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  • Is 2D Gaming Better Than Ever?


    We'll always have fond memories of games like Super Mario World or Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but 2D gaming might be better than ever in recent years.

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  • Why I Hate The Xbox 360 Dashboard: A Photo Journal

    104 1

    Come with me on a journey of complaining as I outline my frustration with the Xbox 360 interface, complete with visual aids.

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  • LFTE: A New Year, A New Challenge (Jan 11)

    15 1
    Games are reaching more people than ever, be it through social websites, consoles, PCs, handhelds, mobile phones, or whatever platform is your avenue of choice. With each passing day more people are playing games than ever before, and the trend shows... More
  • Can Transmedia Storytelling Poison An Established Franchise?

    21 1
    A tornado made entirely out of cash sits at the heart of today's entertainment business. Its strong winds are rattling the motion picture, video game, and literary sectors. When a new intellectual property is created in one of these areas, it is engulfed... More
  • I Want To Rejoin WoW, But I'm Scared...

    30 1

    I'm strongly considering resubscribing to Blizzard's stupidly-addictive MMO. But... I'm scared...

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  • Remember Pac-Man 2? No? Then Check It Out

    24 1

    Here's a look at ancient handheld game that rocked my world when I was a kid.

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  • I Love My Backlog

    47 2

    My holiday backlog is a tradition I look forward to every year, like a gigantic feast just waiting to be devoured.

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  • The Video Initiative

    41 4
    One of the most common phrases in video production is “Let’s do that one thing...” Whether it's the Cribs-style tour, the NOOO!!! pullback shot, or the cheesy 1950's PSA parody, there are always comfy cliches to fall back on... More
  • Is It Even Possible To Play It All?

    44 1

    This is the time of year where every gamer like myself starts to panic. The distress comes from the thought "how am I going to find the time to play all of the games that just hit store shelves?"

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  • How To Get Your Blog Herded

    Just about every week you’ll find a “Blog Herding” feature on gameinformer.com where I highlight a few community blogs that stand out from the pack. These featured blogs are well-written, thoughtful, and do a great job of reflecting... More
  • Five Simple Things That Would Make Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Better

    If you haven't had a chance to experience Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood yet, I highly recommend it (especially if you enjoyed the previous installments). It's truly an outstanding game. Like any great game however, there are always things... More
  • Overheard #11: The Resurrection

    29 2
    The series is making a comeback! It's been gone for a few months, but now makes its triumphant return in one of the biggest posts yet! Enjoy the obnoxious conversations of my peers in the latest edition of Overheard. “If 12-year-old Dan could... More