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  • A Mysterious Figure Appears

    Oh hello there! I guess you were already so much into this world that you might have completely forgotten about me? Well, I'm still here, but my physical appearance is diminishing so fast, I think will be soon completely forgotten. Anyway, just a... More
  • Dead Island (Xbox 360)

    An array of characters, hordes of undead and insanely awesome weapons all roll together in this game by Deep Silver and Techland. Basically, you are a guest at the beautiful Royal Palms Resort when a sudden epidemic infects the island of Banoi, turning... More
  • This song should be in a game.

    I know some lazy people are reading this, asking what song. You'll just have to click the link, so you can find out. I was thinking about this just now, and thought it would be the funniest thing ever. Imagine, you're playing a game, enjoying... More
  • POKEMONth Post: Update Time!

    Sometimes, taking a break can be a good thing... Hello again, POKEMONthers! I am terribly sorry I've been a bit M.I.A. lately, but I've had quite a busy weekend and parenting is the job that never sleeps (even when she *is* finally sleeping, lol... More
  • Weekend thoughts with the Grouchy old dude.

    Well this has been a busy week so the old dude hasn't been keeping up with his internet duties. My oldest boy has been doing good playing football. His team is 2wins 1 loss, pretty good so far. My kids have been driving me even more crazy. And I am... More
  • Black ops and World at war

    So I was playing Cod Wolrd at War on the 360 and I realized that the zombies on there are harder than the zombies in Black ops which does make for a challenge so that means that me and my friend Daniel were not able to go through as many rounds as we... More
  • Top Ten Video Game Currencies

    Top 10 Video Game Currencies We've all wished it. How many times have you played a game and thought, "Man, how great it would be if I could live there?" But it's easy to forget about the realistic side of that. You're gonna need... More
  • PSN Pass: Why it bugs me.

    I was planning to buy a PS3, sometime mid-January, but one thing keeps me from going in without a regret: PSN Pass. Yeah, I play the majority of my games new, 'cept a few games that I didn't play back when they were hot.And, in the end, I'm... More
  • Grey: Chapter 3

    Draco walked down the stairs of the inn for breakfast. He went to Sovelt to get his food. “You can just sit down.” Sovelt said, “Food’ll be out in a few minutes.” Draco found Angelina sitting at a table with Leria. He sat... More
  • Bump!: The Beginnings

    Hello there, welcome to the third edition of Bump! I know I've been slacking on my weekly series, Community Update these past two weeks, but my life has been busy this month. Not just in the blogging sense either. But now I've managed to pull... More
  • T.U.L.G: MAG.

    create I've decided to make a blog called T.U.L.G ( T hat U nder L ooked G ame) for every time I find a game that I think is underlooked. To be a T.U.L.G contestant the game has to have average or bad score from some critics (GameInformer had the... More
  • Aftermath: Assassin's Creed

    I recently finished the first Assassin's Creed. I picked it up a little bit ago, not knowing what to expect as I've never played an AC game before. I immediately fell in love. Sure, it has it's flaws. Sometimes buggy AI, a bit of troubled... More