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  • Blog Post: A Gritty, Real Life Version Of Hotline Miami

    Video games look more and more lifelike each year, but we still haven't seen a game that looks like this. Here's a fan made video of what a lifelike top down shooter would look like from a drone's eye view. I know that drone's eye view would be top down, so that's a little redundant... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 3 Box Design Undergoing Change

    In an effort to make the boxes for PlayStation 3 games line up aesthetically with the boxes for PlayStation 4 and Vita games, Sony is changing the way they look. IGN noticed the change has already been put in motion when the box art for the upcoming PlayStation 3 game Deception IV had a header similar... More
  • Blog Post: Pac-Man Survey Points To New Art Direction

    A survey recently appeared on Pac-Man's Facebook page asking fans pick a new art direction for the renowned franchise. I'm partial to the D option myself. We're not sure what the yellow man with a mouth that takes up three-quarters of his face is up to, but he is one of video games' most... More
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