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  • Review - Seraph of the End — Episodes 1-5

    Whether deserved or not, Japanese animation has a reputation for favoring replication. From legions of cheerful Shōnen heroes to interchangeable public school settings, the medium habitually and happily reiterates archetypes. In many ways, Seraph of the... More
  • GIO Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U Tournament Round 2 Results + Round 3 Details

    Truckin' along as the drama of the GIO Smash Bros Tournament continues to apply a chokehold of pageantry and spectacle! Round 3 was fraught with peril and intrigue, as familiar faces march to the top and newcomers blaze a trail in the same direction... More
  • Why Konami's "Skill-Based" Gambling Is A Bad Omen

    One of my favorite shows to watch these days is a show called The Profit on CNBC. The premise of that show is much like that of other shows like Shark Tank, or Hotel Hell with Gordon Ramsay. That premise is that the core of good business is about providing... More
  • My top 5 Nintendo 64 games

    Yes, I was inspired by the latest GI podcast involving nothing but the N64. If you haven't checked it out yet you should give it a listen as Tim Turi and Ben Hanson interviewed Grant Kirkhope (music composer for classic Rare N64 games) and the guys... More
  • Press Start: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

    The opening segments of the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster for the Playstation 4. It's been a long time since I've popped this one, and what better way to do it than with an HD Remaster on the PS4. We pass the tutorials and take a look at good old... More
  • My top 10 hardest bosses in Dark Souls

    A year and a half ago I decided to buy Demon's Souls. I played through the tutorial, and for whatever reason, just stopped. The game had been sitting on my shelf, untouched, until last month when I decided to give it another go. I absolutely loved... More
  • 52/52 Week 21- Can Star Wars Battlefront Be Good?

    I am a huge Battlefront fan. Both the first and second entries are some of my favorite games to play with friends and alone, so to see this trailer two years ago at E3 was an incredibly exciting moment for me. I thought that the true successor to Battlefront... More
  • The most powerful romances I've experienced in video games.

    Romance plays a big part in making many movies,TV series and anime popular.I'm sure most people have experienced a story in which they wanted to see a certain guy and a certain girl end up together despite major obstacles in their way. Here are some... More
  • Far Cry 4: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Restraint)

    Far Cry 4 is a game of logical extensions – directed and chosen by the player, and, ultimately, thrown back in their face. But I’ll get to what I mean by that in a minute. Far Cry 4 is about the struggle between tradition and modernity. In... More
  • Restore Points (Save States): An Advance in Accessibility or An Insult to Classic Games?

    As a gamer born in the N64 era, catching the tail end of its games, I came into my own as a gamer sometime in 2007. I'd been gaming consistently to that point, but I didn't really take it seriously (not that it should be taken too seriously) up... More
  • More Polybius Mayhem

    Last week I had been thinking (and subsequently writing) about the urban legend of Polybius , the fabled game that could basically cause you all sorts of creepy problems if you were unfortunate enough to play it. The legend began back in the arcade heyday... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 41

    Ah, it feels good to be home. After over a year’s worth of podcasting at our sister site Leviathyn, The Best Podcast on the Citadel has moved to a new home, ! We kick things off right as hosts Blake Anglin and Chris Mrkvicka are joined... More
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