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  • Blog Post: WB Games Announces DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis To Close In August

    WB Games has announced that it is ending its DC Comics MOBA, Infinite Crisis. The news was shared on the game's official website. A statement from WB Games says that the Turbine-developed title will remain active until mid-August and completely free to play. "After much deliberation, we regret... More
  • Blog Post: DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis Launches March 26

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed the launch date for Turbine's free-to-play MOBA set in the DC universe. Infinite Crisis officially releases later this month on March 26. The game puts players in control of variations of recognizable heroes and villains from the DC Comics Multiverse... More
  • Blog Post: Turbine Is Making Batman: Arkham, Game Of Thrones Mobile Games

    Turbine, the developer behind MOBA Infinite Crisis and MMO Lord of the Rings Online is taking a crack at mobile. Warner Bros. has handed the studio the keys to Gotham City for a new Batman: Arkham tie-in. Details on Batman: Arkham Underworld are slim right now, but Warner Bros. says that players will... More
  • Blog Post: Infinite Crisis Developer Suffers Layoffs

    The Massachusetts-based developer Turbine is currently hard at work developing Infinite Crisis, the MOBA starring DC Comics superheroes, but that hasn't stopped parent company Warner Bros. from trimming its staff. Today Warner Bros. confirmed that the studio has been hit with a round of layoffs.... More
  • Blog Post: DC MOBA Infinite Crisis Getting A Bump From Major League Gaming

    One of the biggest questions about MOBAs in development is whether the developers are looking to pull in the competitive gaming community. One of the titles we have our eye on is Warner Bros. new DC Comics-infused title, Infinite Crisis. Today, developer Turbine, publisher Warner Bros., and Major League... More
  • Blog Post: Turbine Hit With Layoffs

    The Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine suffered layoffs today. It's unclear how many employees were affected by the move. Parent company Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment would not comment at this time. "As part of the continual review of our business operations and fluctuating... More
  • Blog Post: Turbine Taps Ken Rolston As New Director Of Design

    Ken Rolston, known for his work on Morrowind, Oblivion, and Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, is now the director of design at Turbine. He is now in charge of "the vision and the implementation of all aspects of game design for Turbine." Turbine has also added three new team members to join the... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeons & Dragons Online Expansion Coming

    Free-to-play title Dungeons & Dragons Online is getting an expansion this summer entitled Menace of the Underdark. The expansion (coming June 25) raises the level cap to 25, features three Forgotten Realms adventure packs (The King's Forest, The Demonweb, and The Underdark), and introduces the... More
  • Blog Post: NetherRealm, Rocksteady Go Unreal Engine-Exclusive

    Warner Bros. has bought a company-wide license to use Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games, and the Mortal Kombat and Batman studios will work exclusively with the technology through 2014, according to a press release. The existing Mortal Kombat and Batman projects were already being made with UE3, so there's... More
  • Blog Post: Going Free-To-Play Triples Lord Of The Rings Online Revenue

    Turbine's fantasy MMORPG has seen a 200% increase in income generated since going free-to-play with microtransactions last September. Like it or not, this is what the future looks like. Speaking on a recent TenTonHammer podcast, Turbine communications director Adam Mersky shared that tidbit along... More
  • Blog Post: Lord Of The Rings Online Thrives With Free-To-Play Model

    I enjoyed Lord of the Rings Online when it launched back in 2007, but after the first few months I dropped the game to try out other MMOs. When it finally went free-to-play last month, I jumped back in eagerly and discovered a very polished, fun, and content-filled world, a huge portion of which can... More
  • Blog Post: Underwater Combat Comes To Dungeons & Dragons Online

    The latest update to the free-to-play MMO Dungeons & Dragons Online features new adventures, monsters, and locations, including a trek beneath the waves. This will be the sixth major update for the game, which has been quietly expanding the scope of its content for some time now. The biggest addition... More
  • Blog Post: Rock Band 3 Lead Designer Leaving Harmonix For Twisted Pixel

    Dan Teasdale is the lead designer on Rock Band 3, Harmonix's latest evolution of the rhythm game. Even though that project isn't quite finished, we've discovered that Teasdale has left Harmonix to join downloadable game developer Twisted Pixel, the team behind such XBLA titles as Splosion... More
  • Blog Post: Lord of the Rings Online Goes Free-To-Play

    Turbine sends word this morning that its flagship MMO, The Lord of the Rings Online, will move to a free-with-microtransactions model this fall. This should come as a surprise to nobody, as the company tripled its revenue from Dungeons & Dragons Online when it made the same transition last year.... More
  • Blog Post: LOTR Online Devs Working on Console MMO

    While this generation of consoles has brought online multiplayer gaming forward by leaps and bounds, one genre has been sorely misrepresented - the MMORPG. While these games continue to thrive on PC, they're almost nonexistent on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Developer Turbine has experience in... More
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