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  • Blog Post: Nvidia Drops Price Of Shield, Launch Date Confirmed

    Nvidia has responded to consumer concerns over the price of its Android-based handheld, dropping the price this morning. Additionally, the company has announced that it will start shipping the units next week. When we reported last month that Nvidia was coming to market with its Tegra 4-powered handheld... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Shield Available For Pre-Orders Starting May 20

    Nvidia has dropped the word "project" from the name of its Tegra 4-powered Android handheld, announcing that pre-orders for the device will begin in less than week. The price is just a little higher than we were expecting, though. The Shield will cost interested gamers $349. Nvidia should be... More
  • Blog Post: Nvidia Introduces Tablet Processor With Unreal Engine Capabilities

    Even with the attempts at better graphics and more console-like experiences with portables systems like the PSP, until now the line between games on your TV and games on portable devices has remained fairly clear. If Nvidia's plans go as promised, though, that standard may begin changing this year... More
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