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  • Why do I feel like I've now arrived? - Level 5 achieved!

    So I'm level 5 now. For some reason, despite the " Points System " post stating that Subscribers have their blog posts show up on the main Blog page from the very beginning, that hasn't been happening. I'm assuming they've changed... More
  • Arcade Game Suggestions Needed

    I'm in the middle of Red Dead Redemption and I have Mass Effect 2 in the works, but I also need something to just blow off steam. Something short and punchy for those nights where I just don't have the energy for anything involved, or when I only... More
  • Everything I've learned about life, guns, commerce and death in the wasteland

    Since the nuclear arms race of the Cold War, we've had a national preoccupation with blowing each other up. Maybe it's because the power to end the world is now in human hands, or maybe it's just wishful thinking by some. Either way, we always... More
  • Most epic games in my opinion

    These are basically my favorite games of all time. I'll try to put them in order of the year they came out Worms (1994) This game was one of my first stratagy games. I just loved it. (I'm not going to put more than one sentence for the 1990's... More
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie Review

    A couple of blog posts back, I made a little discussion on the reasons why games usually don't translate well into film. It basically discussed that the scripts for said films only "copy-pasted" the plots of the games rather than actually... More
  • More Armor Customization Options in Halo: Reach

    How many of you, like me, were disappointed upon discovering that you could only customize your armor in the Reach Beta as much as you could in Halo 3. How many of you also assumed that it was representative of the final product? Well, for those who did... More
  • Where's My Internet?!

    Earlier today, my Xbox Live finally expired after a continuous 3 year subrciption. I canceled my debit card yesterday and requested a new one, as luck has it, my subcription happened to terminate when I'm cardless. Trying to thirst my quench for a... More
  • The Rise of Idiots with Mikes

    If you play Modern Warfare 2 for fun, you are probably annoyed like crap when people go crazy when they get killed. These people are like gorillas, throwing their dirtiest words when they do something stupid and get killed by it. Here's an excerpt... More
  • Prince of Persia:Movie Review

    By now im sure you all have heard of the prince of persia movie. Well I have saw the movie and it is amazing. Forget what the critics say this movie is the best this year and its full of action. The lead actor in the movie Jake Gyllenhall was the perfect... More
  • Like Riding an Invisible Roller Coaster...

    Roller a video game site? Say, what?!? I don't was a long day. Kind of an unusual blog tonight…it came to me when I was about to suffer a heat stroke after spending hours in the hot sun. It was like 95-100 degrees and... More
  • Games that dissapointed me

    Alright, here sre some games that I felt would be awesome to me at least. And they were a let-down. AVP (2010) One of my very favorite games from when I was younger is AvP2, so when I heard this was coming out, I was ecstatic. I read the review by GameInformer... More
  • Resturaunts you MUST go to #4: Texas Roadhouse

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    I've only been there twice, but I'm putting it up here anyway. The first time I went was five years ago and the second was today, so I'm osting while it's fresh in my memory. You'll walk in and think "WTF!" because there... More