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  • Community Writing Challenge: How Persona 4 Made Me More Passionate About Its Topics

    I am fully aware that I have been mentioning the Persona series a lot recently, but that is something that cannot be helped when those games are something else, even to the point of making me interested in certain points those games present into their... More
  • Gaming and Beyond: My Best Friend

    There are plenty of things that gaming has given me. I have a job where I get to talk about them, I have a great website that lets me write about them, and I have plenty of friends that I am able to play with whether we are in the same room or halfway... More
  • Is The PlayStation 3 Still a Viable Console in 2017?

    Launched in 2006, Sony's third console was an important step for the industry. It was the first system to come equipped with a Blu-Ray player, with the competition choosing to stick with DVD drives in their consoles. The PlayStation 3 was also the... More
  • Nintendo's Fiendish Plans

    I love Nintendo, okay. I have an appreciation for their games and some that may be unpopular, but I still consider their works a piece of art. So if any of you Nintendo Freaks think I hate them and me making this post is offending you, then just don't... More
  • The Peace and Serenity of Stealth Games

    As I peek around the wooden crate that perfectly shades me in its shadow, I see two guards chatting it up just like two office coworkers talking over by the office water cooler. Their conversation doesn't interest me, I slowly slither along the floor... More
  • CWC: I Love History

    I love history. It's something that I loved since I was a little kid. Although most of it was depressing and scary to a lot of kids, I thought it was cool how all the choices one person made changed the entire world and its thoughts. It reflects a... More
  • Ready Player One Is a Reference Machine, and That Both Excites and Worries Me

    Ready Player One is one of my favorite novels, combining a dystopian world with science fiction elements, humor, and enough references to make anyone geek out page after page. When I heard it was being made into a film, I got excited but after some time... More
  • Ranking the Soulsborne Bosses: No. 100-91

    Hello, and welcome to the next installment of my rankings list of the Soulsborne bosses! Previously I have gone over what I believe to have be the thirty worst bosses in the entire series, but now we have made it to the top one hundred! After a lengthy... More
  • Gerardo's Q2 2017 Backlog Update: Generations Collide

    Following my April's update of the games I managed to finish during the first quarter of 2017 , here I am once again sharing my progress covering the months of April, May, June, and mid-July. I wanted, I really wanted to beat many games during that... More
  • CWC: Stage Fright and Social Links

    I enjoy singing. Often times when I'm alone, few things make me feel more fulfilled than singing along with whatever song catches my playlist. Yes, if you were to see me by myself during a lazy morning you'd most likely catch me singing and dancing... More
  • Crafting A Great And Memorable Villain For Video Games

    For every great Hero, there's a task that must be complete. Most of the time, that task is to save someone or find an artifact, and many times, that person or item is guarded/ stolen by the Villain. They can be the embodiment of evil, a misunderstood... More
  • If it is too good to be true..

    Botched delievery. Not enough time in the oven. Lacking. These are three ideas that come to mind when I assess Player Unknown's Battlegrounds otherwise known as PUBG. After putting over 100 hours into the game, I still come out of every match feeling... More
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