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  • Dark Souls III Review

    I cant be the only one who's astounded by the success of Dark Souls; what started as a cult curiosity for a niche audience exploded in popularity and ubiquity in only a few years. And while it's a stretch to say it's reached full blown mainstream... More
  • The Metanarrative of the Doom Slayer

    The new DOOM is a masterpiece of carnage and speed, but there’s more to it than stellar mechanics. It boasts a surprisingly robust story – both fun and full of hidden meaning. Its intelligence may not reveal itself upon first glance, but the... More
  • The Video Game Community Needs to Stand Up to Those Who Threaten or Harass Others

    "I'm going to kill you and your whole family!" These are words that nobody wants to hear, they are words that are meant to instill fear, they are words spoken or written by someone who perhaps may or may not have the ability or intention... More
  • Amnesia: Council Dispute

    The girl was identified and the other going through Lazarus Reanimation is confirmed to be her sister, Talya Takul. After trying to find their origin of life, they found nothing of their home, nor their life style. It was as if they were undercover. Both... More
  • Why is Bethesda trying to ruin 3rd party mod support for Fallout 4 ?

    I just recently started playing fallout 4 again now that the creation kit has come out and modders are starting to produce really worth while content. Though before I could jump back into the Boston wasteland I had to spend several hours figuring out... More
  • Top 10 Hottest Characters in Gaming...

    Before you guys start to rage in the comments, this isn't just going to be about woman. I will be filling in on both sides of the gender, male and female. And no, it won't be based on feature, more on the sexiness of the character him/herself... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 27 - Wii Sports

    The second most sold game of all time, Wii Sports dominated gaming culture and beyond when it released on the Wii back in 2006. Bundled with the Wii and sold on the promise of bringing gamers and non-gamers together, Wii Sports made waves for being the... More
  • June Game Challenge: Week One (A Remaster Bonanza!)

    Okay, so, obviously it isn't June quite yet, but a couple more sleeps and it will be! This month's game challenge sort of created itself, and I'm looking forward to diving in to all the gaming goodness. A while back I started yet another playthrough... More
  • Unplugged

    As much as I try to post on time following my 2 day basis, nowadays it has been quite the process to post a blog, or visit Gameinformer even. Lately where I live we have had energy shortcuts every now and then, therefore Internet connections have been... More
  • Why Aren’t There More Superhero Games?

    Everywhere you look there are superheroes. Seven superhero films will be released in 2016, not to mention at least four straight to DVD animated releases by DC. I can think of a dozen superhero tv shows that have run this year – four of which are... More
  • Triumphant Gaming Return

    As I play more and more games in my backlog, the need of leaving some games series behind to take care of others is there. No matter how revolutionary or change of pace these newer games represent, those which were put aside are not forgotten. This month... More
  • Daily Thoughts...

    Daily thoughts on gaming... not always on a daily basis. For today, and the first installment of "Daily Thoughts", I'd like to talk about some recently released games and trailers/news. DOOM- Two weeks into its release, Doom hasn't garnered... More
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