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  • Save Our Helicopters: A Plea To Developers

    44 1
    Helicopters are one of the most fragile of man’s creations, second only to red barrels. At least, that’s what video games would have us believe. I’ve been on a gaming spree lately, playing good stuff (Splinter Cell: Conviction), not... More
  • The Greatest Show On Television Nobody Watches

    24 4

    Is it Friday yet? In more ways than one...

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  • When Music Attacks

    40 3
    From Guitar Hero to Space Channel 5, music games are often about the music first. They’re fun because they allow you to interact with established music tied to static, preset gameplay. Beat Hazard takes the opposite approach; though it’s undeniably... More
  • Disconnected

    48 2
    Like most of you, I've suffered from the Red Ring of Death on my Xbox 360 not once, but multiple times. A less common occurrence, but no less unfortunate, is the fact that I've also had the additional misfortune of having two 360 wireless adapters... More
  • Behold The Beauty II: The Unfortunate Sequel

    38 2

    Read on as ten fantastically crappy video game covers vie for ultimate epic fail supremacy. The stakes couldn't be higher.

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  • Succeeding In Ow, My Balls!

    16 2

    Sure, it features a full scoring system, an assortment of achievements, and 27 targets to hit, but that all plays second fiddle when a cartoon man's balls are woefully un-racked.

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  • Cosblog #28: IchigoKitty as Rosalina

    25 1
    There have been several requests for cosplay from Nintendo’s most lucrative franchise, and we’ve finally found someone worthy of paying tribute to Mario’s Galaxy. Cosplayer IchigoKitty is known for her versatility when it comes character... More
  • Totally Random Stuff

    23 1
    Here's some random crap I've been thinking regarding games and other assorted stuff. Enjoy (I'm being sarcastic, by the way!). Bungie & Activision I know that Activision's considered the devil right now, and I'm as disappointed... More
  • Slow News Day = I Get To Color A ModNation Car

    22 1

    I forgo the fancy editing tools in ModNation Racers and make my ride with cardboard and markers.

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  • Shut the Hell Up!

    An all-too-common comment I get when I tell people that I write for a video game magazine is, "Wow, so you must play video games all day!" I know that it's a compliment – and trust me, I take it as one. Getting to sit here for ten... More
  • Back From 1995: A Master of Magic Story

    11 2

    Master of Magic is back! I wrote a huge after-action report detailing my return to Arcanus.

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  • Admitting My Achievement Shame

    75 10

    However shameful my "games played" list was at times, the achievements were always genuine. I never employed any method of trickery or cheating to skirt around the necessary task. However, my perfect record is tarnished by what I did last week, and my score may require an asterisk from this point forward.

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