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  • The Greatest Game Of All Time; One Man's Power Dragon Fantasy

    23 3
    I get asked, “So, what’s your favorite game?” a lot. Often this question comes from one of my non-gamer friends or someone I’ve just met after they learn that I play video games for a living. I like to tell these people that my... More
  • Bogus Moves In Video Games: Free Wall Running

    37 8
    Almost every developer tasked with creating an open world super hero game has ignored the force of attraction between two masses (more commonly known as “gravity”). This is best witnessed in Spider-Man. Developers have gone out of their way... More
  • My Ten Favorite (Not "Best") Games Of All Time

    50 12

    All of the discussion we had while putting together the Top 200 Games of All Time got me thinking about my favorite games ever. Here's the ten I've had the most fun with in my life...although not necessarily what I consider the ten "best" ever made.

    ... More
  • Things I Want: Entry #4

    25 3
    The premise is simple. When brainstorming blog ideas for GI Online, I started thinking about all the cool stuff I have on my desk. Then my mind wandered to all the cool stuff I would like to have on my desk. Then I made the leap to assuming that if I... More
  • Awesome Things That Show Up On My Desk #3

    16 2
    I have a lot of things on my desk; I don’t always know where these things come from, but sometimes they freak me out. This is what showed up today. A dust bunny survival kit huh? When would I ever need one of those? What the who-hell? A minute later... More
  • CosBlog #8: Tifa Lockhart by Melissa

    28 3
    Fanboys (and girls) are a special breed in the gaming world. With their zealous enthusiasm they single-handedly have the ability to make or break games, breathe life back into flailing franchises and (if they use their powers for evil) start flame wars... More
  • Get A Rare Achievement And Free Loot In GI Borderlands Session

    36 4

    Find out how you can get the "And they'll tell two friends" achievement and some free weapons this Sunday in Pandora.

    ... More
  • "Holy Crap!" Moments In Gaming

    52 4
    They get seared into your mind, leaving an indelible mark that lasts forever. Those moments that define not only your track record as a gamer, but why it is you pick up a controller in the first place. Simply put, they're the highlights---or lowlights... More
  • Top 10 Things Nick Said While Playing Tony Hawk Ride

    33 5
    I walked into the conference room this afternoon to an alarming sight: Nick swaying and gyrating like an idiot as he played Tony Hawk: Ride. Not only did he look stupid, his frustration and anger were causing him to swear up a storm. Before he noticed... More
  • Too Soon To Be Forgotten: The Misfits Of Late 2009

    27 3
    In a season filled with behemoths like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, a lot of smaller releases get completely lost. Games that don't have a big marketing push or name recognition are typical casualties,... More
  • Why I Love PC Gaming: Dragon Age Edition

    16 2
    This weekend was all Dragon Age, all the time. It is superb, and probably my personal game of the year for 2009. I can't think of another game that lines up so exactly with what I want out of a fantasy RPG. That said, there are still some issues.... More
  • Respect The Knife: Two Incredible Modern Warfare 2 Kills

    35 4
    Over the last two weekends, most of my time (and I seriously mean most of it) has gone to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Now that my kill to death ratio is a healthy 1.11 (trending toward 1.5/1.6), I've been able to pull my head out of the fray to... More