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  • Blog Post: Did You Know Gaming Explores The Origins Of Wario

    Today's new Did You Know Gaming segment is putting the spotlight on Wario and his subsequent games. The video begins with exploring the earlier Wario Land games, such as Wario Land II. In this game, Wario staggers around uncontrollably after being hit by an enemy penguin's ball throws, which... More
  • Blog Post: Charles Martinet’s Mario-Themed Instagram Videos Are Adorable

    If you don’t know Charles Martinet’s name, then you probably at least know his voice. He’s the man behind the mustaches of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and others. What you may also not know is that he has an Instagram account filled with Nintendo-themed goofs and gags. Martinet is currently... More
  • Blog Post: Game & Wario Arrives In Europe This Summer

    Nintendo hasn't exactly been shining the spotlight on its Wii U minigame collection, Game & Wario, since its understated reveal last E3 . We've enjoyed all our hands-on time with the game so far, so we were happy to see Nintendo tweet that the game will be launching in Europe in June. "Wario... More
  • Blog Post: Witness A Star Deal Go South In Stylish Super Mario Fan Art

    Wario and Waluigi are two of gaming's goofiest characters. When painted in noir shades, they make surprisingly convincing heavies. This beautiful artwork from Flickr user Charity Ryan shows no there is no honor among Mario Bros. criminals. Bowser and son may be ready to double-cross Don Wario and... More
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