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  • Blog Post: Blacklight: Retribution Developer Zombie Studios Closes As Founders Retire

    Zombie Studios, the developer behind last year’s Daylight and ongoing free-to-play title Blacklight: Retribution, has closed. A statement on the studio’s website details the situation, but offers hope for fans. “The owners of Zombie Studios are retiring and wish to thank you, our fans... More
  • Blog Post: Daylight Coming In April On PS4 And PC

    The first-person horror title Daylight from Zombie Studios will be releasing in just a couple months. In a video on IGN , studio director Jared Gerritzen confirmed an April release date for the game on both PS4 and PC. Daylight is a procedurally generated experience where the paths, puzzles, and scares... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Decay Racks Up One Million Players, DLC Coming

    Zombie Studios announced last week that State of Decay has hit one million players across Xbox 360 and PC. The first DLC pack is also coming very soon. Breakdown is the name of the first pack, and it is currently in the certification process. Content is complete and it's a matter of balancing and... More
  • Blog Post: Free Blacklight: Retribution GI Weapon Tags

    Win one of these free tags for your Blacklight: Retribution weapon and you can represent GI as you gun down fools in the free-to-play sci-fi shooter. Enter into the contest for free right here , and the free tag and helmet shown above could be yours! What finer way to celebrate the weekend, the onset... More
  • Blog Post: BlackLight Patch Hopes To Remedy Ailing Shooter

    As we said in our review , Blacklight: Tango Down's multiplayer-centric gameplay left a lot to be desired. In the first title update, Ignition Entertainment and Zombie Studios hope to fix many of the issues plaguing their downloadable shooter. The most important changes include nerfing the insanely... More
  • Blog Post: Second Saw Game Out In Time For Seventh Saw Film

    Did you know there's been a new Saw film in the theaters every single October since the original was released in 2004? It looks like Konami wants this yearly horror trend to carry over to the gaming world as well; they've announced an October release date for Saw II: Flesh & Blood, a sequel... More
  • Blog Post: Blacklight: Tango Down Dev Diary Shows Impressive DLC FPS Action

    If you were a big fan of Battlefield 1942, which offered great online FPS multiplayer, then Zombie’s Blacklight: Tango Down may be for you. Take a trip with the developers of the game as they describe the weaponry, setting, European architecture inspiration, and more. I think “depressing... More
  • Blog Post: PC Version Of Saw Digital-Only

    A trip to your local retailer is not an option for those of you who insist on tackling Jigsaw’s twisted puzzles with a mouse and keyboard. Saw, which was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the beginning of the month, is going to be available for the PC exclusively through Steam. Steam’s... More
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