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  • Hey, listen!

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    My relationship with video games began casually, by watching my brother play through the Spyro games or by burning a circular mark into my palm while playing Mario Party on the N64. I enjoyed games, but it wasn't until the release of Red Dead Redemption... More
  • Nickelback isn’t that bad of a band, guys

    Hey, I’m Blake and I’m happy to be here! If you’re reading this, I’m happy you’re here, too! I hail from Louisville, KY where we worship college sports and, contrary to popular belief, do in fact wear shoes. For the next... More
  • I'm New Here

    I feel like taking nearly any position even remotely related to the games industry comes with the need to quantify your qualifications for said position in a succinct and timely fashion. I really don’t know if I can do that with this post You may... More

    We fade in on a befuddled LEO VADER staring at a blank Word document. His mouth is agape. LEO Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh It’s clear to us this is a man who would not have been right for an editorial internship. He can write when he’s driven, sure, but... More
  • Friday Rock Recs: Heaven's Basement – "Can't Let Go"


    The second entry in Friday Rock Recs looks at a great hard rock band out of Manchester, England.

    ... More