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  • Can Transmedia Storytelling Poison An Established Franchise?

    21 1
    A tornado made entirely out of cash sits at the heart of today's entertainment business. Its strong winds are rattling the motion picture, video game, and literary sectors. When a new intellectual property is created in one of these areas, it is engulfed... More
  • I Want To Rejoin WoW, But I'm Scared...

    30 1

    I'm strongly considering resubscribing to Blizzard's stupidly-addictive MMO. But... I'm scared...

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  • Remember Pac-Man 2? No? Then Check It Out

    24 1

    Here's a look at ancient handheld game that rocked my world when I was a kid.

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  • I Love My Backlog

    47 2

    My holiday backlog is a tradition I look forward to every year, like a gigantic feast just waiting to be devoured.

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  • The Video Initiative

    41 4
    One of the most common phrases in video production is “Let’s do that one thing...” Whether it's the Cribs-style tour, the NOOO!!! pullback shot, or the cheesy 1950's PSA parody, there are always comfy cliches to fall back on... More
  • Is It Even Possible To Play It All?

    44 1

    This is the time of year where every gamer like myself starts to panic. The distress comes from the thought "how am I going to find the time to play all of the games that just hit store shelves?"

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  • How To Get Your Blog Herded

    Just about every week you’ll find a “Blog Herding” feature on gameinformer.com where I highlight a few community blogs that stand out from the pack. These featured blogs are well-written, thoughtful, and do a great job of reflecting... More
  • Five Simple Things That Would Make Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Better

    If you haven't had a chance to experience Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood yet, I highly recommend it (especially if you enjoyed the previous installments). It's truly an outstanding game. Like any great game however, there are always things... More
  • Overheard #11: The Resurrection

    29 2
    The series is making a comeback! It's been gone for a few months, but now makes its triumphant return in one of the biggest posts yet! Enjoy the obnoxious conversations of my peers in the latest edition of Overheard. “If 12-year-old Dan could... More
  • LFTE: Games With Character (Dec 10)

    Some games are simple in design, like the groundbreaking Pong. Others, like Red Dead Redemption or the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, are complex worlds filled with mini- games, sprawling narratives, artificially intelligent automatons, and vast landscapes... More
  • What Game Should I Play Next?

    82 2

    Wanna help me decide which stellar title in my robust gaming collection I should play next? Of course you do.

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  • Horror Movie Lessons: Vol. I


    Want to live to a ripe old age? Read on for some invaluable tips that could one day save you from certain doom. Want to avoid spoilers for a handful of B-movies instead? Then you should probably stop reading now.  

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