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  • Blog Post: Unreal Environmental Artist Imagines A Current-Gen Pokémon Center

    Talented environmental artist Even Liaw has posted a series of images of a Pokémon Center he has created using the Unreal development engine. It's Liaw's take on what a Pokémon Center might look like if it existed on a current generation console. You see the full gallery by checking... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Unveils Samaritan

    Last week Epic presented what the future of games could look like in a tech demo titled “Samaritan,” but only teased a handful of screens. Today you can watch Samaritan in action. Designed to showcase advances in Unreal Engine 3 real-time technology, Samaritan utilizes DirectX 11 and NVIDIA... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Shows Off Impressive Unreal Tech

    Epic Games pulled together a massively impressive tech demo for GDC, designed to showcase top-of-the-line Unreal Engine 3 features and give us a glimpse of what the future of games could look like. The thematic presentation featured a character created specifically for the demo called “The Samaritan... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer Reader Recreates Overblood Intro In Unreal

    If you have not yet watched our absurd and hilarious Super Replay of obscure PS1 survival horror game Overblood, there's no time like the present. You may discover you love it as much as YouTube user DrSquatzenmilk, who was inspired to recreate the first level (and hopefully more) using the Unreal... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Unleashes Newest UDK, Complete With IOS Support

    Epic Games’ newest beta of the Unreal Development Kit – a free edition of the popular Unreal Engine – has been released into the wild. The most noteworthy addition to this iteration is the integration of tools for making iOS games and applications, functionality that was previously... More
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