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  • Quite Possibly The Best Worst Movie Ever Made

    27 1

    What if we lived in a world dominated by roller skating-obsessed hipsters with an insane sense of fashion and social graces? Glad you asked.

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  • Overheard #10: If This Were On TV It'd Get Canceled By The FCC Edition

    It's been far too long since I've posted one of these, but doesn't mean I haven't still been eavesdropping on conversations around the Game Informer lair. For the two of you that requested I bring this feature back, this one's for... More
  • A Live Journal Of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Onslaught Mode

    19 2
    I haven't kept up on my Battlefield: Bad Company 2 news. Like Matt Bertz, Game Informer's resident Battlefield freak, I lost interest in the game's multiplayer component once I unlocked all of the weapons and the servers became plagued with... More
  • You Have Probably Played The Game Of The Year

    90 2

    The first half of this year was unusually packed with awesome games, and one of them is probably the Game of the Year.

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  • Elevating Dysfunction To A Whole New Level


    What starts out as a fun and whimsical trip down memory lane in the Mushroom Kingdom soon devolves into madness. Say hello to the sadistic side of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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  • Kinect's Launch Lineup Misses An Opportunity

    I was trying like hell to play Kinect at E3, but with my already busy schedule at the convention I just couldn't see it. That's a real shame. While I'm not going to try and pretend I know what Kinect feels like to play, one thing I'm disappointed... More
  • Postmortem: Casio's Exilim FH100

    7 2
    This month’s Gear features the fantastic Exilim FH100 from Casio . Best described as a point-and-shoot with DSLR abilities, the FH100 is a great tool for photographers that want to ditch the gear bag. Along with shooting in RAW ( more info here... More
  • 3D Isn't What's Most Impressive About the 3DS


    I got a chance to see the Nintendo 3DS handheld in action, but I don't think I'm sold on the 3D part.

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  • The E3 2010 Super Photo Blog


    Hey everyone! It's E3! That means there's tons to see and do. So to share my show floor exploration, I've brought along my trust camera.

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  • The B-List: Notes From Nintendo

    You already know about the high-octane announcements that came out of Nintendo's press conference. Out of my twelve pages of notes, however, a few things stand out that you might have missed. I apologize for the punny title (it’s my last name... More
  • What Microsoft Didn't Do Wrong

    I’m all out of hate . Maybe Microsoft’s strategy was to get the Kinect launch’s vast stupidity out of the way at the Cirque du Soleil show so that I could roll my eyes and move on. That’s not to say that there weren’t some... More
  • Microsoft Ruins Cirque Du Soleil

    27 2
    Cirque du Soleil tickets go for what, $80? I wish I were exaggerating when I say that you would've had to pay me more than that to go to Microsoft's embarrassing Kinect (nee Project Natal) event. I was all jazzed up to see the lauded performance... More