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  • Alan Wake's Ending: Theories & Possibilities


    SPOILER ALERT: This blog reveals the conclusion of Alan Wake.

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  • The Heavier Side Of Final Fantasy VII


    Think Sephiroth's Masamune shreads? Think again...

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  • Sweet iPhone Deal: Defend Your Castle

    18 1

    We don't do a lot of iPhone coverage on the site so I decided to kick off a blog on the topic. Today's Sweet iPhone Deal is Defend Your Castle by XGen Studios.

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  • Blur vs. Split/Second

    Racing fans lucked out this year with the release of two awesome arcade racers. My review scores might speak for themselves ( Blur: 8.5 , Split/Second: 8.25 ), but when sizing up these two games it's not as simple as one being better than the other... More
  • Show Me The Maps! (And Guns!)

    50 1

    Bad Company 2 is falling down the rankings of preferred multiplayer games on Xbox Live. What’s making people abandon the experience?

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  • CosBlog # 29: Twilight Princess Two-For-One

    To make up for the CosBlog’s recent and mysterious absence, we've got a two-for-one cosplay serving this week featuring a pair of tributes to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Check out the radiant Princess Zelda by Michelle Morse and... More
  • The Deskside: Episode 201

    29 2

    The Deskside returns with a bang blip.

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  • Red Dead First Impressions: Not What I Expected

    58 3

    Like most of the editors here at GI, I have been looking forward to playing Red Dead Redemption for a long, long time. An open world spaghetti western from the developers of GTA is just too tantalizing to miss. I couldn’t wait to shoot people off the tops of buildings, tie damsels to train tracks, and horse-jack any frontier chump that happened to trot down the wrong dusty path.

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  • You And Your Subwoofer

    The world has a strange obsession with bass. There's even a whole competition series of people who pack as much into a car as they can. Because of this, there seems to be a "more is better" attitude when people bring their first subwoofer... More
  • A Night To Forget In Red Dead Redemption

    56 4
    A few nights ago, I stood in line to pick up Red Dead Redemption at the midnight launch. As the minutes ticked by slower and slower, Game Informer's Nick Ahrens and I decided that we would forego playing single player, and would instead form a posse... More
  • Save Our Helicopters: A Plea To Developers

    44 1
    Helicopters are one of the most fragile of man’s creations, second only to red barrels. At least, that’s what video games would have us believe. I’ve been on a gaming spree lately, playing good stuff (Splinter Cell: Conviction), not... More
  • The Greatest Show On Television Nobody Watches

    24 4

    Is it Friday yet? In more ways than one...

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