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  • Blog Post: Artist Mashes Up Zelda And Final Fantasy Logos In Clever Ways

    An artist going by the name Shattered Earth has combined their love for Final Fantasy and Zelda in a very clever way. Looking at the logos, it makes you wonder why more hasn't been combined with Final Fantasy's iconic logos. Above you will Skyward Sword's Link and Zelda combined with Final... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XV Not Coming Soon

    The game has been in development for years, but the recent platform and name change for Final Fantasy XV doesn't necessarily indicate that it is releasing in the near future. During a Square Enix event, the company revealed that this fiscal year will only see the release of two Final Fantasy titles... More
  • Blog Post: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

    It was teased earlier this month , but now the Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer is officially here. So, first came Final Fantasy XIII, then Final Fantasy XIII-2, and now Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which isn't confusing at all. Check out the trailer below to see Lightning look... More
  • Blog Post: New XIII Coming Next Month

    French game publisher Anuman Interactive recently teased the debut of a new title in the XIII series. The teaser debuted on the publisher's official Facebook page . The game, dubbed “XIII: Lost Identity,” is due out next month for iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC. No other details or screenshots... More
  • Blog Post: Nomura Dishes Out More Versus XIII Details…Sort Of

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura recently discussed the status of the project. However, the details he revealed aren't exactly at the top of gamers' want-to-know lists. For instance, did you know that Versus XIII will still have both real-time and pre-rendered cutscenes? It's... More
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