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  • Blog Post: Two Forza Motorsport 5 Special Editions Available

    Forza fans can now choose between a few augmented editions of the Xbox One game when it launches with the upcoming holiday system. FORZA MOTORSPORT 5 LIMITED EDITION ($79.99, above) Apart form the LE car pack, Day One car pack, and VIP status (all are outlined below), the Limited Edition comes in a steel... More
  • Blog Post: Forza Motorsport 5's Drivatar's Clarified

    Earlier in the week it was reported that Forza Motorsport 5 required a one-time connection to download drivatars, tracks, and cars for the game. Microsoft has come back and given more specifics about the situation. Microsoft says that while the day-one download includes human-generated drivatar data... More
  • Blog Post: A Fast Look At Forza Horizon

    At the Microsoft press conference, the company gave a close look at the new direction for the next installment of the Forza franchise. Forza Horizon takes the sim-based racer off the track and onto country and city roads. The game is based around racing festivals, where contestants will compete in what... More
  • Blog Post: Forza 4 Gets Porsche Expansion Pack

    Forza 4 has been getting its share of DLC content, but this is something else entirely. This spring the game will be getting its own Porsche Expansion Pack. The pack features 30 Porsche models (including 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic and 2010 Porsche Boxster S), 20 Porsche events, 10 achievements, Porsche... More
  • Blog Post: Project Gotham Making A Comeback?

    When Microsoft and Bizarre Creations ended their partnership a few years ago, gamers mourned the loss of arcade racer Project Gotham Racing, but a new report says that Microsoft is looking to bring the series back. Develop Online is reporting that it has a source who says that Microsoft is currently... More
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