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  • My Nixed Picks For The Top 200

    20 1

    Coming up with the list of the top 200 games of all time wasn't easy. Sure, there were no-brainers like Super Mario Bros. and Metroid that no one disagreed on. But other games didn’t fare as well.

    ... More
  • CosBlog #9: Big Daddy and Little Sister by Volpin Props

    28 3
    Fanboys (and girls) are a special breed in the gaming world. With their zealous enthusiasm they single-handedly have the ability to make or break games, breathe life back into flailing franchises and (if they use their powers for evil) start flame wars... More
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane With The Top 200

    19 2
    Our list of the Top 200 Games of All Time is quite a trip through video game history, and here are a few of my own memories about some of the titles. 1. The Legend of Zelda – I never owned this game, but I did borrow it for a time from my friend... More
  • Games That Should Have Been On That List… Maybe

    45 4
    One thing’s for sure: When you decide to make a list that ranks just about anything, people are going to have issues with it. Even something as innocuous as a top 10 list of carpet types is bound to upset someone. (Either berber is up too high or... More
  • What The Hell Did I Just Play? – Ecco the Dolphin

    25 5
    What would you expect to see when you pop in a video game about dolphins? Adorable squeaking sounds? Maybe some rainbows and beach balls? These are all reasonable answers, especially for the Sega Genesis era of sugary, kid-friendly games. Such is not... More
  • The Gold Controller: The Day I Met & Defeated Shigeru Miyamoto

    50 5
    Back when I was a spry whippersnapper, I competed in every video game competition I could. I never won a Street Fighter tournament (although I did get to the final round once), but I did grab the gold in a Star Fox 64 competition held at 1997’s... More
  • Games I Played The Hell Out Of That Didn’t Make The List

    38 2
    Let me just start this by saying the games on my personal list below do not reflect games I think should’ve been in our Top 200 (with the exception of a few). However, these are games I have fond memories of that are certainly some of my favorites... More
  • Our Top 200 Games List: I Think We Missed A Few...

    43 2
    Compiling a list of the top 200 games of all time is an undertaking. Favorites are missed, sequels are argued, and friendships are strained. Naturally, some games that I thought would be shoe-ins for the top 200 ended up on the floor of the GI vault,... More
  • My First Custom Munnys!

    30 4
    It’s no secret that I like stuff . Toys in particular. I’ve been collecting comic book and video game paraphernalia for years now. But the designer toy scene – in particular, vinyl figures – is new territory for me. I’ve... More
  • Final Fantasy XIII: I Have A Bad Feeling About This

    76 18
    Even with a full plate of games to play this holiday season, I am counting down the days until the release of Final Fantasy XIII. I've waited far too long to play this game, and I'm a bit of a fan (by "bit" I mean "I would knock... More
  • Worst User-Generated Art Ever

    33 3
    I suck at drawing so prepare yourself for what you're about to see. I reviewed Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter for the Wii and the game's main draw is, well, drawing. As promised in the magazine, I bring to you some of my creations from the game... More
  • Overheard #3: GI Editors Still Say The Darndest Things

    26 1
    The Overheard blog captures some of the hilarious/unusual things said around the Game Informer office brought to you by the GI staff. Here is Overheard #1 and #2 in case you missed them. Now that you've caught up, check out this week's Game Informer... More