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  • Diary of A Game Writer.... *Entry Two*

    Yes, if you haven't been hiding under a rock for the last however long, you know that Jake Auditore and I am working on a text-based? adventure game, which he calls: Rising Radiation. Now, when I say 'working together' I really mean I'm... More
  • The News - 05.15.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Today's issue of The News will be a big one as we have two long awaited pieces of information that many gamers have been itching to hear. So, we will be starting off with great news for PlayStation 3 owners everywhere... More
  • Into Every Life, A Little Rain Must Fall....

    Today, we went on a big walk. I live in Santa Cruz, which means that whats-his-face from American Idol (which I don't watch, but there were huge cardboard cutouts of his big singing face all over town yesterday and today, so it's not like I could... More
  • New Hardware: 3DS

    Friday was my Birthday, so for my birthday I got a 3DS. I'm super pumped to check out some actual software, but I'm waiting a little while to get some actual software for 3DS (I still have to finish Phantom Hourglass). I'm super excited for... More
  • Rising Radiation (the reveal!)

    I couldn't wait til next week to reveal this, and since I'm finished with all the preparations, It's time. Rising Radiation. A text-based post-nuclear apocalyptic RPG! For all the info, head on over to Rising Radiation's dev-blog. More
  • The Raging Bull News Review: Edition 1 5/14/11

    . This is, the Raging Bull News Review. Hello from the Raging Bull's headquarters in overcast Nashville, Tennessee- Music City, U.S.A. I'm your host, the one- the only- Gamebeast, here to tell you all about the "news" this week. We'll... More
  • Priest Movie Review

    To say that Priest is a movie is to insult an art form that has produced some of the greatest works of the century. To say that it has a plot would be a disservice to generations of writers who have made unique and interesting stories. And to quote Roger... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 12


    Well, you know what they say... two's company, and three's a crowd. Especially when talking about Voldo hugging Kingdom Hearts characters.

    ... More
  • call of duty mw3 France Teaser Trailer

    enjoy More
  • Project RUN


    I'm improving my life. I hope that you do too. If you want to be a part of something big, read on to learn


    ... More
  • Sony: How to Relieve Customer Concerns

    I realize that this needs to be said first and foremost, I know I stated that I would be leaving. This blog however deals extensively with video games, and I figure why not share with the members here, especially considering this is a video game site... More
  • Friday Frivolity: Guns, Zombies and Major Malarkey Edition

    So it's Friday and do you know what that means? FREE ICE CREAM! ....No, wait....sorry, I'm getting an incoming message from the management (AKA, my rather insistently mewing cat), and it appears that it is instead time for Friday Frivolity, with... More