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  • Blog Post: A Checklist Of Skylanders: Trap Team Figures

    Update (6/7/2015): The entire set of Skylanders: Trap Team figures is now available. Once you're caught up, be sure to check out our extensive preview of this year's game, Skylanders Superchargers . Update (3/18/2015): Another wave of figures will be arriving to retail soon. This batch includes... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Is Now A $3 Billion Franchise

    After a year, we finally have new Skylanders sales data. Activision last reported in early 2014 that the the franchise was worth $2 billion. That’s a bit higher now. Skylanders, which was confirmed on Activision’s earnings call today, is now a $3 billion franchise. The “toys-to-life”... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Skylanders Sing Their Version Of The 12 Days Of Christmas

    The holidays are fast approaching, and people everywhere are finding ways to express their cheer in between panic attacks and night terrors about getting the wrong gift for that special someone. For the Skylanders, that means buddying up and singing their own unique version of The 12 Days of Christmas... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Traps Shelf Space At Apple Stores Across The United States

    If you walk into an Apple store today, you’ll be able to purchase the tablet version of Skylanders: Trap Team. You might recall from our earlier coverage , that this is the first time that Activision has released a full version on mobile devices, complete with a portal. The mobile starter packs... More
  • Blog Post: Which Skylander Is The Only One To Have A New Figure Every Year?

    If you were to blindly guess that Spyro (for whom the first Skylanders game is named) is the answer to the question in the headline, it would be a valiant effort. It would also be wrong. While every Skylander appears in each subsequent game (figures are all forward compatible), some get new versions... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Eon’s Elite Are Three Times More Powerful Than Other Figures

    When Skylanders was first announced, there was a healthy amount of skepticism about the combination of toys and video games. Activision and developer Toys for Bob proved the concept, building the property into a $2 billion mammoth over the past three years. This year, Activision is introducing a line... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Adam Carolla Prank Kids At A Skylanders: Trap Team Kiosk

    In what might be a stroke of (evil?) genius, Activision outfitted a Skylanders: Trap Team kiosk with hidden cameras--then they let comedian Adam Carolla harangue kids and their parents as an unseen Skylanders villain supposedly trapped in the demo crystal. Some of the kids get really into it, too. One... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Go Premium With High-End Eon's Elite Toy Line

    This year’s Skylanders army will be joined by new versions of Spyro’s Adventure characters. The original poses will be getting a high-end finish as part of the Eon’s Elite line. Eight of these characters will be available in limited quantities, beginning with Spyro and Chop Chop (we... More
  • Blog Post: Toys For Bob Giving Away 25 Rare Skylanders Figures In Honor Of 25th Anniversary

    Skylanders developer Toys for Bob is celebrating its 25-year anniversary by giving away 25 rare Skylanders figures. RT to win RARE Skylanders! Toys For Bob turned 25! In celebration, it’s a big giveaway! #TFB25 Rules here: http://t.co/WYheUX91aK — Skylanders Game (@SkylandersGame) May 21... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Now A $2 Billion Franchise, Toys For Bob Leading 2014 Entry

    Skylanders is now apparently in a two-year development rotation. Toys for Bob, which created and handled development for the first two Skylanders titles, took a break this year. Vicarious Visions was responsible for Skylanders: Swap Force, introducing a number of tweaks and improvements. This year, Toys... More
  • Blog Post: Has Disney Infinity Been Taking Cues From Skylanders?

    There's been a lot written about the similarities shared between Activision's Skylanders franchise and Disney's upcoming Disney Infinity. Now, new video footage shows that these common traits may be no coincidence. In a video about the making of Disney Infinity which was posted and subsequently... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Franchise Passes $500 Million Mark

    The Skylanders franchise has hit an impressive milestone, surpassing $500 million in sales in the U.S. alone since the first game, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure made its 2011 debut. According to Activision, sales of Skylanders Giants alone earned more money that the films Wreck-It Ralph and Rise... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are All The Skylanders Giants Figures That Will Be Available At Launch

    Skylanders Giants is releasing tomorrow October 21, and we've got the full list of figures that will be available when the game launches. You can check out the full list below, along with the retailer exclusives. Wave 1 figures available at launch: Tree Rex Giant (Included in starter pack) Jet Vac... More
  • Blog Post: The Skylanders That Never Were

    Blogger and Activision community manager Dan Amrich penned a fascinating article that dives deep into Skylanders' development past. "Skylanders started life as a project called Spyro’s Kingdom," Amrich writes. "Spyro was going to be a full-grown dragon and the king of Spyro’s... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders: Giants Equipped With Unique Controls On Wii U

    Activision's beloved monsters made an appearance at Nintendo's media briefing today. Toys for Bob's Skylanders: Giants is heading to Wii U, and it's going to take advantage of the GamePad. Gyroscope movement allows players to tilt for movement, and the touch screen can be used to drag... More
  • Blog Post: Exclusive Skylanders Giants Battle Pack

    Activision and Skylanders Giants developer Toys for Bob are offering the Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack* exclusively at retailer GameStop. The limited edition pack contains the series 2 version of Chop Chop, Shroomboom, and the Golden Dragonfire Cannon – which unlocks an exclusive in-game... More
  • Blog Post: Rare Skylanders Fetching Over $900 In Auction

    Activision's collectible Skylanders figures are selling out as soon as they hit store shelves and the rarest of the rare figures are fetching top dollar in second-hand markets. An Ebay seller has already pulled in roughly $1,000 in an auction for six rare Skylanders figures . The auction still has... More
  • Blog Post: [Updated With Video] Activision Announces Skylanders Giants

    At the upcoming Toy Fair in New York, Activision will be showing a new game featuring giant-sized Skylanders figures. The new game is called, appropriately, Skylanders Giants, and will showcase eight new collectible figures in the Skylanders Giants line (pictured above), which will feature unique powers... More
  • Blog Post: Toy Modder Frees Skylanders

    Skylanders has been incredibly popular for Activision, thanks in part to the line of high-quality toys that are incorporated in the game. Unfortunately, the toys are a bit stiff. Fortunately, a toy modder has come to their rescue, adding articulation and other cool details to the figurines. A gallery... More
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