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  • Blog Post: Report: Google Is Developing A Game Console

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the tech giant Google is creating an Android-powered game console, and a wristwatch device that will connect with your Android phone. According to the Wall Street Journal's Amir Efrati, his sources have revealed that Google "The Internet giant hopes... More
  • Blog Post: Fox Broadcast Programming Coming To Xbox Live

    A host of Fox content, from Fox News to Family Guy, will soon be available on Xbox Live. Through a new partnership with News Corporation (the parent company of Fox TV), a host of Xbox Live apps will launch this year featuring a wide variety of content. The most high profile content is Fox television... More
  • Blog Post: Posts From Tuscon Shooter Allegedly Found In Gaming Forum

    This past Saturday, a shooting in Tuscon, Arizona left six dead and 14 wounded. The gunman, Jared Lee Loughner, 22, has been under investigation, which includes evaluation of his mental health. Reporters from The Wall Street Journal have unearthed 131 forum posts allegedly written by Loughner between... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Ericsson Head Hints At PlayStation Phone

    Bert Nordberg, chief executive of smartphone manufacturer Sony Ericsson, dropped several tantalizing tidbits about the possibility of a gaming phone from the company in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal . Nordberg also hinted at a further, splashier announcement to come at a February conference... More
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