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  • GIO Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U Tournament Invitational

    12 2
    Do you like to play Super Smash Bros? Do you like to play Super Smash bros with other people? Do you think it'd be super awesome to play in a tournament with other members of Game Informer Online? If so, you're in luck! The (un)Official GIO Smash... More
  • My Top 3 E3 Likely (And Long Shot) Predictions

    I realize we are still about seven weeks away from the glorious event that is E3, but the show, and its inevitable surprises, have been on my mind. First of all, I have a confession. I had made it my private goal to try to attend E3 this year. And as... More
  • April Game Challenge: Week Three

    If it tells you anything, I'd rather be submerged in Rapture at this moment than here at my computer writing, but alas. BioShock has its hooks back in me in a great big, Plasmid-wielding way. No matter how many times I've played this game, it's... More
  • A Case of Skyrim Cold Feet

    7 1
    Open world games inspire a seemingly infinite variety of player choice. Granted, actual decisions are often limited, but every movement and action transpire in ways unique to the player and reflect his or her attitude, beliefs, values, etc., as well as... More
  • Backlog Blues

    To say that I love games is an understatement. I have retail therapy issues with games. I've bought so many in the past month or two, I have five I need to take care of--that may not seem like a lot, but when one of them is Bloodborne, it is a daunting... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A Hidden Gem, Viva Piñata

    3 1
    My experience with the Viva Piñata franchise started with the show of the same name which aired on Saturday mornings. The show was wonderfully charming, and I loved the idea of these pinatas interacting with each other in a vibrant world. When... More
  • Knowing When To Quit A Series For The Right Reasons

    One of the most important franchises that impacted my life was Pokemon. I was the perfect age for it when it reached its popularity, I watched the show every single day it was on, I collected and traded Pokemon cards with my friends at school and most... More
  • A Few Things that Still Frustrate Me About Gaming

    6 1
    With the recent release of Bloodborne for the PS4, I realized something: people get mad about some really stupid things in the gaming community. I'm here today, as someone who's part of this great community, to tell all of those particularly loud... More
  • In Defense of Batman V Superman

    I'm a superhero fan. I love reading comics and watching movies that follow the adventures of my favorite characters. Marvel has done a fantastic job of handling The Avengers, whether or not you like their movies or not (I adore them) it's admirable... More
  • Then and Now:How my feelings for Final Fantasy XII have changed over time.

    The point of this blog is to show how my feelings for games can change over time because often people will say ''this game is great'' or ''this game was a disappointment'' because of certain circumstances such as a game... More
  • Comfort Games (Amongst Other Things...)

    I do not feel good. I woke feeling awful. I still feel awful. And now I'm at my computer pouring out my guts to the internet about how awful I feel. Physically. All I really want to do is go lay down and try to regenerate some semblance of health... More
  • 52/52 Week 17- When to Remaster

    Remasters have become a plauge upon the video game industry. There's no other way to say it. In a market that has flowed with creativity, as a culture we have seen more and more games released multiple times. From The Last of Us Remastered to Grand... More
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