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  • Review: X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

    The chair I had been using for gaming in my room was falling apart so I wanted something decent to replace it with. The new chair needed to work with my limited space and simply needed to be comfortable. I looked around town for one but found the only... More
  • The Gaming Hivemind

    Most of you don't know me, and that's fine. I mean, really, it's an absolute travesty, but who knows maybe we'll get to know each other soon. I've been gaming for a long time. I've played games now considered classics on their... More
  • Game Media Will Make You Hate Gaming

    For the past few months or so, I've struggled with a dilemma. I love games, I love the culture, I love the GIO community. But, there are several things in gaming that are just REALLY bumming me out. I've struggled with thoughts of whether it was... More
  • XCOM GIO Episode 2 - Whovian You Calling Sasquatch?!

    XCOM GIO is the brain-child of playing XCOM using the friends I have made here at GameInformer Online as the soldiers. I wanted to add a story to the missions, so I did. It became a fun blog series that fizzled out as I got busy with life. This is the... More
  • Dues Ex: Mankind Divided Review: Its All In The Name

    Dues Ex: Mankind Divided is the follow up to the 2011 game Dues Ex: Human Revolution, and in those five years the series doesn’t show much growth. In fact Mankind Divided takes some steps back from its predecessor in a handful of ways but also providing... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A place of my own in a crazy world.

    Home represents many different things to many different people. For me it is a safe, peaceful, and quiet place. It's a place where I can do what I please and escape from the usually monotony of everyday life. There aren't too many games that capture... More
  • Single-player Showdown! Resident Evil 4 - Episode 1: Village People

    I'm back on YouTube, finally!

    ... More
  • Why Uncharted 4 is the Best in the Series

    Why Uncharted 4 is the Best in the Series The reason I got a PlayStation 4 was The Last of Us Remastered . That E3 demo back in 2012 was unbelievable. I watched it with my brother,and we just couldn’t get over the realism of the graphics, gameplay... More
  • The Rocky Road: My Journey as a League of Legends player

    I think it's something that I think about sometimes. When ever I hear someone talk about League of Legends, the famous MOBA made by Riot, a lot of things come to mind. Stuff like: why made me play it? Do I still love to play it? and last but not least... More
  • Memories Replaced by Ens and Naught

    (This is a repost of a blog series from 2011 I posted originally on Gamespot. There are minor spoilers and speculation on plot devices left up to the gamer.) What have I done? My whole life I've followed commands. My whole life I've served; my... More
  • Berserk Musou - Everything Revealed So Far

    Two months ago I did a blog post about dark fantasy manga series Berserk and how Omega Force (the makers of Dynasty Warriors and other similar games) was making a game based on it. Two months is a long time and in that period a bunch of new info about... More
  • My First Games Memories

    Keeping games lists always come in handy. One day I spent a whole afternoon checking my drawers with one purpose and one purpose only, to make a record of all the games that I've played. Being the arrival of the PS2 an event that marked my gaming... More
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