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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What’s The Weirdest Game You’ve Ever Played?

    Video games are no stranger to the bizarre; they don’t have to follow the natural rules of the universe, and so they often don’t. What are some of the weirdest games you’ve ever played? The other day, I was thinking about how strange the original Super Mario Bros. is; we are pretty... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Save Over 90 Percent On Some PlayStation Network Flash Sale Titles

    If you are looking for something fresh to play this weekend, you might want to check out the PlayStation Store. Take a moment to look between the couch cushions for loose change and you might have enough for one of these games. This weekend, you can nab a number of titles for less than $1, many of which... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Marks Down 30 Downloadable PSN Games To $0.99

    Sony just launched a flash sale that only lasts through the weekend, and it marks a number of quality games down to a price that's hard to say no to. Every game on the list below is currently $0.99 on the PlayStation Network, and will remain so through the weekend. Some of these games, like Telltale's... More
  • Blog Post: Unfinished Swan Finishes January As PlayStation Network Top Seller

    Developer Giant Sparrow’s critically acclaimed title, Unfinished Swan, finished at the top of the PlayStation Network January sales chart for the top 20 PlayStation and PlayStation Network games. Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable was the surprise leader in the top 10 PlayStation Vita games, followed... More
  • Blog Post: Tokyo Jungle Release Date

    Sony's bizarre, post-apocalyptic animal game Tokyo Jungle is available September 25 on PlayStation Network. It features over 50 different animals to control, from Pomeranians to Lions. Sound awesome? Check out the latest trailer below that hopefully explains everything to you. [Source: PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Against All Odds, Tokyo Jungle Is Coming To North America

    Most video game protagonists are buff dudes or sexy gals. If you want to control a more unconventional hero – like a deer or baby chick – you should start looking forward to Tokyo Jungle. Joystiq received confirmation from Sony that the bizarre title, which features various types of animals... More
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