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  • Blog Post: This Super Detailed Ayane Figure Stands Over Violently Dismembered Enemies

    In Ninja Gaiden 3, you wade through blood-spattered levels with limbs acting as interior decoration. Not many video game figures depict this kind of viscera, but Multiverse Studio Inc. didn’t shy away from showing Ayane’s violent side with this high quality resin statue. The toy manufacturer... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round Throws Down The Gauntlet With Battle Royal 2015

    Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja have announced the tournament schedule for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round's Battle Royal 2015, encompassing a dozen tournaments – including the NEC XVI grand finals at the end of this year. The slate includes 11 qualifying tournaments that feed into the the NEC... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Koei Tecmo

    Capcom has started a legal battle with another venerable Japanese game publisher, citing copyright infringement. A report by the Japanese site Sankai states that Capcom has filed a suit against Tecmo Koei, stating that Tecmo Koei has infringed on concepts that Capcom has patented. The filing was a bit... More
  • Blog Post: Couch Co-Op, But No Online Play For Hyrule Warriors

    We only have a couple of days to wait before Nintendo drops some new Hyrule Warriors on us. In advance of Monday night’s event, we’ve learned that the title will be missing a feature that some were hoping for. According to the official Twitter account for the game, online play is not supported... More
  • Blog Post: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Slashes Up New-Gen Systems This Fall

    Tecmo Koei is going all-in on the Musou series this year. The company released Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete for PlayStation 4, Hyrule Warriors is slated for release in Japan in August, and now another new-gen update is coming. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate will arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Tecmo Koei And Nintendo To Co-Develop Fatal Frame Title For Wii U

    Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have announced a team-up that will result in a new Fatal Frame title for the Wii U. In addition to a new game in the “zero” series (as its known in Japan), the pair will explore transmedia opportunities, including movies and books. A horror movie planned for fall 2014... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition Coming To Steam

    You no longer need a Sony console to get your feudal Chinese fix – Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition is coming to PC via Steam in May. Tecmo Koei announced the news via Twitter earlier today. The game, which includes the original Dynasty Warriors 8 alongside a number of new features... More
  • Blog Post: Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Gets Two Week Delay, Digital Comic

    Tecmo Koei has alerted us that the upcoming Ninja Gaiden spinoff, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z , has been delayed from its previous March 4 release. The title will now be coming two weeks later. To soften the blow, Tecmo has also let us know about a free Dark Horse Comics tie-in that’s available now.... More
  • Blog Post: Legend Of Zelda Meets Dynasty Warriors In Hyrule Warriors

    Nintendo announced a collaboration with Tecmo Koei for a Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors tentatively called Hyrule Warriors. A short trailer showed Link blasting through fields of enemies in front of a castle, complete with staples of the Dynasty Warriors series such as deluxe spinning attacks, bosses... More
  • Blog Post: Tecmo Koei Bringing New Deception, Atelier Titles To The West

    Fans of the Japanese gaming scene have reason to be happy, as Tecmo Koei announced today that it will be bringing three interesting games to Western markets. The three games are Toukiden: The Age of Demons (pictured above), Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (catchy title!), and Deception... More
  • Blog Post: Get New Costumes For Pre-Ordering Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – the upgraded version of the already released DOA 5 – is marked with new modes and character-customization options, and now those of you who pre-order the game can get exclusive costume packs for select characters. If you pre-order the game at either GameStop or... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors 8 Xbox 360 Patch On The Way

    The Xbox 360 version of Dynasty Warriors 8 has some slowdown issues, but Tecmo Koei is working on a patch to make the game run smoother. Tecmo Koei released this statement in regard to the upcoming patch: We have received your feedback regarding the slowdown issues for Dynasty Warriors 8 (Xbox 360 version... More
  • Blog Post: Tecmo Koei Plans To Showcase Several Sequels At E3

    With only a couple of weeks left until E3, Tecmo Koei has announced the titles they will be exhibiting. It's clear from the lineup that the publisher chose to play it safe with long established franchises. Tactical combat franchise Dynasty Warriors, fighting series Dead or Alive are among the series... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors 8's Call To Arms

    With a sword in one hand and a history book in the other, Tecmo Koei has announced Dynasty Warriors 8 for a summer release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game comes out on July 16, and it brings back the fodder-cutting action in ancient China the series is known for. Dynasty Warriors 8 also introduces... More
  • Blog Post: Inafune Reflects On Ninja Gaiden Memories

    I recently chatted with the creators of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, Comcept founder Keiji Inafune and Team Ninja lead Yosuke Hayashi about their experiences with each other’s respective legacies. Inafune reveals an interesting rivalry with former Team Ninja lead Tomonobu Itagaki, and Hayashi explains... More
  • Blog Post: Tecmo Koei Canada Shutting Down

    Tecmo Koei's Canada branch is shutting down at the end of this month. News of Tecmo Koei Canada's closure comes form the Financial Post , which spoke to an official from the company. The studio was responsible for mobile titles like Samurai Cats and My Monster Rancher, as well as a number of... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Gets Demo

    The PlayStation 3 exclusive is letting players check out several features of the new game for free. Tecmo Koei sent along word today that a new demo for Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires is out now. The demo allows players to mess around in the new Edit Mode, in which one can craft a customized character from... More
  • Blog Post: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Coming To PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360

    In good news for Team Ninja fans, Tecmo Koei's enhanced Wii U port of Ninja Gaiden 3, which Game Informer felt was a big improvement on the original game, is now coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In a press release, Tecmo Koei revealed that game, which improved on the original Ninja Gaiden 3... More
  • Blog Post: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Slashing Its Way To Stores With New Content

    Ryu Hyabusa may be a ninja, but he sure does like to make multiple appearances in the spotlight. Shoddy ninja skill aside, developer Team Ninja released a plethora of details for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, showing off much of what’s in store in a new trailer. A new Ninja Race mode tasks players... More
  • Blog Post: Dead or Alive 5 Plus Features Vita Versus PS3 Multiplayer

    Team Ninja is bringing a lot of cross-platform functionality to its Vita port of Dead or Alive 5, including Vita vs. PS3 matches and DLC that works for both systems for one price. While we weren't especially fond of DOA 5, the effort that's gone into allowing users to have a seamless experience... More
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