naturally have a very interactive nature, and translating the story into a novel or movie format... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 23 & 24

    Two episodes in one post! Did you miss us? Well if you didn't, we're still here regardless. Most of you already know the reason we haven't had an episode in a couple of weeks, but if not, read this blog . Anyways, on with the show! I'm... More
  • How Game Informer Saved My Life

    11 1
    I am a lifelong gamer. I don't mean I've been playing video games all my life, though I have. I mean, I have been a gamer all my life. I subscribed to Nintendo Power by the time I was eight years old and I have been obsessively following gaming... More
  • My Top 11 Current-Gen Games

    Reiner recently did a list of his top 25 favorite games , which is basically what inspired me to do this one. While I don't think I could put together a list of my favorite 25, 10 just didn't seem like enough. So I just decided to throw in 11... More
  • Catching The Buzz - Operation Raccoon City

    Just wanted to do a quick one about a game that I've been getting sort of excited for...... I've been steadily gaining interest in this title since I first saw it in a preview blog a few months ago. This particular title and/or franchise don't... More
  • Why I love to Write

    I love to write, sometimes I would even call it a passion. Writing is just one of those things that I can't explain why its so awesome, it just is. Writing is a great way to just express yourself and tell everyone your views on something. It's... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 46

    7 Episode 46 is available now. This week, Dean is gone because his wife finally had the baby. Titus shares some pre-order deals for the anticipated fall video games. Titus and Wes talk about Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Paul (the... More