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  • Blog Post: Retro City Rampage Developer Shares Sales Numbers

    Update: Retro City Rampage's developer has reached out to us to clarify some of the sales numbers referenced in this story.The numbers seen below were apparently, "extrapolated from an undetailed bar graph," and as such do not fully represent the sales of Retro City Rampage. He also wanted... More
  • Blog Post: Retro City Rampage Developer Expects No Profits From WiiWare Release

    Brian Provinciano recently said that after the many costs associated with bringing Retro City Rampage to the WiiWare service, he does not expect to recoup his investment, and he's okay with that. There are a few things that need to be done in order for Nintendo to send you a development kit to create... More
  • Blog Post: Retro City Rampage Developer Says Vita Version Most Successful

    Despite the bad rap that PlayStation Vita has been getting as of late, developer Brian Provinciano (creator of Retro City Rampage) says that indie developers should give the system a second look. He also says that the Vita version of RCR has been the most successful. In a tweet he sent today, Provinciano... More
  • Blog Post: Trials HD Developer Acquired By Ubisoft

    RedLynx, the studio behind the extremely successful Trials HD (and WiiWare's Motoheroz ) is independent no longer. As of today, RedLynx is officially a part of Ubisoft. RedLynx will continue working in the space where it seems most comfortable: online. With popular games on Xbox Live, PSN, WiiWare... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story Makes A Surprise Appearance On Mac App Store

    Did you know that Cave Story+, an enhanced version of the Wii port of Cave Story, is headed to the Mac App Store? Me neither, but apparently it's already available now! Tiny Cartridge reports that Cave Story+ popped up on the Mac App Store today, and a PC release on Steam is forthcoming. In addition... More
  • Blog Post: WiiWare's MotoHeroz Pulls The Ol' "Trailer And Release Date" Stunt

    Developer RedLynx is best known for the downloadable hit Trials HD, but when September 15 rolls around, Wii owners will get the studio's exclusive MotoHeroz. Check out the trailer below to see this stunt/racing game in motion. The video highlights the single-player and multiplayer modes, and shows... More
  • Blog Post: Nicalis Announces New Cave Story 3D Release Date

    Daisuke Amaya's freeware platforming adventure turned WiiWare hit isn't coming to the Nintendo 3DS until this holiday. If you haven't played Cave Story yet, you're missing out. The game's endearing art style and retro gameplay successfully channel 8-bit classics like Metroid, Ninja... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Creator Has Harsh Words For Nintendo's WiiWare Service

    If you've ever felt underwhelmed by Nintendo's WiiWare service, don't worry: You're not alone. Indie developer Phil Fish, creator of the upcoming downloadable title Fez, didn't hold back in his explanation for why his title won't be appearing on the Wii. Speaking to Destructoid... More
  • Blog Post: Super Dodge Ball Successor Coming To WiiWare

    Remember Super Dodge Ball for NES? Quite possibly the only truly awesome dodge ball game ever made? Well, it's all set for a revival on WiiWare. Andriasang reports that Miracle Kidz -- the same team creating River City Ransom 2 -- will release Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball on WiiWare in May. This is... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Flux Out Now

    Experience the final installment of Gaijin Games' retro-styled WiiWare saga today. Bit.Trip Flux has a similar dynamic to the first Bit.Trip title, Beat, but throws a selection of twists at the player as they try to intercept dots with a Pong-like paddle. Because what that game needed was more difficulty... More
  • Blog Post: TNT Racers Skidding Onto XBLA And PSN

    In the mood for a colorful and quirky downloadable racing game? TNT Racers is heading to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with zany power-ups like oil slicks, candy cannons, and confetti mines. Check out the trailer we've got which showcases the high speed, top-down action. The game features something... More
  • Blog Post: MotoHeroz Trailer Released

    The developer behind Trials HD has a new WiiWare game on the way, and we've got the video to prove it. The fine folks over at RedLynx sent along this new WiiWare trailer which has us pretty excited to see more about their latest game. MotoHeroz seems to mix Mario-style platforming with RedLynx's... More
  • Blog Post: Super Meat Boy Will Never Be Processed On Wiiware

    Meat jokes! Today Team Meat tweeted that Wii owners should stop holding their breath for the delayed Wiiware version of Super Meat Boy that Team Meat has been working on. Team Meat's tweet : "ATTENTION: there will not be a Wiiware version of SMB. we are looking in to retail Wii, but its also... More
  • Blog Post: WiiWare Super Meat Boy No More

    If you've been waiting for critical darling Super Meat Boy to hit WiiWare, it appears that you'll be waiting for an eternity. Team Meat tweeted today that the previously delayed WiiWare edition of its punishing platformer has been canceled all together, and that a retail offering for the Nintendo... More
  • Blog Post: WiiWare Demos Beginning November 22nd

    Select games on Nintendo's WiiWare service will feature free trial versions starting on November 22nd. It sounds like most of these will be available for a limited time, and new games will be added on Mondays. Initially, the demo lineup will consist of Bit.Trip Fate, And Yet It Moves, ThruSpace,... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Brings Back WiiWare Demos

    Back in February of this year, Nintendo pulled the plug on trial versions of WiiWare titles. It seems they've had a change of heart. According to the company, these bite-sized versions of games "will be available for a limited time only ensuring the line-up is constantly kept refreshed to provide... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Fate Release Date Announced

    The latest project from Gaijin Games for WiiWare is only a few weeks away. Bit.Trip Fate will release on October 25. The game is the fifth in the notoriously challenging series starring hero CommanderVideo. Each of the four previous games implements music and rhythm into a unique gameplay mechanic, from... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Beat Now On iPhone

    Gaijin's excellent WiiWare game has made the jump to Apple's portable platform. We've been big fans of Gaijin's Bit.Trip series since it first launched on WiiWare. It seems the developer is ready for a new challenge, and has ported the game to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, along with... More
  • Blog Post: WiiWare's Cave Story Makes Its Way To DS

    Few WiiWare titled got us more excited to turn on our systems than the old school emulating Cave Story. Fortunately, it looks like DS owners will get to experience all the game’s thrills as the title is now coming to DSiWare. The game’s US handler, Nicalis, hasn’t released a date yet... More
  • Blog Post: Machinarium Coming To WiiWare

    This gorgeous indie adventure is getting a console release, but it's not to XBLA or PSN as you might have assumed. Wii owners will be able to download the charming Czech-developed title whenever XGen Studios finishes the port. NintendoLife reports that XGen is doing the Machinarium conversion as... More
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