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  • Why Aren’t There More Superhero Games?

    Everywhere you look there are superheroes. Seven superhero films will be released in 2016, not to mention at least four straight to DVD animated releases by DC. I can think of a dozen superhero tv shows that have run this year – four of which are... More
  • Triumphant Gaming Return

    As I play more and more games in my backlog, the need of leaving some games series behind to take care of others is there. No matter how revolutionary or change of pace these newer games represent, those which were put aside are not forgotten. This month... More
  • Daily Thoughts...

    Daily thoughts on gaming... not always on a daily basis. For today, and the first installment of "Daily Thoughts", I'd like to talk about some recently released games and trailers/news. DOOM- Two weeks into its release, Doom hasn't garnered... More
  • Review: Child of Light

    Review Format: What I will be trying to do with reviews from here on is to rate the game based on how entertaining it was to me. How well it captures and keeps my attention is really the most important thing when it comes to video games, at least in my... More
  • Prediction: Console Upgrades are Here to Stay

    Over the past decade, we’ve enjoyed the drastically lengthened lifespans of the last console generation. It was unprecedented, and great for our wallets. Unfortunately, it wasn’t great for the wallets of the companies that make these consoles... More
  • Multiple Delays Do Not Guarantee A Bad Game


    Taking time to ensure a game is quality is not a harbinger of disaster. 

    ... More
  • Torbjorn: An Ode To My Stumpy Swedish Friend

    Torbjorn: An Ode To My Stumpy Swedish Friend Once upon a time was a man named Torbjorn; In a country called Sweden this man was Torbborn. A beard in two braids he proudly Torbworn; Bad guys facing his turret have felt his Torbscorn. Standing next to his... More
  • OVERSEER R-12: LOG#003

    What a half-day. I thought she was dead when she dozed for two hours, but she woke up in the middle of the night and started raving about Shaun, who’s the name of her son. From contextual clues, I believe Shaun is a baby, which, if I was her, would... More
  • OVERSEER-R12: LOG #002

    I must be a prophet. Lo, and behold, my gut hath brought forth my desire - she came out. Looks different than I thought she would be. She's as skinny as a damn stick in that Vault suit, hair’s a tangled mess. Brown’s nice though, a change... More
  • OVERSEER-R12: LOG #001

    Overseer logging in. Today was uneventful, save the radstorm that appeared in the afternoon. I took shelter inside one of the local trucks. I still hate this place. I checked the logs back from earlier and found most of them were corrupted by the CPU... More
  • Amnesia: Prologue

    You come again. To what extent? I am finished! The Invaders are dead. There is no more to tell. But Gavin... I did not tell of him. He is fine. He was found by a peaceful planet of Aeris. Xavier's home. But do not worry more, all I ask is why are... More
  • Super Console Club Podcast #4

    Oh, HEY! It's another episode of the Super Console Club! This month, Justin begins sharing his top 50 games with #50 through #41. We also talk about the games we're currently playing and share video game music. This month's selection of music... More
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