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  • Blog Post: Neverwinter Getting A Huge Update On Xbox One With Free Elemental Evil Expansion

    An update that combines expansions Elemental Evil, Fury of the Feywild, Shadowmantle, and Curse of Icewind Dale is coming to Neverwinter on Xbox One next month. The expansion will be available September 8 and will increase to the level cap, add the Oathbound Paladin as a playable class, and also new... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out The First Few Images From The Upcoming Fallout 4 Artbook

    An artbook filled with concept artwork from the upcoming game Fallout 4 is now up for pre-order. The Art of Fallout 4 will feature detailed depictions of many characters, environments, and weapons found in Fallout 4, some of which you can see right now in the gallery below. The four images released today... More
  • Blog Post: Rise Of The Tomb Raider's Crate Of Collectible Goodies

    Square Enix has announced a $149.99 Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector's Edition for the Xbox One exclusive. Here are the edition's contents straight from Square Enix: Full Xbox One retail copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider 12-inch statue of Lara Croft Collectible steel case Replica of Lara's... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft And Activision Working To Address Dead Black Ops III Beta Codes

    If you’re having trouble redeeming your Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta code, you are not alone. It seems that a number of users have found their codes to be dead on arrival. The responsibility for the fix seems to rest with Microsoft, as Xbox Support and Activision have both shared updates via... More
  • Blog Post: September Xbox Games With Gold Goes Definitive With Tomb Raider

    Microsoft’s Games with Gold lineup for September is a battle of the bows. Is Lara Croft a match for a super soldier? We’ll find out. Here’s what you can look forward to throughout the month: Xbox One The Deer God - September 1 through September 30 Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - September... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Does The Fall Game Rush Start This Week For You?

    Most gamers are well aware of what the fall months mean for both our spare time and our wallets. While 2015 has already been a pretty solid year, delivering such hits as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Bloodborne, the months leading up to the holidays could very well make the earlier... More
  • Blog Post: Kerbal Space Program Will Take Off On Xbox One

    Squad has announced that it’s adorable catastrophe simulator, Kerbal Space Program, will be launching on Xbox One. Of course, if you put in the time and plan your launches, you might just be able to play it as intended. Half the fun of Kerbal Space Program is figuring out what doesn’t work... More
  • Blog Post: Full 1080p, 60 Frames-Per-Second Xbox One Streaming Comes To Windows 10 Today

    Windows 10 users are getting some new features today for Xbox One game streaming. The highlight is a bump to 1080p and 60 frames-per-second, but there are other additions worth noting. You can now conveniently message friends or invite them to a party with a right-click of the mouse over their Gamertag... More
  • Blog Post: [Video Added] Big Hero 6 World Confirmed For Kingdom Hearts III

    Update: You won't find any new Kingdom Hearts III gameplay footage, but Disney's Roy Conli appears in a new video to explain some of the reasoning behind Big Hero 6's inclusion in the game. Regarding the Big Hero 6 timeline and where Kingdom Hearts III will overlap with it, Conli says it... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Live Gold Members Can Grab Metro: Last Light And How To Survive Starting Today

    Today begins August 2015's Games with Gold changeover, openiing up two new games for Gold subscribers to download. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is available for the whole month ahead of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's September 1 release. Starting today you will also be able to grab... More
  • Blog Post: Rocksteady Offers First Gameplay Footage Of the Burton/Keaton 1989 Batmobile In Arkham Knight

    Revealed last month , Batman: Arkham Knight is getting DLC with Riddler tracks and Batmobile and suit skins based on the 1989's Batman film, and this is the first time we're seeing it in action. The '89 Batmobile footage begins at the 50 second mark in the video below. Part of the DLC is... More
  • Blog Post: Enjoy The Majesty Of Halo's Start Screens Without Actually Playing The Games

    The Halo series has always had memorable start menus, but they're hard to enjoy when that pesky game keeps getting in the way. This website solves that issue. By heading to the website halome.nu , you can choose to loop the start screen menus of every Halo game, complete with the music and the background... More
  • Blog Post: Today Is The Last Day For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers To Grab Metro: 2033

    Today marks the last day before Xbox Live's Games with Gold options get a slight refresh, so grab Metro 2033 for Xbox 360 now. This month's Games with Gold options offers up Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes for Xbox One for the entire month. Starting tomorrow, you will also be able to download... More
  • Blog Post: Smite Launches On Xbox One Next Week, Time Running Out For Founder’s Pack

    Hi-Rez is getting ready to bring Smite out of beta on Xbox One next week. That means you have a limited window left to purchase the Founder’s Pack and merge your PC account. Smite will be officially released on August 19, but Hi-Rez is extending a grace period for the other two items. Both the... More
  • Blog Post: Lionhead: 'We Haven't Done The Best Job' Explaining Fable Legends

    Have you had a hard time grasping exactly what kind of game Fable Legends actually is? You're not alone. In fact, in our candid conversation with the game's director, David Eckelberry, he admitted that Fable Legends hasn't been easy to convey to others. "We have a really hard time sometimes... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Ori And The Blind Forest Definitive Edition With New Content On The Way This Year

    Update: Ori's director, Thomas Mahler, reached out to offer a few more details about the Ori expansion. It will be Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition. In an e-mail Mahler offered the following: Basically, we wanted to do the Definitive Edition of Ori, because while we made a LOT of people... More
  • Blog Post: Elite Dangerous: Horizons Ushers In A New Season Of Elite Dangerous Expansions

    Frontier Developments has announced that a new season of Elite Dangerous content is on its way. Elite Dangerous: Horizons promises to introduce more features and gameplay to the Elite Dangerous universe, starting this Holiday season and continuing on into 2016. The first expansion of the new season,... More
  • Blog Post: Explore The Deep Roads In Just Announced Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC

    Gamers itching to return to Thedas need not wait much longer, as BioWare has revealed a new single player adventure will be coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition next week. Titled The Descent, this downloadable content explores the Deep Roads in what the developers describe as their biggest dungeon to date... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Will Bring First Party Titles To Xbox One Game Preview

    If you're looking forward to Microsoft's big 2016 lineup (and beyond), you may be surprised to find out that you might not need to wait for those games to release. Microsoft confirms to us that it will begin using the Game Preview program for its in-house games. The early access-style program... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man Legacy Collection Hits Digital Storefronts This Month

    Capcom has announced that Mega Man Legacy Collection will release digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 25. The collection, which gathers the first six Mega Man games in one bundle, will set players back $14.99. Mega Man Legacy Collection also features high resolution scans of concept... More
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