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  • Video Games and Anime women and is it to much? .......or not enough

    70 1
    Well i was just wondering. what do most of you think about girls in games and anime. Do think that companies should stop dressing women these ways or leave them be. From tiny bodys and big boobs what do you guys think. I think they should leave them as... More
  • Pokémon Black: A Hacked Game Of Death

    I was browsing the internet and came to the normally visited Kotaku page and found a very interesting article. i traced the source to the beginning and found something that scared me. It was a hacked Pokemon Red version dubbed Pokemon Black (above is... More
  • *UPDATE* What I'd Want from a GameInformer App

    9 1
    UPDATE: Hello everyone! Back in 2012, before humans invented the wheel, I discussed my wish list of app ideas for GameInformer. In October, GameInformer released their mobile phone app, and my prayers were answered. Like most other regular members, I... More
  • 5 Things That Should Be In Borderlands 2

    I don't like Borderlands. There, I said it. I really think Borderlands is one of the most boring games I have played in a long time. I thought it had some great ideas, but lackluster execution. So while I was playing Alan Wake, I thought about what... More
  • Seeing Is Believing: Video Game Symbolism And Logos…

    Visual recognition is a critical element in our daily lives yet how many of us ever give pause to consider what we're actually looking at it. Very few I would wager. We are trained at an early age to recognize shapes and symbols and this process is... More
  • My Top 10 Role-Playing Games (PC Titles)

    I've been silent for quite some time now, many months actually, but just yesterday I got this whole lot of cool new ideas to make into blog posts and this is the first one of many. So, without any more waiting, here's my 10 most favorite RPG-s... More
  • The 12 Best Flash Games On The Internet

    After having a team of poorly trained non-professionals painstakingly perform some not-so-evil experiments, I am proud to announce the twelve (scientifically proven*) best browser games on the internet! Putting together this list cost millions (of what... More
  • Is it the End of Anime, Manga, and GAMES from Japan? - Bill 156 PASSED...

    NOOO it's the end of the world!!! No more anime and manga!!! Bill 156 has passed in Tokyo! Tokyo’s ban on anime, manga and games featuring “virtual crimes” or which are “likely to interfere with the healthy development of youth”... More
  • Black Ops's Playercard Editor - When Good Ideas Go Bad...

    A number of my blogs have ridden on the coattails of Blacks Ops success and popularity and just when I thought I milked the source dry, finished the game or got all the achievements, along comes another blog idea inspired by Black Ops. Should be the last... More
  • The Meaning Behind Journey

    It's been a few weeks since I first played journey, and my mind is still dwelling in that mysterious world. My emotions have been played with ever since I explored the desert as that creature, and I've constantly been picking apart the story.... More
  • More Hilarious Motivational Posters

    Here are some more hilarious Motivational Posters. I hope you enjoy them. I hope you enjoyed them. If you know were i can find new funny pics, please post the link in the comments. More
  • Assassin's Creed 2: The Truth

    111 1
    For those of you who have already played the game, I'm sure that by now, you know what I'm talking about. For those who don't, *SPOILER* as you progress through the Animus's tale, you will randomly encounter some hidden heiroglyphics or... More
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