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  • 4 Wishes for Project Cars

    In just a little bit (depending on your location), Project Cars will be live for download on Steam, giving we few simulation-based gamers the shot in the arm we’ve been asking for on our PCs and consoles. It’s an amazing feeling to have something... More
  • Gaming Gadgets Galore!: Ratchet's RYNO

    One of my favorite game franchises, and probably my favorite platformer series of all, is the Ratchet and Clank series. I love the franchise due to it's great sense of humor, zippy platforming, and collection quests. It's kind of like Zelda for... More
  • Bloodborne - The One Reborn Boss Fight the easy way

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't put up a video in a week or so, been super busy. But, in this video we will be taking a look at taking on The One Reborn in the Yahar'Gul zone of Bloodborne. Not too difficult of a fight, seeing as to how he's a giant... More
  • The P.T. Blues

    As anyone with the internet knows by now, Konami recently put the rumors to rest about the status of Silent Hills; they confirmed it was officially cancelled. This was (in the realm of video games) colossally disappointing. P.T. (short for "Playable... More
  • The Backlog: A chronicling of my attempt to tame the beast

    Hello my fellow Gameinformer contributors and community members. My name is Chris and I've been hanging around the GI site for a while now, years in fact. I'm a very passionate gamer and I'm a very opinionated person, thus I have always wanted... More
  • Nintendo Screen Shot Scrap Book #2

    A week has passed by and after getting multiple people telling me how good of an idea the first Scrap Book was I decided to make this a weekly to bi-weekly blog. I game a ton during the week and making these scrap books gives me a way to keep an online... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Go Go Gaming Gadgets

    It's hard to pin down what exactly constitutes a gadget in a game. Certain items have exceptional properties, however I wouldn't consider them gadgets. Though I suppose if it does something super cool, it can be thrown into the ring for the title... More
  • Assassin's Feed: Episode 49; Assassin's Creed Movie

    Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of Assassin's Feed. This week we'll talk about the latest news about the Assassin's Creed Movie. I haven't been reporting much on the Assassin's Creed Movie because I see it as cold news... More
  • The big 3 in the JRPG world,Final Fantasy,Tales series and Shin Megami Tensei series.

    The point of this blog is to talk about what makes the Final Fantasy series,Tales series and Shin Megami Tensei series unique in their own way and to talk about reasons as to why I think the games from Tales and SMT series that have been released in more... More
  • My Five: Favorite Star Wars Games of All-Time

    May the Fourth Be With You. Okay, maybe I'm a bit late for that, but the feelings are the same; it's early May, a time when Star Wars is brought back to the forefront of our collective minds. Star Wars is renowned for being one of the greatest... More
  • Im not sure what to call it

    Who would be interested in listening to some music that is inspired by Borderlands? Im not nearly a professional music producer quite just yet seeing as ive never actually made any profits of of my music. But this is something that i did around last may... More
  • Star Wars: From Worst to Best


    Here is my list of the Star Wars movies from worst to best!

    ... More
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