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  • Blog Post: Special Edition Podcast: Fortnite

    We're closing out our month of Fortnite coverage with a long Q&A featuring Epic Games' Wes Phillips and Fornite lead designer Darren Sugg. The two were kind enough to travel out to our office in Minneapolis to answer questions from the Game Informer community. Listen to the episode below... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show 149: BioShock Infinite's Ken Levine, Gears of War: Judgment

    We're excited to welcome Ken Levine, the visionary creator of BioShock and the upcoming BioShock Infinite, to this week's Game Informer podcast. We were fortunate to get the opportunity to speak with Ken about BioShock Infinite, which releases next week. Host Matt Helgeson and Joe Juba, who wrote... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show 127: Cliffy B Leaves Epic, RE6, NBA 2K13

    This week sees another surprise departure of one of gaming's most public figures. We discuss Cliff Bleszinski's exit from Epic Games, plus the RE6 review controversy, and NBA 2K13. In the first segment, host Matt Helgeson is joined by editor in chief Andy McNamara, Tim Turi, Matt Miller, and... More
  • Blog Post: Special Edition Podcast: Gears of War: Judgment

    Gears of War fans are a vocal bunch. We turned to our readers for questions about the game to ask Epic's director of production, Rod Fergusson. He swung by the Game Informer office to record a special Gears of War: Judgment podcast, where he answers the big questions about Judgment. In this special... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show 108: Infinity Blade II ClashMobs, Prototype 2

    The Game Informer Show is back, and we're joined by Chair Entertainment creative director Donald Mustard who talks about Infinity Blade II's innovative ClashMob multiplayer events. Host Matt Helgeson and Bryan Vore ask Mustard about the iOS blockbuster's new worldwide multiplayer events.... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer Show 80: Gears of War 3, 3DS vs. Vita

    It's blockbuster season, and Epic's Gears of War 3 is here to kick things off. To celebrate the release of this fall's first mega-sequel, we recruited reviewer Adam Biessener and Matt Miller (who wrote our original cover story on Gears 3) into the podcast studio to discuss this amazingly... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer Show 58: Bulletstorm, Killzone 3

    This week saw a massive showdown in the shooter genre -- People Can Fly/Epic's gonzo Bulletstorm facing off against Guerilla Games/Sony's sci-fi epic Killzone 3. It's still, February, and we already have what could be two of the year's most intense FPS experiences. Things kick off with... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer Show 52: Infinity Blade, iPhone Games, Spike VGAs

    If you like the hijinks of GI editor Dan Ryckert, this is the podcast for you! First up, Dan joins host Matt Helgeson, along with Bryan Vore, Annette Gonzalez, and Jeff "The Coolest Dude at Game Informer" Marchiafava for a discussion of Chair Entertainment's iPhone blockbuster Infinity... More
  • Blog Post: Gears of War 3 Podcast: Exclusive Interview with Cliff Bleszinski

    We finally have the ability to podcast over the phone, and we put this space age technology to good use in this Special Edition Gears of War 3 podcast. Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski was kind enough to join us for the first segment, answering questions posed by users here at Gameinformer.com (and delivered... More
  • Blog Post: Special Edition Podcast: Bulletstorm

    Painkiller developer People Can Fly and Epic Games have joined forces to bring us the ultra-violent, ultra-intense shooter Bulletstorm. In this Special Edition Podcast, the Game Informer editors that were a part of the trip for our Bulletstorm cover story – article author Bryan Vore, Adam Biessener... More
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