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  • Blog Post: The War Z Is Now Called Infestation: Survivor Stories

    The War Z, the controversial PC game that was pulled from Steam shortly after release , and then re-instated, has changed its name. The game is now called Infestation: Survivor Stories. The game was pulled from Steam shortly after players called the game for not delivering on its promised features. Developer... More
  • Blog Post: The War Z Returns To Steam

    After being pulled from Steam by Valve, Hammerpoint Interactive's zombie game is once again available for download. Gamers were initially upset because the game's original description did not represent the product consumers were actually buying. Valve apologized and removed the game from the... More
  • Blog Post: DayZ Creator Lashes Out At The War Z On Reddit

    Dean Hall, who created the phenomenal open-world zombie Arma 2 mode DayZ, has harsh words for the competing (and similar) game The War Z . In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, Dean commented: "I am angry about the WarZ. I'm very angry. I'm quite hurt personally because anyone can see... More
  • Blog Post: The War Z Creator Apologizes Over Controversies

    Recent controversies over The War Z caused the game to get pulled from Steam , but now the game's creator is apologizing. The War Z was criticized for having misleading Steam descriptions and poor community management, but in a detailed letter to his fans, War Z Executive Producer Sergey Titov apologized... More
  • Blog Post: DayZ Creator On War Z Development, Drama

    Dean “Rocket” Hall wrote a brief missive to fans about the whole saga surrounding the development of the standalone DayZ game, apologizing for his recent silence and expressing a desire to distance himself from the drama surrounding competing (or, as some would say, “rip-off”... More
  • Blog Post: Valve Removes The War Z From Steam

    Following its recent launch, Hammerpoint Interactive's zombie survival game has been removed from Steam due to fan outcry. There's been a growing controversy surrounding The War Z and Hammerpoint Interactive's treatment of its customers over the past few weeks. The latest complaint from fans... More
  • Blog Post: The War Z Released On Steam Today

    Hammerpoint's online multiplayer zombie survival game is out of beta, and now available on Steam. According to Hammerpoint's press release, The War Z has over 600,000 registered users, and usually logs 150,000 unique players per day. The game had been previously available on a beta, but this... More
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