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  • 365/365 Day 193: Why I Love The Runaway Guys

    One of the most interesting phenomenons that has resulted from the onset of the internet in the last decade is the idea of Let's Plays, or LPs. While the term is defined a bit loosely, it's generally accepted that an LP is when a person records... More
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force (Chapter 4: Missing In Action)…

    I had a busy Saturday out and about while trying to escape the heat. But when the sun finally set and everything started to cool down, it was time to continue my trek through Half Life: Opposing Force. Last week was a short mission but one that set the... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #2: Clannad

    The biggest hurdle to overcome in writing a story, be it anime or otherwise, is that the audience needs to grasp onto something in order to stay invested, and that's often contingent on the characters. Clannad makes the right first impression by focusing... More
  • Uncharted Territory: Introduction

    E3 amazed me this with the wealth of games on every platform. Evolve, Rainbow Six: Siege, The Master Chief Collection, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, and The Legend of Zelda Wii U were some of the highlights. But of all the games shown four really caught... More
  • Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

    How to Train Your Dragon was pretty successful when it comes to bringing in the money and getting solid reviews from critics. I don't remember the film too well myself - as I've only seen it once upon its release. I've heard fantastic things... More
  • SSB Character Interview #7: Mii Fighters


    The sixth addition to my Smash Bros. Character Interview series! Two well known Miis will be interviewed for the game.

    ... More
  • Ping Pong the Animation Review

    Familiarity is an enormous factor when one ponders what to watch next. Humans have an inborn fear of the unknown. Something as minor as art style can’t deter us from a potentially good time. I do by my best to avoid such limitations, so when I see... More
  • Show Me The Money – The International’s Record Breaking Prize Money…

    Ten days from now, the lives of a handful of gamers are going to change forever. They will be millions of dollars richer - not from winning the lottery; not from receiving an inheritance from a wealthy family member; not from finding a mint condition... More
  • 365/365 Day 192: Kill la Kill Review: Naked Glory

    Wearing clothing is an important part of our everyday lives. For some people, wearing the right clothing is necessary to live in harsh climates. For others, they need a specific outfit because of their job, or where they go to school. For the students... More
  • Characters Well Suited For Smash Bros. - Quote

    It's true what many members of this community say. Revisiting the first blogs you ever wrote is a humbling and eye-opening experience, as you grow as a writer with each article you publish. You learn what it is that your audience wants. You learn... More
  • The DBZ Game We Need for Handhelds Again

    So in honor of EVO 2014 I've decided to take the liberty of making an article about a fighting game, and not just any fighting game but one called " Hyper Dragonball Z ". What is Hyper DBZ: Why thank you for asking. Hyper DBZ is a fan-made... More
  • My Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

    Seeing GI post their Top 25 list inspired me to put together a list of my own. I got my 360 back in 2009 for the release of Final Fantasy XIII, and I was not disappointed with my purchase. I have experienced numerous great games since buying the system... More
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