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  • REPLAY: Underachievers Forced into a Life of Farming…

    I'm not sure when and where I said this, but not too long ago I mentioned after I had a year's worth of blogs I was going to start up a new reoccurring blog series. Well, that day has come. I'm over 365+ blogs. The premise behind the series... More
  • Versus: Blog 4 Ben Reeves VS Dan Ryckert

    18 1
    Hello and welcome to a very special edition of Versus! For this edition you will be voting on the dumbest editor on the Game Informer Staff. The match-up is Ben Reeves Vs Dan Ryckert. Enjoy the match-up after a few messages Last Week's Match-up: Marvel... More
  • Music You Need to Listen to: Maximum The Hormone

    What do you get when you mix Japanese pop, Japanese rap, and old-school System of a Down? An ungodly mess of noise you say? Absolutely not! You get Maximum the Hormone , an alternative/nu-metal band from the awesome land of Japan. Now I know what you... More
  • Top 10 Most Affecting Game Trailers

    I recently saw the trailer for Dead Island. It was fantastic. If you haven't seen it, then you will see it if you scroll down a bit, so just sit tight. There was something more to the trailer than just being awesome. It made me feel something real... More
  • Breaking Points and How They can be Solved

    On the first plane of Oblivion I walked, slaying stunted imps with my comrade. I traversed along the plane looking for the main tower so I could progress with the story. I made my way to an area called Bloodfeast, I know I'm headed in the right direction... More
  • Hawk reviews: Legacy of Ys: Books I&II (DS)

    A look at the first two entries in this classic RPG series that, while plagued with bugs, turns out quite well. The grandfather of the Action RPG is still really fun, even today.... More
  • Video Game Mod Hunt...

    I like the website for it's few functions that interest me. While I don't waste time watching an annoying baby biting equally annoying British-accented people- I do like listening to music in the background, watching video game walkthroughs... More
  • Blog Smorgasbord - Black Ops, Trivia and Podcast! And other stuff

    Today's blog is a bit of a mish-mash. I don't have one specific topic I want to blog long about, but I have a few short ones. But first, I wanted to thank Annette for herding my Band of Bloggers #2 ! It's the first time in a while, and gave... More
  • Flight Simulation Games Are a Blast!

    There are many plane simulation games floating around the web an instores throughout the country. Some of these games are better than others, and the best flight sim game for you can be determined by what factors you consider important in a flight simulator... More
  • Looking Ahead: Battlefield 3

    I take a look ahead to the FPS juggernaut Battlefield 3 in my second blog discussing upcoming releases. Check out my first Looking Ahead on Skyrim if you haven't already. As a rule of thumb the FPS genre is a tricky place to attempt to exist in and... More
  • Trying to Make a Documentary - Part 1

    Video games have been around for nearly half a century, and in that time they've become increasingly misunderstood to the masses. Rarely have I met someone who is not involved with gaming that can actually understand...or rather, not pass judgment... More
  • Oldie Review: Dungeon Siege 2

    DUNGEON SIEGE 2 Dungeon Siege franchise is one of my all time favorite RPG franchises that have appeared on PC-s. I love this game because it has quite everything inside that I like most in RPG games: lots of side quests, lots of different enemies, ability... More