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  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XV: Your Lingering Questions Answered

    We replace the regular Game Informer Show this week with the last big Final Fantasy XV info blow-out. After spending a week at Square Enix for our May cover story on Final Fantasy XV , we asked the community about what they want to know about the lore, gameplay, and the development studio. While Joe... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Dark Souls III, Quantum Break, Clueless Gamer's Aaron Bleyaert

    This week on our little podcast, host Ben Hanson is joined by Andrew Reiner, Dan Tack, and Ben Reeves as we cover the biggest games around. We start out talking about Dark Souls III, which (believe it or not) Dan Tack liked a lot. After that, we get twisted and talk with Reeves about what he enjoyed... More
  • Blog Post: The Inside Story Of Recording Metal Gear Solid

    The first Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation was a turning point in the game industry. In 1998, Hideo Kojima and his team at Konami delivered a game widely praised as one of the most cinematic, interactive experiences in gaming. A large part of the game's positive reception hinged on some... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Gears Of War 4 Impressions, The Division, Stardew Valley Interview

    We have a heck of a show for you all this week. Host Ben Hanson is joined by Ben Reeves, Javy Gwaltney, and Matt Bertz to talk about the most exciting news this week in the gaming world. Not only do we have full impressions of The Division from Bertz, but Javy and Reeves are on hand to talk about our... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – The Pokémon Spectacular

    Pokémon is celebrating 20 years since the release of Pokémon Red and Green in Japan, and in honor of the occasion, we've put together a show discussing all things Pokémon. Game Informer's biggest Pokémon fan, Ben Hanson, is joined by Kyle Hilliard to reminisce about... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Far Cry Primal, Garden Warfare 2, FF VII Game Club

    This week on The Game Informer Show we get primal and silly. Game Informer's Ben Hanson is joined by Jeff Cork, Kyle Hilliard, and Javy Gwaltney to break down the week's biggest releases. We talk about the surprising Far Cry Primal , Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2's accessible shooting... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show - Mario & Luigi, Darkest Dungeon, The Flame In The Flood Interview

    Welcome back to another episode of The Game Informer Show! The year is marching on and some great games are already being released. On this week's show, Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are joined by Kyle Hilliard and Dan Tack to talk about Darkest Dungeon , Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam , Resident Evil 0... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Just Cause 3, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Back Of The Box Trivia

    We're nearing the end of the year, and it's the last big week for game releases. This week on The Game Informer Show, regular co-hosts Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are joined by Jeff Cork and Matt Miller to mop up this week's three big games. First up is Just Cause 3 from Avalanche , Cork has... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Fallout 4, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Obsidian's Feargus Urquhart

    Gaming's gigantic week of releases has arrived! Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void , Rise of the Tomb Raider , and a little game with a heart of gold called Fallout 4 are now for sale and The Game Informer Show is here to cover it all. We'll dive deeper into the new Starcraft expansion next week... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Game Informer Show Live From The GameStop EXPO

    Update: The livestream of the Game Informer Show is all done, but the you can watch the archived version this Thursday. For more information on our October cover story, Dark Souls III, read more about the reveal here . This week we have a very special edition of The Game Informer Show as we'll be... More
  • Blog Post: Answering Destiny: The Taken King's Lingering Questions

    A few days ago we asked you, the Game Informer and Destiny community, to post your questions about Destiny: The Taken King. We combed through the hundreds of responses, and pulled out some of the most common questions. Then, we spoke with creative director, Luke Smith, and executive producer, Mark Noseworthy... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Metal Gear Solid V, Until Dawn, Mega Man Legacy Collection

    The wait is finally over: We've played Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. On this week's episode of The Game Informer Show, co-hosts Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are joined by Joe Juba and Jeff Marchiafava as they kick off the big holiday season of games by sharing full impressions of Metal Gear... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show: Destiny: The Taken King, Galak-Z, Team Meat Interview

    Bungie's latest sci-fi shooter has been divisive among the gaming community ever since it launched to mixed reviews last September. Whether you love it or hate it, fans are still passionately discussing Destiny a year later. That conversation overflows into the latest episode of the GI Show, thanks... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Final Fantasy XIV, Her Story, Dissecting Batman: Arkham Knight

    The slow release dredges of summer are upon us, but our heads are still overflowing with things to talk about. Final Fantasy XIV's Heavensward expansion is out, several us have become infatuated with the mysterious Her Story , and Fullbright's space-station exploration game Tacoma graces the... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show: The Halo Spectacular

    Every month we roll out exclusive content on our cover story and cap it all off with a special edition podcast where we collect questions from the community and volley them at the game's developers. To wrap up our month of content covering Halo 5: Guardians coinciding with our July cover story on... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show: Splatoon, Mario's Puzzle & Dragons, Super Reader Mailbag

    We're back with another exciting episode of The Game Informer Show! On this week's show, Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are joined by Brian Shea and Jeff Cork to talk about Splatoon , Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition , and more. Thanks for the kind words on last... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show: The Nintendo 64 Spectacular

    Are you an avid gamer in your 20s? Then odds are you probably grew up playing the Nintendo 64 during its golden years in the late '90s. On this week's episode of the Game Informer Show podcast, fans of Nintendo's 64-bit console come together to share their fondest memories of this important... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show: The Witcher 3, Project Cars, Back of the Box Trivia

    It feels like a big week for underdogs with the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Project Cars. Both games have earned praise for their entries in relatively crowded markets, and you can read our reviews for The Witcher 3 and Project Cars for more information. On this week's episode of The... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show: Wolfenstein, Disney Infinity 3.0, Dissecting Marvel

    Update: We've added the YouTube embed for the video version of the show, we apologize for the delay. On this week's episode of The Game Informer Show, we're diving back in time to hunt Nazis before we talk about and spoil the bleeding edge of the Marvel universe. Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show: State Of Decay, Broken Age, Dylan Cuthbert

    We're back with the second episode of the rebooted version of The Game Informer Show. This week Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are joined by Jeff Cork and Kyle Hilliard as they discuss the week's biggest releases including State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition and Double Fine's Broken Age .... More
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