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  • Blog Post: Nintendo Answers Investor Questions, Addresses Virtual Boy, Wii Vitality Sensor, Lay-Offs, Etc.

    Nintendo recently published a large Q and A posting on its website where stockholders were able to direct questions at the company's president Saturo Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto. The questionnaire discusses everything from the Virtual Boy, to the food served in Nintendo's cafeteria, and the state... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Animated History Of Nintendo's Consoles

    Animators Anthony Veloso and Quentin Dron left out the Virtual Boy, but it doesn't mean their animated history of Nintendo isn't worth checking out. I particularly like the end with all of the Nintendo logos re-imagined using the logos of Nintendo's biggest franchises. [via Reddit ] More
  • Blog Post: Virtual Boy Music Video Is Awesome, Dumb

    Poor, Virtual Boy. It’s been the recipient of nothing but scorn since its 1995 release. This music video isn’t changing anything. YouTube user Nathan Barnatt has uploaded a tribute to the system in a clip that’s hilarious/supremely stupid. It features his Talking Classics character... More
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