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  • Fixing the Wii U Controller (even though it may not be broken)



    I take a look at the Wii U controller and use my computer magic to fix some problems and see what the controller could be.

    (LOL, I'm on (top of) Gameinformer Online Radio -Episode 17)

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  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 17

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    Since there's not much news this week, we decided to do a free-form episode with different topics not relating to news. We go from the topics of the recent Minecraft hack, to the topic of how cartoons suck nowadays. How we do this is a mystery that you'll learn by listening the the episode.

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  • TRIPLE THREAT:Sony Edition

    Here you have it folks. The first of a brand new series of blogs, brought to you by yours truly, TheClassyOne. In Triple Threat, I take three upcoming games of a similar theme, throw them inside a steel cage, and let them fight it out to determine which... More
  • Resistance 3 Demo Impressions

    While yesterday I was primarily looking forward to picking up "Duke Nukem Forever", it wasn't the only thing I purchased. I wound up also picking up "Battle: Los Angeles" on Blu-Ray as well, which I did primarily for 3 reasons... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: I've Been Busy, But the Hackers Have Been Busier

    These days, it seems like I can't swing a dead cat without hitting another news story about some website or internet service being down due to hacker activity. Let's look at the list of casualties as of late: Sony Gmail Nintendo Epic Bethesda... More
  • inFAMOUS 2 Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    inFAMOUS 2 Review Kid Safe: Moderate (4.5 / 10) Game Quality: Very High (9.0 / 10) Genre: Open World Action/Adventure - This game takes place where choice is everything. Rather than providing a set story that a player has to follow, they are provided... More
  • Help Wanted: Reader Responsibilities

    You are a reader. Since you are reading this, you have responsibilities to the writer. While many people reading this already know of these responsibilities, many do not. But fear not! I am here to save you! As a reader you have four responsibilities... More
  • Parenting is Kind of Like Pokemon!

    [Picture drawn by me.] Yep. Being a parent is actually kind of like that... Today was the second anniversary of my daughter's birth. To put it more simply, my daughter is officially now considered a "toddler" as she is now in her "terrible... More
  • The 4th Floor Episode 11 (A short return)

    Well GIO Residents, The 4th Floor is back briefly. This week we discuss E3, and X-Men First Class. There's a surprise in store during our X-Men First Class section where we talk about an upcoming movie based on a video game. Want to know right? Well... More
  • Super 8 review ( no spoilers ) [ update ]

    Hello readers. As the blog's title says, this is my spoiler-free review of the movie Super 8. Just so we're clear, allow me to define my understanding of the term 'spoiler', in case it might deter you from reading my review and becoming... More
  • Hawk reviews: Drill Dozer (GBA)

    Time for a look at the only non-Pokemon game Game Freak's made in the last ten years. You'd hope it'd be good right? Well...... More
  • Hipster Band of the Day: Arcade Fire

    This may come as a surprise to a lot of you, but I’ve actually been blogging since late 2009. Granted, I only started writing good blogs recently, but still. I actually have quite a lot of writing that went COMPLETELY IGNORED BY A HEARTLESS INTERNET... More