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  • My Top Ten Most Anticipated Handheld Games


    There are a ton of exciting games coming out for dedicated handhelds this year and beyond. Here are my top ten handheld games I'm most anticipating.

    ... More
  • Beginning a Space Odyssey (Exploring No Mans Sky)

    I awake on a planet on the edge of the galaxy. Rugged. Unexplored. And hot. My suit registers the need for thermal protection as the daytime temp is 44 degrees Celsius. The planet is dusty red and rich in donut shaped iron rings. My ship is damaged, incapable... More
  • The Confession

    The Truth: I will be truthful now. This is something that I have struggled with, something I hid, something... I was ashamed of. For years, I suppressed this, I felt guilty... Misunderstood, confused, shocked, but most of all, disappointed in myself.... More
  • Nintendo, Metroid, and 'Brand Sanctity'

    Metroid: Federation Force raises a lot of scary questions. Does Nintendo not care about the Metroid brand? Does Nintendo not care about us – vis à vis our love of the brand? What does this mean for the future of Metroid ? Unfortunately, the... More
  • 2016 Gaming Update 8

    Took me a little while, but I managed to finish Red Faction Armageddon. It didn’t have much staying power, but I was binging Person of Interest on Netflix at the same time, while also trying to remember that Deus Ex came out today. Now I’m... More
  • True Evil: What it means to be the bad guy

    In video games we tend to be the brave, incorruptible hero/heroine, someone who saves the day and tends to be the most idealistic version of good. Then there are games with morality (Mass Effect, Infamous) that let you choose 'good' and 'evil'... More
  • My Gaming Pile of Shame

    I'd liked to think that I have played a wide range of different genres and series throughout my life as a gamer. There have been times when a series that didn't seem all that appealing to me, eventually became a series I absolutely loved, Dark... More
  • XCOM GIOMG It's Back Episode 1: Doctors, Professors, Monkeys, and Moonshine

    2 1
    It was a calm and gentle early spring day on March 7, 2013 (over three years ago?!) when XCOM GIO was first brought to life. It sprang from a play session of XCOM: Enemy Unknown wherein I used my GIO friends and fellow bloggers (many of whom rarely frequent... More
  • Bound Review: Dancing Through Life and Not Much Else

    One of my favorite professors always tells us to “show, not tell” what we’re trying to get across. Your audience shouldn’t just know your point of view, they should understand it and feel it. I think Bound is the perfect example... More
  • A Fool's Journey: Dark Souls - Part 7

    Hello and welcome again to my continuing journey through Dark Souls. Last time , I had made it through a particularly grueling pair of areas in Sen's Fortress and Anor Londo. After meeting the Princess at the top of the cathedral I was bestowed the... More
  • Manga Review: Jaco The Galactic Patrolman

    Those of you who saw Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F last year might recall the Jaco character that showed up to warn Bulma of Frieza’s impending arrival on Earth. I found myself really enthralled with Jaco and the larger context that he brings to... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 36 - Bastion

    Supergiant Games released Bastion on Xbox 360, followed shortly by a PC release, back in 2011. It smashed onto the indie scene with isometric action and light RPG elements. The art design from Jen Zee, the musical work from Darren Korb, and a groundbreaking... More
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