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  • Blog Post: November Cover Revealed – Resident Evil Revelations 2

    The Resident Evil series hasn't blown fans away with recent releases, but one spin-off starring Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield surprised and delighted many. Resident Evil Revelations , which hit 3DS and last-gen consoles in 2012, received far more acclaim than even Capcom's big-budget Resident... More
  • Blog Post: Mario's Late For Something In Tokyo

    Everyone loves Mario. There's a reason why he's among the most iconic characters in video games. But how would he fair in the real world? Done by visual effects artist Dean Wright, this video has us meet Mario as he's buying plumbing equipment. Before he can make any decisions, however, our... More
  • Blog Post: The Crazy Sights Of TGS 2013: Day Three

    For the first day of the Tokyo Game Show 2013 , I gave you an overview of the show floor. On day two of the show , Kim Wallace channeled her JRPG fanaticism to deliver a more informed viewpoint on TGS titles that may be more obscure to U.S. gamers. Day three of TGS is open to the public, and with it... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Tokyo Game Show 2012: The Final Reckoning

    During the weekend, TGS is a crazy mess. People are herded through the doors like cattle at Tokyo Game and Cattle Show. At one point someone bumped into me and then gave me a nasty look like it was my fault. I was going to say, "Hey man! You bumped into me!" But he was already walking away... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Tokyo Game Show 2012: Day Two

    Back by popular demand! You told us that you wanted more, so here is a look at more of the stupid Pokémon crap we saw at TGS 2012. Rockstar can't make it to E3, Gamescom, or PAX, but it makes a special trip to TGS to show off its most Japanese centric title More than any other show we attended... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Tokyo Game Show 2012: Day One

    The other day we woke up in Japan, so we figured we'd check out this cool curry place in the basement of the Tokyo Game Show. Here's the stuff we saw on the way to lunch. Outside of the convention center we saw some posters for a new Japanese boy band called PlayStation A shot of the show from... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil Restaurant Opening In Tokyo

    Capcom announced they will be opening a Resident Evil-themed restaurant in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo on July 13. The restaurant, called " Biohazard Cafe & Grill S.T.A.R.S. ," will feature performances from Dance Team S.T.A.R.S. Angelique and limited-edition items. The grand opening will... More
  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts Statue Unveiled At Tokyo Disney

    Visitors to Tokyo's Disney park have a chance to see something pretty nifty. Square Enix and Disney have unveiled a Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded statue, which shows Mickey Mouse, Donald, Goofy, and Sora striking heroic poses. As Siliconera reports , it'll be there until the end of the month. Book... More
  • Blog Post: Level-5’s New Game Is Called Time Travelers

    Level-5, the developer behind the popular Professor Layton games is working on a new game called Time Travelers. The only hitch is that this game is releasing on hardware that doesn’t exist…at least not yet. As Andriasang.com reported, this week’s issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu... More
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