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  • The importance of competition: Why it's one of the most important things in the gaming industry

    When I hear some gamers say "Nintendo needs to go the way of Sega" it saddens me. Not only is Nintendo one of my favorite game company, Nintendo has lead the gaming industry in many ways and without them the gaming world would be different.... More
  • Taking a Stand Against the ESA and SOPA

    June 27, 2011, the videogame industry and gamers rejoiced as the law which would cause violent videogames to receive a separate government label was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. It was a momentous effort and collaboration by the ESA, gaming... More
  • Derreck's Best Of 2011 Awards: Console Edition (Part 1 Of 2)

    After I finished my blog about my picks for the best handheld games of 2011, it turned out I had a lot more free time than I thought I did. I finalized my picks for the best console games of 2011. I have quite a few of them, which is why I decided to... More
  • Blog Post #5: Bleed the Freak

    It has been a long day of constant battle, yet the Lambent horde seems to continue to grow increasingly stronger with each minute. You charge a pack of Drudge's on foot, with nothing but an empty Lancer in your hand - or so they think. Just before... More
  • Epic Music You Should Totally Get: Video Game Music by London Philharmonic Orchestra

    I would actually like to see a cello as an equipable item in Battlefield... Today, while walking downtown, my husband and I stopped by the local music store. I usually like taking a look at the various featured music area because the local shop always... More
  • Loose Lips Sink Ships…

    The phrase "Loose Lips Sink Ships" was a phrase made popular during World War II that essentially meant "beware of unguarded talk" or in present day geek talk - STFU. The concern was if you ran your mouth and talked about ship movements... More
  • My First Blog- Top Ten Games Series

    Normal 0 0 1 944 5381 Calvin College 44 10 6608 11.1287 0 0 0 Before we get started, I just want to warn you all that this is the first blog I have ever written. If it’s not great, hopefully I will be able to improve in the future. Since this is... More
  • Top 5 Things That Will Make You A Better Gamer

    In a time when video games are at their biggest, there are plenty of things gamer's do incorrectly. Whether it's breathing heavily into a microphone instead of talking strategy or only playing COD every year and then saying it's the best game... More
  • mw3 weapon disscussion

    this is the official mw3 weapon discussion were you can say your difficulties and comments about the weapons of mw3 More
  • Gaming Resolutions for 2012

    Update: I thought this post was lost and I was about to be really upset. I wrote it yesterday and didn't really want to write it again, but I found it and now I'm going to post it a day late. Sorry, hopefully you enjoyed this blog. It's 2012... More
  • Silent Hill 2

    Game Info Publisher: Konami Developer: KCET Platform: PS2 Genre(s): Action/Adventure Players: Single Player ESRB Rating: M (Mature) Release Date: September 24, 2001 Intro: The game begins with James visiting a woman who is behind bars, but she's sitting... More
  • Libertydude's Comics: Dec. 12 to 17

    This was a funny week for me. I had mid terms, had deep thoughts, and had to prepare to go on a trip to Mexico. As you can see, I had lots on my plate. Therefore, I decided to do something a little different: I decided to do a bunch of awards since I... More