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  • What I Want To See In The Elder Scrolls VI

    Hello, GIO! Welcome to Azure Moon's Elder Scrolls VI blog! I hope you enjoy it and if you wish to know more about me, feel free to visit my profile! The Elder Scrolls is one of my favorite game franchises of all time, as some of you know. So, this... More
  • My top ten games of 2014

    Unfortunately, I was not in possession of a Wii U until a few days ago, and thus Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Bayonetta are NOT counted on the list. Honorable Mention— Assassin's Creed: Unity Hot on the heels of last year's excellent Black... More
  • March Game Challenge: Week One

    March greetings! As I write this, I am already feeling the trepidation of claiming that I can finish three open-world games before the end of the month. Scratch that. I'm not concerned about Far Cry 4, or even GTA V. What I'm really worried about... More
  • Embrace Short Games

    Long before college, I primarily valued games based on the campaign length. I shooter with a 20 hours campaign was great. An RPG with an 80 hours campaign was even better. Then college hit. The vast amounts of free time I had in high school suddenly vanished... More
  • My Favorite Games of 2014 (Video)

    So I made this for fun and thought someone here might enjoy it. There are some slight spoilers for 2014 games, especially Walking Dead Season 2. Hope you like it! More
  • 52/52 Week 9- I Respect You, Rocksteady

    What a week. From Destiny drama to a blue and gold dress, this has been quite an interesting week. But what mattered to me most was the week that developer Rocksteady had this week. Four days ago, the developer of the Arkham series revealed that their... More
  • The Overblood Community Video Thingy 7

    What's going on everyone!? My name is Chris Williams and this the weekly Game Informer community video that links you to everything from the awesome things the community is doing, replays, test chambers, and the always fun topic of the week. This... More
  • The Vacation of a Lifetime - Episode 1 [story]

    Hi everyone, it's been a very long time since I've last done anything here at GameInformer. I recently had the desire to start up my own story, and I decided to expand upon a GaMe (Gamify Me, an old competition we used to hold) that was written... More
  • R.I.P a great and funny man Leonard Nimoy

    R.I.P a great and funny man Leonard Nimoy. I was watching his old episodes of Star Trek last night. H dies age 83 of lung cancer, he told a friend that even though he game up smoking 30 years ago he believed that it was his chain smoking that made this... More
  • Game of Thrones: Episode Two Review

    The premiere episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones wasn’t given the biggest opportunity to grow separate from the show. It's compelling, but the star faces of HBO encroached a bit too much, while the Forresters’ drew too many parallels... More
  • The Glory Of Side Quests (And How They Make Me Feel Extra Productive)

    I love open world games, I really do. I love the ability to explore and to basically create your own particular narrative within the structure of the game's overall story. But one of the things I love most is the abundance of side quests available... More
  • How Destiny's End-Game is Driving Me Away

    3 1
    There was an article not too long ago on Kotaku about how Destiny has progressed over the past four months: "The player's greatest adversary in Destiny isn't an alien warlord or a reanimated moon monster, it is Bungie themselves" [1... More
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