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  • You Spoiled Me!

    *Spoiler Alert* This blog does not contain any actual spoilers from video games. *End of Spoiler Alert* We've all been there. A game has recently been released that you are excited for, but for some reason you are unable to pick up the game on day... More
  • The non-existent correlation between game mode and playing ability

    Time after time I have been told that my preference in picking team deathmatch over conquest or search and destroy is due to my lack of playing ability. But is that really the case? If you believe the above statement is true, then the simple answer for... More
  • Bystanders and Heroes: The Patriotic Edition

    I'm back to spread the Thanksgiving spirit with another blog about game quotes! This time we have a Shepard quote (not the commander, the general) and a G-man quote! HERE. WE. GOOOOOOO! "5 years ago, I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye.... More
  • On the Art of Opinion

    There seems to be an issue I notice when I read certain blogs, and I'm not calling anyone out, that involves arguing a point with little to no justification. While blogging is certainly a different act of writing outside of editorials, there needs... More
  • How to Use Pokemon As An Educational Tool

    Pokemon are adored by thousands of children and adults around the globe, and it won't stop soon. While this will never take place of the core, hard facts, it's a way to incorporate the popular monsters into the learning experience. I will also... More
  • So I'm taking a break

    I know this is shocking (/sarcasm). The truth is that I've been putting this blog off for a while now though. There are a lot of reasons for me putting this off, but it really isn't fair to me or to you guys to just vanish into thin air so instead... More
  • Snakes And Turkeys

    I'm sitting in my brother's dorm room apartment with the smell of turkey and pies filling the air. Football is on the big television while my brother and I are playing his Xbox on a computer monitor. My brother puts in the Metal Gear HD collection... More
  • Why Monster Hunter Tri is my 7th Favorite Game of All Time

    My last 3 picks have been relatively "mainstream", when I think about it. I mean, a Mario Game, a Bethesda game, and freakin' Ocarina of Time. Here, I present my 7th pick which you may be genuinely surprised about: Monster Hunter Tri for... More
  • Happy Thanksgiving 2011…

    Today is Thanksgiving but chances are you probably already knew that. It's a day that means a bunch of different things depending on who you ask and their own personal beliefs. For some, it's the opportunity to gather with family and eat more... More
  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING:Disgaea Series v.s. Final Fantasy Tactics Series Part 2

    Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! First before I continue onto the Disgaea v.s. Final Fantasy Tactics blog. I would like to apologize for my earlier post about Call of Duty. It may have offended some fans of the series. But that's just how I feel, sorry... More
  • Happy Thanksgiving to you in America

    So as all of us know, it's Thanksgiving today, and this is the one day in the year(for some of us) that we can pig out with an excuse. "It's Thanksgiving, I'm showing my thanks by getting myself fat". So how do you guys celebrate... More
  • Editorial: A Skyrim Critique

    This may be a bit late to the party. Some may be wondering why I don't just review the game. Well, I've recently joined an amateur gaming site where I'll be contributing. As long as they keep writing the checks I'm sorry to say that all... More