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  • Grey: Chapter 11

    “So.” Rozonne said, “Tell me more about yourself.” “About myself?” Draco said, “I don’t know. I’m just a guy.” “Have you lived in Torbec your whole life?” “No.” She waited... More
  • Gears of War 3 Isn't Even Worth Stealing?

    With Thanksgiving now behind us, the holiday season is upon us in full force now. Perhaps it is no surprise then that I was robbed this past week, last Monday to be precise. While on a quick jaunt to the grocery store to pick up some delectable goodies... More
  • Why its a bad idea to be an early adapter for video games.

    Midnight releases. Beta testing. Demos. previews. many nerds may take pride in owning the latest and greatest in technology, but hardcore gamers take special pride in being among the first to have the newest game to play, accessory, or game system. But... More
  • Video Games in Europe

    Hi,in this blog I want to tell you about the video game industry in Europe Game Developers There are many great developers in Europe,like Crytek,the company that created Crysis.Remedy,the company that created Alan Wake.4a Games,a Ukrainian(no,it's... More
  • Top 5 Skyrim quick-wins!

    Hey there! I've decided to make a blog detaling the top 10 quick wins for Skyrim. If you don't know what a quick win is, it's basically a small patch that developers make to ease certain issues in the game. For example: Player: OMG! I beat... More
  • Missing in Action: A Eulogy for a Friend

    As I sat in my father’s recliner, digesting my buffalo turkey sandwich, I could not help but reflect on the past year and all that has happened, both good and bad. I wanted to use some of these thoughts to write my next blog, but I just could not... More
  • Skyrim comic, awful...

    Well, this is an adobe illustrator project I cooked up... in five minutes. You'll probably only understand if you've played Skyrim, so here goes nothing... the comic is bad at best. I worked on it for about 5 minutes. I'll be posting some... More
  • Game(s) of the Year

    'Tis the season to be jolly! Where was I when consumers flocked to the stores for Black Friday deals? On my couch playing the virtual hell out of Skyrim. Thanksgiving was quiet for me as I didn't invite anyone over to share the day with, nor did... More
  • The Little Things

    Holy cow turds, Batman! SPB has another blog post in less than a week :O. Yeah, I know I'm not the most vocal of the GIO community, especially with my blogs, but I hope to change that. As long as I keep thinking about decently interesting things that... More
  • Remembering gamecube

    SPOILERSSSSSSSSSSS! I can’t lie: I believe that GameCube is the best console ever made. It’s just so perfect-the controller, the small disks, the cute handle, and most importantly, the games. I’m here to show you the best games on the... More
  • Open Discussion: NBA Lockout Over. Excited? Favorite Teams?

    I have been waiting for this forever and I am so glad that this lockout is over. I will finally be able to see the New York Knicks deliever some hot *** whuppings to any team that steps in there way. Games officially start coming back on for Christmas... More
  • Uncharted Course: Why Drake's Story Is At Odds With Its Gameplay

    NOTE: This WILL have spoilers for all three Uncharted games, so if you haven't beaten or played them yet, don't complain if they are ruined for you. The Uncharted series is lauded by many as one of the best of the current generation, not only... More