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  • 5 Games I want to see MADE/REMADE

    Going through my game library the other day, I stumbled upon some old classics that made me think of how good would they be if they were updated to the current generations of consoles. With E3 here, I decided to create a list of games I wanted made/ remade... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: Nintendo's New Wii May Excite U, But Not Mii

    Most of us have that one friend who actually tries to be different. The one who wears spikes for earrings or has a mohawk or whatever sets them apart from the crowd, right? Well, I'm starting to feel like Nintendo is that guy in the gaming world.... More
  • The News - 06.17.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Today on The News, we will be covering two new developments in the gaming industry that may affect you or your family. First, just like every other day this week, we have additional reports coming in of, wouldn't you... More
  • Super 8 discussion ( spoilers!!! )

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The discussion below contains plot-ruining spoilers - you've been warned . Click here for my spoiler-free review of Super 8. -------------------------------------... More
  • You Can't Take Your Save File With You...

    What if Grandpa leaves you his COD: Modern Warfare save file? Will you play it-continue his legacy? I hate to be morbid, but let's just get it out of the way: we're all going to die. I can guarantee you that your death will never be able to be... More
  • DIscoveries of an Underprivileged Teenager

    So, I want to say hello... AGAIN. Teehee. I haven't been on this site in a while, summer has just started, and I'm going to be gone next week, and I wanted to get in a blog post about the reason WHY I haven't visited this site much, and why... More
  • Hawk reviews: Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (PS2)

    Still relatively unknown in the US, the Ys franchise has been slowly rebuilding steam from its time in the spotlight in the early 1990's, and it started with this game.... More
  • my thoughts on the Wii U. A grouchy old dude editorial.

    I have been quiet on the Wii U as best as I can given that every other article has to do with Nintendo's newest entertainment system. So this is the Actual Wii U system. Not the controller. This is what every one should be studying. Upon first view... More
  • My Time Has Come... Goodbye!

    I have finally decided to leave you in peace. Make room for the new guys and stay away for a long while. I have decided to leave GameInformer Online behind, leave blogging behind and all you who like to read my blogs and who I know as friends. But, my... More
  • Dueling Network Review (PC)

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Do you remember the good ol' days back in school when everyone played Monster Rancher, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic? The chances are high, that you probably have played these wildly popular card games... More
  • Morality in Gaming: Why I Always Pick the Good Path

    14 1
    Morality in gaming has become the norm. Developers give you the option to take the protagonist down the good or evil path. They give you the freedom to choose whether to become a savior to the people, or fearful tyrant. Despite the ability to choose,... More
  • Replaying the Classics: Chrono Trigger

    If you've read Game Informer or any other serious video game publication, chances are somebody's mentioned “classic” NES/SNES titles, gems from yesteryear that remain unforgotten by their fans. One game that gets mentioned in the same... More